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10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers For 2023

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Travel Lite Rove Lite Best Lightweight Trailers of 2023

The Rove Lite small travel trailer. (Image:

Our Favorite Small Campers (Under 6,000 Pounds GVWR)

Best Lightweight Travel Trailers for 2023

Ready to buy a small camper? Our list of the best lightweight travel trailers for 2023 proves you don’t need a full-size pickup to start RVing.

These 2023 small trailers are built for the towing limits of today’s vehicles. All have a unique style and personality, just like the RVers camping with them for years to come. 

Keep reading to see our full list of the best 2023 lightweight travel trailers for small cars and trucks. There’s something for everyone with these family-friendly campers, teardrops, and off-road 4×4 trailers. 

Can your car or truck pull small travel trailers?

RVers who tow small travel trailers with crossover cars, SUVs, and lighter pickups are passionate about RV camping and all the fun the outdoors offers. Informed and smart, they choose campers that weigh less than the maximum towing capacity of their tow vehicle.

Most passenger cars and light trucks have a towing capacity less than 3,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This is the weight of the trailer when fully loaded. Larger midsize SUVs and midsize pickups have a maximum towing capacity around 6,000 pounds GVWR. 

Consider the GVWR (not the UVW)

Many RV manufacturers tout the UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) of their trailers. But adding cargo like fresh water, propane tank(s), food, clothing, bicycles, and other camping equipment to the trailer can add hundreds of pounds to that UVW number.

GVWR is the weight to know when buying a trailer for a lightweight truck or passenger car tow vehicle.

Knowing the GVWR of small campers is the key to safe towing on road or while off-the-grid camping. Now, let’s dive into our list of the best lightweight travel trailers for 2023.

The 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers (Under 6,000 Pounds GVWR)

Our top small travel trailers for 2023 are listed in order by cost in US dollars, from least expensive to most expensive.

1. Vintage Trailer Works XTR: An Off-Road Lightweight, Customizable Camper 

The Vintage Trailer Works team builds custom teardrops, retro campers, and toy haulers in Dothan, Alabama. The 5’x8′ model XTR is one of VTW’s four off-road, customizable lightweight teardrop trailers.

Vintage Trailer Works XTR Off-Road Teardrop Camper

Vintage Trailer Works XTR Off-Road Teardrop Camper

This mini travel trailer features dual doors with sliding windows, a tri-fold queen bed mattress and couch, 30″ A/T tires, and a beautifully designed galley under the rear hatch that’s ready for the best camping coolers and grills and outdoor cooktops of your choice.

Vintage Trailer Works XTR small travel trailer teardrop camper

Vintage Trailer Works XTR has an outdoor kitchen.

All XTRs are custom built per buyer’s choices, starting with 4’x8′ to 5’x10′ floorplans, tailored kitchen layouts, an optional roof rack, awnings, cargo storage system choices, electronics, and more.

Vintage Trailer Works XTR Features

Hitch weight: 275 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,990 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,600 lbs. Exterior length: 14′ Full exterior height: 5′ 8″ Exterior width: 7′ 5″ Freshwater capacity: 10 gallons Optional roof rack and awning Base MSRP: $11,695

2. Riverside RV Retro 135: Vintage Style Small Trailer with Full Bath 

There aren’t many small travel trailers with a full bath on the market today. But one trailer stands out from the rest: the Retro 135 from Riverside RV.

Retro 135 small travel trailer from Riverside RV

A small travel trailer with a full bath? Yes!

The retro vibe starts on the outside with a colorful fiberglass exterior and continues inside with an eye-catching 1950s-style vintage trailer interior.

It features a black-and-white checkerboard flooring; dinette cushions in aqua, red, or seafoam green; and bright birch wood interior walls and cabinetry.

Retro 135 ultralight camper pull-behind from Riverside RV

The Retro 135 has a vintage look and feel.

The ceiling is 6′ 3″ with an airy feel, despite being one of the smallest camper trailers on our list. The Retro has plenty of room for a 20K Btu furnace and 13.5K Btu A/C, a full wet bath, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and cooktop. 

Riverside RV Retro 135 Features

Hitch weight: 140 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,730 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,640 lbs. Exterior length: 15′ 9″ Full exterior height: 9′ 6″ Exterior width: 7′ 6″ Interior height: 6′ 5″  Freshwater capacity: 36 gallons Gray water capacity: 32 gallons Black water capacity: 17 gallons Optional dinette Base MSRP: $24,317

3. 2023 Travel Lite Rove Lite 16RB: A Versatile and Lightweight Trailer

You will love the new Rove Lite 16RB ultralight travel trailer from Travel Lite. This is the largest in the company’s offerings. Yet, it’s one of the most affordable small travel trailers on the market and light enough to pull behind many small cars and tow vehicles.

RoveLite 16 lightweight travel trailers of 2023

The RoveLite 16RB has an indoor bathroom with a shower (and an exterior shower too)!

The sleek Euro-style design, use of state-of-the-art composite materials, aluminum chassis, and seamless poured resin fiberglass roof are industry-leading materials.

Rove Lite 16RB interior

Get full-size trailer features in the 2023 Travel Lite Rove Lite 16RB.

