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7 Tips For Catching More Fish

Have your last fishing trips ended with an empty bucket? Well, it’s common to go empty-handed when you go fishing. It also happens even with the most experienced enthusiasts every once in a while. But you should never let it stop you from going out and trying again. 

Although there are some facets of catching fish that you can’t control, there are also certain techniques and strategies that can dramatically increase your chances of catching more fish. 

Choose A Good Fishing Location

The number one tip is to know the best spots for fishing. To catch more fish, you need to know where they live and eat. In this case, research becomes crucial as it will help you find the best fishing locations around the local area. 

It’s not that hard to find these places, though, because other fishing enthusiasts may have found the best fishing areas. Like-minded people often share locations on online forums and fishing websites.

Ideally, you should look for areas of water where there is food, cover, and where fish can easily blend in. Some of the proven locations where you can usually catch more fish include bridges, inlets, docks, points, and river banks. However, each fishing spot is unique. So, you will need to do your research first before heading out so you won’t go home with zero catch again.  

Do Your Research

Just like anything else, doing your research before heading out is necessary. It’ll also give you an advantage before hitting the water.

There are a ton of mobile apps, books, and online websites such as Fishing Outcast to give you a lot of information and know the basics of fishing. These resources can also teach you about the best places to fish, seasonal patterns, weather conditions, water temperature, forage, water clarity, and other information that can help you catch more fish. 

Don’t be like most people who just go fishing and wing out their line on the water without knowing anything in the first place. Take advantage of these resources to develop the skills you’ll need to catch more fish. 

Know The Best Times To Fish

Timing is everything when it comes to fishing. As such, you better be prepared to fish early or fish late. You see, there are some species of fish that are highly active early in the morning or late evening. Mornings and evenings are the best times to fish because fish are more abundant when it’s low-light and this only occurs around sunrise and sunset. This is the time when fish move into the shallow water to feed, making it easier for you to catch a lot of them. 

Although you can still fish at midday, you have to be extremely lucky to catch a couple during these hours. Midday is one of the worst times to fish, it’s better if you save this time by preparing rods and your tackle for the evening. 

Note that larger fishing vessels can catch the most fish during the evening. So, you should also follow suit. There are some species of fish that are nocturnal and feed aggressively after dark such as catfish, brown trout, and walleye.

Learn From An Expert

Whether you’re already an experienced angler or new to fishing, you can always benefit from learning from an expert. Fishing guides can teach you everything about fishing and allow you to catch more and bigger fish.  

Even if you have fished from different locations around the world, there is always a chance for you to learn something new. For beginners, a fishing guide can teach you the basics. As for the experienced ones, you can still learn new techniques, specifically on how to fish more effectively in different bodies of water.

You can even try shadowing a fishing guide as it can help you improve your technique. It’s easy to develop poor fishing habits after years of repetition, especially if you didn’t have someone to teach you the basics right when you were still starting. 

Add Scent To Your Lures

This is a great way to catch more fish. Many anglers don’t bother with this, but adding scent can help you attract more fish. Scenting your bait increases the attraction power of your offering. It also leaves a trail of scent that attracts more fish. You’ll be amazed at how many more fish you catch this way. 

Match The Hatch

One of the most effective ways to catch more fish is to match the hatch. What this means is that you need to know what type of fish are foraging in the body of water you’re fishing for and what they feed on. For example, smallmouth bass feed on crayfish. Try using a lure that resembles crayfish.

Use The Right Fishing Gear

You must use the right fishing gear, including the right type of reel and rod. Using the wrong equipment can make the experience unpleasant or even dangerous. Purchasing the appropriate gear will make the entire fishing experience more enjoyable, and it will help you catch more fish. To avoid confusion, you can visit a local fishing store to purchase a complete fishing kit.


Being able to increase the number of fish you catch is really satisfying. It’s obvious since no angler really wants to sit all day and catch a single fish! experience. Being unable to catch plenty of fish every time you head out is very terrible and disappointing. Oftentimes it is one of the reasons why anglers walk away from fishing. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, so you better take advantage of these tips to increase your fish catches and make your time worthwhile. 

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