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3 Reasons You Should Consider an Electronic Gun Safe

Keeping your firearms stashed away from those that shouldn’t have access to them is a no-brainer. That used to mean keeping them locked in a safe that was secured by a combination lock that could take a while to open. But thanks to a new breed of electronic and biometric locks, combination locks are a thing of the past.

Fingerprint Access

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Verifi Smart.Safe. (Amazon/)

It's uncomfortable to think about, but when seconds count, the police are often minutes away. Minimize the time you spend fumbling in the dark when something goes bump in the night by having a safe that unlocks using only your fingerprint. Look for a model that can store multiple fingerprint profiles so others in your household can have rapid access.

Personalize the Combo

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Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe (Amazon/)

An gun safe with an electronic keypad can also provide rapid access, and has the added benefit of requiring no additional programming for new users—all you have to do is share the code with whomever you'd like. So if your friend is babysitting the kids while you enjoy a night on the town, you can have piece of mind knowing they can defend themselves if needed, while still keeping the little ones away from your firearms.

Keep it Close

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AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access Dual Firearm Safety Device (Amazon/)

You can hide some small gun-safe models almost anywhere. A gun is useful only if you can get to it, and downsized safes let you securely store one where you would actually need to get to it in a hurry. Ideal locations include under your nightstand or in a closet, but if you get creative enough you can even find a way to conceal one in a common room.


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