Interior features include a convertible bed and one of the only lightweight travel trailers with a full bathroom (and an outdoor shower, too). RVers love the unexpected space-saving functionality of this ultra-light travel trailer.

2023 Travel Lite Rove Lite 16RB Features

Hitch weight: 154 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,500 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,044 lbs. Exterior length: 18′ 9″ Full exterior height: 8′ 11″ Exterior width: 7′ 11″ Freshwater capacity: 10 gallons Gray water capacity: 30 gallons Black water capacity: 5 gallons Optional exterior shower and electric side awning Base MSRP: $30,236

4. 2023 Keystone Passport Solo 15FK: An Elegant Small Trailer with a Full Kitchen

Keystone RV’s new Passport Solo 15FK is the smallest of the five Solo Series (single-axle) lightweight travel trailers. It’s in prototype phase now but will be out in 2023.


This ultralight travel trailer is loaded with standard features usually not found on single-axle campers, including an outdoor kitchen, tongue jack, stabilizer jacks, and a 10-foot awning.

Passport Solo 15FK kitchen

This small travel trailer features a gorgeous wrap-around front kitchen.

This compact travel trailer features Keystone’s exclusive HyperDec flooring (composite and water-resistant), a rear wet bath, a 60″x80″ tri-fold queen-size bed, plus a beautiful wrap-around kitchen in the front with a large pantry, an 8 cu. ft. 12V fridge, plus a microwave and two-burner LP stove. There’s also an outside kitchen with a pullout griddle to accommodate hungry family members.

2023 Keystone Passport Solo 15FK Features

Hitch weight: 595 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 5,650 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 4,410 lbs. Exterior length: 19′ 5″ Full exterior height: 10′ 4″ Exterior width: 8′ Freshwater capacity: 37 gallons Gray water capacity: 30 gallons Black water capacity: 30 gallons Optionalsolar panel packages and lithium batteriesBase MSRP: $34,350

5. L’Air Camper Company Trillium Lion 1300 GT: Classic Styling in a Lightweight Pull-Behind Trailer

Want to tow a small trailer with a small SUV or crossover? This is it!

L’Air Camper’s new Trillium Lion 1300 GT is a great small camper for couples and solo RVers who love the look of classic ’50s styling.

L’air Camper Trillium Lion 1300 GT, a best lightweight travel trailers of 2023

Made in Canada, the Trillium Lion 1300 GT is stylish and functional.

The molded fiberglass, 13-foot, 2,200-pound Lion GT model with the bathroom layout has everything needed to camp comfortably anywhere.

Trillium Heritage Lion camper trailer for small cars and trucks

The Trillium Heritage Lion interior packs big features in a small travel trailer.

This small pull-behind camper features a 46″x76″ foam bed, two-burner cooktop, microwave, fridge, 12V/110V and solar power, A/C, furnace, hot water, inside shower, cassette toilet, 8-foot awning, and decent storage.

The Lion version has 15″ wheels, all-terrain tires, fender flares, gray marine upholstery, and roof rails for gear racks.

L’Air Camper Company Trillium Lion 1300 GT Features

Hitch weight: 165 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,200 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,500 lbs. Exterior length: 13′ 5″ Full exterior height: 7′ 6″ Exterior width: 6′ 6″ Interior height: 6′ 2″ Freshwater capacity: 13 gallons Gray water capacity: 13 gallons Black water capacity: N/A Base MSRP: $39,500 USD

6. 2023 InTech Sol Horizon: A Stylish, Luxury Ultralight Trailer 

InTech’s new Sol Horizon is a luxurious aluminum ultralight travel trailer with a full-width U-shaped dinette up front. The big windows on three sides give expansive views of your surroundings.

InTech Sol Horizon, one of the best lightweight travel trailers of 2023

Take the InTech Sol Horizon small travel trailer camping to the desert, mountains, or anywhere.

The roomy interior has a unique “tilt-forward design” that allows use of the area over the trailer’s tongue to increase sleeping/lounging space.

interior of intech sol horizon

The large dinette in the 2023 InTech Sol Horizon

The Sol Horizon also sports a sizeable wet bath; a luxurious kitchen with an enormous farmhouse sink, commercial-grade faucet, and two-burner LP-gas stove; and an adjacent entertainment center. A 10′ awning is standard, with options such as a slide-out kitchen and solar power.

2023 InTech Sol Horizon Features

Hitch weight: 465 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,000 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,372 lbs. Exterior length: 19′ Full exterior height: 9′ 5″ Exterior width: 8′ 6″ Interior height: 6′ 6″ Freshwater capacity: 28 gallons Gray water capacity: N/A Black water capacity: 32 gallons Optionaldual LP-gas tanksand off-grid package Base MSRP: $42,539

7. Vorsheer XCT: Rugged Off-Road Campers

From the ground up, Vorsheer’s 2023 Xtreme Camp Trailer (XCT) is an adventure-style off-road trailer designed with longevity and quality in mind. 

Made in Utah, the XCT has hot and cold season insulation, a composite shell, aluminum-body subframe, high-strength steel main frame, a full trailer kitchen in back, queen-size bed inside, and much more in a unique, head-turning design.

