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10 Outdoor Patio Ideas for a Better Camping Experience

One of the first things an RV enthusiast does when the weather starts to warm up is hit the open road. Who could blame them? Not me! I’m right there with you. While you tend to spend the latter part of winter and the first part of spring getting the inside of your RV ready for your next adventure, it’s time to think about your patio once the weather hits those warmer temperatures.

A huge perk of the RV lifestyle is outdoor living, so your patio pulls double duty. It’s a way to enjoy your surroundings, sure, but it’s also a way to expand your living space to make the most of your time on the road. Check out these ten outdoor patio ideas for a better camping experience to help your next trip become your best trip.

LED Illuminated Patio Mat with Wave Design

LED Illuminated Patio Mat with Wave DesignLED Illuminated Patio Mat with Wave Design

Everything is evolving these days, and welcome mats are no exception. With the LED Illuminated Patio Mat, you’ll always be able to find your way back home – even in your home away from home. Featuring tight weaving and reinforced stitching, this mat ensures long-lasting durability while the UV-coated polypropylene prevents fading. To illuminate, simply plug it into an RV exterior 100-volt GFCI outlet. Leaving the patio light on just took on a whole new meaning.

Black Lantern Mini Light Set

Black Lantern Mini Light SetBlack Lantern Mini Light Set

Speaking of lights, is there anything better than a set of string lights strung across a patio? There’s something about the soft glow at night that encourages everyone to relax, and the Black Lantern Mini Light Set will provide a nostalgic feel with its throwback design. There are plugs on both ends for linking multiple strands together, so you can have as much or as little light as you want.

Color-Changing Edison LED Light Set

Color-Changing Edison LED Light SetColor-Changing Edison LED Light Set

If you’re looking for a light source that’s a little bolder, a little more fun, and a little more exciting then check out the Color-Changing Edison LED Light Set. The retro Edison-style bulbs give off a variety of changing colors making for a festive patio space whether you’re having a party or kicking back with your loved one after a long day of adventures. Changing colors? Now that’s a bright idea.

Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Fire PitMr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

When it comes to RVing, none of us are strangers to items that pull double duty. With the Mr. Bar-B-Q Portable Outdoor Fire Pit, you get an additional lighting source and a heat source to take the chill off those colder nights. The lightweight steel design and locking lid make it perfect for long nights on the patio at the campsite. Includes a tank stand, 10-foot regulator hose, and lava rocks.

The Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit

The Peak Smokeless Patio Fire PitThe Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit

If you’re worried about smelling like smoke the morning after an extended patio hangout, opt for The Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit. Designed with infused airflow that generates heat but with much less smoke and embers than other fire pits. Made with heavy-duty steel and coated in high-temperature paint for long-lasting durability, this fire pit can use standard firewood or wood pellets, or both. Bonfires on a patio are one of my favorite things. S’mores anyone?

Safewell Propane Patio Heater

Safewell Propane Patio HeaterSafewell Propane Patio Heater

While the days are getting warmer, the nights can remain a little colder than you’d prefer. In those cases, the Safewell Steel Propane Patio Heater can help maintain a comfortable temperature for your patio. A bronze steel construction provides durability without sacrificing style. The sleek, modern look of this heater will complement and enhance the aesthetic of your patio. It has an electric ignition for quick, easy starts and an adjustable heat control system so you’re in charge of the temperature. Did you feel that? The warm fuzzies? Yeah, this is a patio essential.

Club Chair, Ottoman, and Table Bundle

Club Chair, Ottoman and Table BundleClub Chair, Ottoman and Table Bundle

Outdoor living can be just as comfortable as indoor living if you choose the right pieces. Let me introduce you to the Club Chair, Ottoman, and Table Bundle that is the perfect trifecta of comfort, convenience, and style. The wide, padded club chair sits just like your favorite indoor chair except it’s specifically made for the outdoors while the ottoman provides an ideal spot to prop up your feet or doubles as extra seating. And the table? With three adjustable heights from 24 inches to 28 inches, it’s a versatile piece of furniture you’ll find yourself using over and over again.

Grill and Table Bundle

Grill and Table BundleGrill and Table Bundle

Every good patio hangout involves food. It’s not just my personal opinion, it’s a fact, I’m sure. With the reliable and easy-to-use Grill and Table Bundle, cooking up a snack or meal or both is more convenient than ever. The combination of the BBQTek Portable Grill and the GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Outdoor Cooking Station ensures everything you need to whip up a taste bud frenzy is within reach. Each side table of the cooking station has a 30-pound capacity, and the wire grate shelf provides easy-to-reach storage underneath. So, what time are we firing up the grill? I’ll clear my schedule.

Portable Picnic Table with Benches

Portable Picnic Table with BenchesPortable Picnic Table with Benches

Made of lightweight yet strong aluminum, this Portable Picnic Table with Benches is the first place you’ll find yourself after the food comes off the grill. When a campsite is without a picnic table, you’ll be glad you have this collapsible one stocked in the RV. The stain and moisture-resistant tabletop and bench surfaces stand up to outdoor use, meaning you and your family will spend hours around this table sharing meals, stories, and playing games. The best part? The benches fold to store inside the table that becomes a carrying case with a handle for quick, easy storage and transport.

Venture 5-Sided QuickSet Screen Shelter

Venture 5-Sided QuickSet Screen ShelterVenture 5-Sided QuickSet Screen Shelter

Just like home is where the heart is, your patio is where you claim it. Set up the Venture 5-Sided QuickSet Screen Shelter and enjoy the outdoors as if you’re still inside. Small enough for easy storage and transport yet large enough to house a table and several people, this pop-up screen shelter is the solution to any reservations you may have about extended outdoor stays. Built-in roof flaps repel rain while corner grommets help stake down inside corners and hub pull straps on the outside partner with tie-downs to ensure stability even during windy conditions. Your patio will instantly become the place to be with this shelter overhead.

If you’re looking for a better camping experience this year, try upgrading your outdoor patio area with one or several of these options. Warning though, in a world full of outdoor enthusiasts, you might find yourself making several new friends before the season is over.

What are some of your favorite patio essentials? Tell us in the comments below!

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