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A filet knife for all your fish and food prep needs

Quick, clean cuts.
Quick, clean cuts. (Jeremy Stewert via Unsplash/)

Some fish are easy to filet. A salmon, for instance, takes a few swift slices from a sharp blade and you have beautiful slabs of pink meat ready for the grill. A burbot, on the other hand, with its extra slimy skin, is another story. But no matter what fish you’re tackling—from the easiest to the most challenging—the right knife makes all the difference. Even the sharpest standard kitchen knife won’t perform close to as well as a knife tailor-made for fish. But which one is right for you? We offer you a suggestion for every situation.

Filet then get back to fishing.
Filet then get back to fishing. (Amazon/)

Anyone who has been on a walleye fishing trip knows when the limit is six, or even a dozen, and you’re feeding a crowd, fileting that many fish can take time. That’s why this cordless, electric knife is perfect. It doesn’t have the careful touch as other finer blades, perhaps, but its utilitarian zeal for slicing will get the job done. It can also handle fish with tougher scales and can cut through bones with ease.

Open it, use it, fold it back up.
Open it, use it, fold it back up. (Amazon/)

This all-purpose knife is perfect for anyone on a multi-day fishing trip planning to eat what they catch. The folding knife offers perfect cuts one after another but also allows you to safely tuck it away in a pocket or backpack. The stainless steel blade is corrosion-resistant and soft enough to bend along the contours of a fish without breaking. It also offers a textured handle to prevent slipping in hands covered in fish slime.

No money? Stick with the basics.
No money? Stick with the basics. (Amazon/)

Rapala has a little something for everyone, and this blade is for the angler on a budget. With this place, you can have a sharp blade with a black sheath that will get the job done. The stainless steel blade attaches to a no-slip handle to keep you safe while gutting and filleting your catch. If you’re short on cash, or you just need a few knives to keep in your fishing boat, this is a great option.


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