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4 Considerations Before Purchasing Ammunition Online

Online shopping has been rapidly growing in popularity due to the increasing access to technology. Now, some unconventional goods, like ammunition, can also be bought online. While you can purchase ammunition through the internet, there are varying state laws and technicalities to sort through that make this activity tricky. Let’s take you through some factors to consider so you can get your ammunition without any hassle.

1.   Research Your State’s Laws

Though the American federal law allows adult citizens to purchase guns and ammunition with a license, many states have regulated gun control laws and require firearms possession permits. Due to these regulations, online stores require certification before shipping or do not offer services in the following states:

New York New Jersey Illinois Connecticut Massachusetts Alaska

Sometimes the state’s gun laws approve the purchase of ammunition online, but due to some shipping ordinances, vendors cannot deliver firearms and ammunition to particular areas, such as Hawaii, Washington DC, and Alaska. You must research your state’s laws regarding ammunition before placing an order.

2.   Ensure the Website Is Trusted

Since buying ammunition online is gaining popularity, many illegal stores have appeared that do not possess the Federal Firearms License (FFL) that’s required to sell guns and ammunition. Such certification guarantees the customer security of purchase and ensures the products are legal. Online stores with the correct licensing, like, will display their FFL numbers that customers can use to check the validity of the certificate through a government website.

3.   Understand Your Use-Case

Research the kind of ammunition that suits your use case before placing an order. For instance, 22-long rifle ammunition is a cheap option with a small caliber, meaning it has little recoil and muzzle blast. The low caliber makes it ideal for training and small game hunting. Another ammunition preferred for hunting is JHP ammunition.

The bullet has an open casing that expands on hitting the target and dumps energy after penetration. These features create a large wound channel delivering less pain. Hunters call this a humane kill. JHP properties also make it suitable for self-defense.

An FMJ or full metal covering jacket ammunition is ideal for target practicing. It is a 30-caliber bullet that expands when hitting the target, allowing it to maintain speed and over-penetrate—making your aim precise.

The 9mm caliber ammunition is best for a concealed weapon. This is because it is widely available in markets at low prices. Make sure you are well-versed in your needs before placing an order.

4.   Return Policy

No matter how many blogs you read, people often misunderstand the kind of ammunition most suitable for their purposes. To safeguard yourself, buy from a website with a good return policy. Many websites allow you to make exchanges. If the ammunition you buy does not have the required velocity and impact, you can easily change it for another option.


Purchasing ammunition online comes with its uncertainties, but you can sort through many of these worries by conducting proper research beforehand. Never buy ammunition from the first online store you come across; instead, consult multiple websites and compare prices to get the best offer. Before purchasing, you must ensure the product comes from a legal and trusted vendor. Complete an FFL check to ensure the safety of your order. Be sure to read up on reviews from various firearm blogs to determine which ammunition caliber is most suitable for your purpose. If you follow all the correct protocols for purchasing ammunition online, you will find the process less stressful.

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