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A Guide to RV Tailgating

Tailgating in an RV is one of the best way to enjoy the sports or racing seasons. Whether it’s a home game or away, we can all agree that RVs have a tendency to take things to the next level!

Three Cheers for the Home-Away-From-Home Team — RVs

RV Tailgating Fans at NHRFans tailgating at NHR in Concord, NC. (Image: Camping World)

Tailgating in an RV means you have all the amenities and comforts of home. Here are a few features of an RV to use to amp up your next tailgating event.

The RV Kitchen

Pack up the coolers, utensils and condiments and start dreaming up the ultimate tailgating menu. You can grill outside or bake inside — your meal and your preparation options are nearly endless thanks to your RV’s indoor and outdoor kitchen setups.

Tailgating and Grilling BurgersImage: Camping World

The RV Bathroom

If you’ve tailgated before then you know how valuable having a personal RV bathroom nearby is. No more missing out on the fun while standing in line for 30 minutes at the port-a-potties. You won’t miss a minute of the action or the fun. But beware of others wanting to use your RV bathroom too. If you plan to allow it, have hand sanitizer available and a patio mat or rug so people don’t track mud, sand, or dirt on your RV flooring.

RV Tailgating at Country Jam Music FestivalRV Tailgating at Country Jam Music Festival (Image: Camping World)

The RV as Shelter

You can bring the party inside when inclement weather crashes the parking lot party. Inside the RV, you’ll have a TV that allows you to watch other games before the big game starts. Many people even decide to the game from their RV versus buying expensive stadium tickets.

If this is the option you’re aiming for — sounds like a winner — check out our RV antennas. Camping World carries satellite antennas, local broadcast antennas, and plenty of other TV hookup essentials. Make your RV the ultimate entertainment hub.

How to Get Better TV Reception In Your RVChoosing The Right Satellite TV Antenna For You

Tailgating is More Than Football – It’s a Lifestyle

Many people only associate tailgating with football, but RV tailgating is much more than that — it’s a lifestyle. NASCAR has quite the tailgating scene as well, especially among RV enthusiasts. With the sound of cars racing by, the smell of rubber on the pavement, and the excitement that only comes with speed and competition, it should come as no surprise that a party would be part of the environment too. As far as RV tailgating is concerned, you’re only limited by what time the event starts.

A Few Tips for RV Tailgating

RV Tailgating at NHR in Concord, NCRV Tailgating at NHR in Concord, NC (Image: Camping World)

When it comes to RV tailgating, the only real rule is to have fun. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to achieve that goal.

Check ahead. You’ll want to call or check online to ensure that the stadium/arena allows RVs and understand any costs associated with parking there. You may be charged extra for needing more space than a regular vehicle. Get there early. Depending on the size of your RV, you might need to take up a few spots so arriving a few hours before the crowds is an absolute must. While you wait for other tailgaters to arrive, you’ll have thecomforts of hometo do whatever you choose to pass the time. Choose a great spot. You’ll want to avoid areas in the parking lot that attract crowds, such as the port-a-potties or entrances. Try to find a spot near the grass so you can have extra space to spread out. It’s also helpful to be near trash cans for convenient clean-up when the party is over. Meal plan. There are tons ofgreat recipesfor tasty tailgating food! Plan ahead so you have all the ingredients you need and be sure to bring extra because – the smell will likely attract visitors. The fun of tailgating is meeting other fans, and it’s always nice to have plenty of extra food to offer. Decorate your RV. Show your spirit by putting up a flag, window paint, streamers, and balloons to represent your team. After all, tailgating is essentially the pregame leading up to the main event. It’s fine todecorate your RVto show your team spirit before the game is officially underway.

Items to Bring Along When RV Tailgating

NHR Tailgating in Concord, NCNHR Tailgating in Concord, NC (Image: Camping World)

While you’ll likely have everything you need in your RV, there are a few items to stock up on before you begin tailgating. Doing so ensures that you’ll not only enjoy yourself but that everyone around you will too. Plus, when you have that one thing everyone is looking for, you’ll be the real MVP.

Folding chairsSunscreen, bug spray, andinsect repellentPonchos, towels, andumbrellasin case of rain (although you can escape inside the RV, not everyone will)Outdoor gamesfor fun and to help pass the time (corn hole, a frisbee, a football, etc.) Plenty of food, snacks, and beverages Acoolerfull of ice for drinks or extra food storage space Your fan attire (jersey, face paint, foam finger, etc.) Aportable grillTrash bags Atableandtableclothto set out the foodRV Tailgating NHR FamilyImage: Camping World

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, tailgating is fun nonetheless. The tailgating party is often more entertaining than the game itself. With the comforts of home within reach, and the game literally in your backyard, you’re able to get the best of both worlds. This guide aims to help you get your RV ready for game day — win or lose, tailgating is always a great time.

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What do you enjoy most about RV tailgating? Tell us in the comments below!

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