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Keystone Backwoods Reclaimed barnwood glass picture frames with "Beautiful Photos"

New item coming this Fall. Reclaimed barnwood glass picture frame with hanger. Have specific picts your interested in send me your info & what picts your interested in. All picts will be taken by trail cams & Go Pro. I will also use high resolution photos "uncopyrighted" All photos will then be sent in to be professionally done. Or if you already have a awesome photo just contact me & i will collect the photo & have it sent in to  photo professionals. 


What makes these stand out from others

1. Reclaimed barnwood.

2. Rustic/old fashion picture frames.

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Keystone Backwoods "All Natural hunting products" FREE SHIPPING!

"Customer satisfaction is my # 1 priority & I guarantee customer satisfaction on all my products"


Keystone Backwoods "God Bless"

Product # 1

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Keystone Backwoods All Natural Products

Keystone Backwoods all natural repellents/coverscent are the real deal. Stop spraying yourself with DEET, etc, which is no good for humans, dogs, cats, ecosystem, wildlife, aquatic species, etc. DEET will not kill ticks like "Keystone Backwoods". Spray down with a product that repels/kills insects/ticks while also working as a coverscent. Wildlife will never even know you are in there area. You can also spray your trail cams after they have been placed. I have killed over 10 ticks now in last 3 + years using the ingredients in my products. Rhonda West wore the insect be gone repellent to Africa & had excellent success. Kat Haas also tested out my products & also had excellent results. Each of the articles can be found at Huntress in heels "Tab gear review" for Rhonda W. " Keystone Backwoods article". Kat Haas outdoors on ar about page 4 "no one likes bugs". 

I take great pride in every product i make & am always striving to satisfy all of my customers. All the products are made at nursery & labeled by me. I am tired of having to rely on DEET, whenever hunting in the past, which never worked near as good as Keystone Backwoods. I experimented with my products for years before coming out with them along with plenty of my own tick experiments. There will be a brand new Keystone Backwoods insect/Tick Be Gone for 2018 for humans. I have had a lot of success with this new product coming in 2018. 

I also have products for dogs as well. Keystone Backwoods Tick/Flea Be Gone for dogs. New product Keystone Backwoods dog & cat shampoo will also be out in 2018. Unfortunately i am unable to make an all natural repellent for cats because they lack the enzyme needed to be able to digest the oils.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers & you will be so glad you did. All my products come with a "customer satisfaction guaranteed". Free shipping on all orders of $35 or more. Special deal on a Keystone Backwoods repellent/coverscent 32 oz for just $10 + tax. I am also running a Value pack special deal for Christmas, which you can save over $14. With every purchase receive free 2 oz sample product your choice. Go to

P.S. My ingredients will not harm beneficial insects.

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