Vorsheer XCT 4x4 travel trailer

The Vorsheer XCT 4×4 travel trailer is launching in 2023

This small off-road trailer will carry a rooftop tent for added sleeping options. In addition, you can also carry adventure toys such as kayaks or a canoe.

It stands tall to handle the tougher 4×4 trails with nearly 20″ of ground clearance. If your tow vehicle can clear the obstacle, you know your trailer will too.

Vorsheer XCT Features

Hitch weight: 260 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,500 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,995 lbs. Exterior length: 14′ Full exterior height: 6′ 11″ Exterior width: 7′ 5″ Freshwater capacity: 27 gallons Gray water capacity: N/A Black water capacity: N/A Extra large 270° awning (Bat Wing) Optional exterior water heater and shower Base MSRP: $44,560

8. 2023 Mars Campers Mars 15 Deluxe: Off-Road Trailer with a King Bed and Full Bath 

Mars Campers is the sister company to Black Series Campers and closely resembles their off-road campers imported from Australia into North America.

The Mars 15 Deluxe is a full-featured hybrid trailer. For example, it has a metal roof that lifts up to add headroom and a rear slide-out adds living space.

Mars 15 Deluxe pull-behind camping trailers for small cars and trucks

Australian-made Mars 15 Deluxe camper trailer is made by Black Series Campers.

This small pull-behind trailer is solid. For instance, it’s built with rock sliders and skid plates to protect every vulnerable area. Additionally, it has an independent suspension to smooth out the ride over rough terrain.  

The interior is large, with a big kitchen, four-burner cooktop, fridge, and lots of storage. It also has a wet bath and the rare feature of a lightweight travel trailer with a king bed.

Additionally, the pair of fold-up bunks makes it family-friendly. You’ll love the huge slide-out kitchen and 13-foot awning too. 

If you can’t get to Australia to buy it, don’t worry. The Black Series HQ12 small 4×4 trailer is a great alternative.

Mars 15 Deluxe Features

Hitch weight: 320 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 5,291 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 4,409 lbs. Exterior length: 18′ Full exterior height: 8′ 2″ Exterior width: 7′ 4″ Interior height:6’4″ Freshwater capacity: 26.4 gallons Gray water capacity: 26.4 gallons Black water capacity: 26.4 gallons Base MSRP: $55,990

9. 2023 Lance Camper Enduro: An Equipped and Innovative Overlanding Trailer 

This off-grid camper is built for RVers who love off-road outdoor adventures. The all-new 19′ 1″, 4,500-pound (GVWR) Lance Camper Enduro is centered around an interior wet bath with a cassette toilet, a U-shaped convertible dinette, kids drop-down bunks, and a large exterior kitchen under the rear hatch with a two-burner cooktop.

Lance Camper Enduro Off-grid Overland Trailer

The Lance Camper Enduro offers family-friendly boondocking.

Robust solar and lithium battery technology handles the power for dry camping. Additionally, having 40 gallons of onboard freshwater and a remote filtering system gives you independence.

Lance Camper Enduro pull-behind campers for boondocking

Back kitchen galley of the Lance Camper Enduro.

The prototype campers have been in development for almost two years and will hit RV dealer lots in early 2023.

2023 Lance Camper Enduro Features

Hitch weight: 350 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,500 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,500 lbs. Exterior length: 19′ 1″ Full exterior height: 9′ 6″ Exterior width: 8′ 5″ Freshwater capacity: 40 gallons Gray water capacity: 26 gallons Black water capacity: N/A Base MSRP: $59,000

10. 2023 Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class: Small Camper with a Composting Toilet 

The Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class is a full-featured travel trailer from the company’s Ohio location. This luxury small camper is loaded with high-tech features, particularly the adjustable air bag suspension and the diesel-powered hot water system.  

Kimberley's best lightweight travel trailers of 2023

Enjoy massive luxury in the small Kimberley travel trailer for light cars and trucks.

Additionally, there is a retractable island queen bed and an RV composting toilet. These travel trailers keep RVers comfortable in the outback or anywhere in North America.

Kimberley Kampers Kruiser e-Class small travel trailer

The Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class features an RV composting toilet and a retractable queen bed.

The E-Class Kruiser model has more options than many small campers. It’s easy to tailor this camper to fit any RV lifestyle.

2023 Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class Features

Hitch weight: 265 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating: 5,500 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,836 lbs. Exterior length: 17′ Full exterior height: 9′ 8″ Exterior width: 7′ 11″ Freshwater capacity: 50 gallons Gray water capacity: 16 gallons Black water capacity: Waterless Composting Toilet Base MSRP: $89,268


Editor’s note: RV production costs are in flux. Base costs for these small towable RVs may have changed since Q4 2022 (when we created this list of the best lightweight travel trailer reviews for 2023).

Meet other lightweight travel trailer owners

One of the best parts about RVing is meeting other camping fans. Learn more from owners of expandable, hybrids, & light travel trailer campers in the iRV2 Discussion Forums. Get other perspectives on the best small travel trailers, light tow vehicles, RV products, great camping spots, hacks and mods, and much more. 

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