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The Snack Time Feeder in Action

By The Snack Time Feeder™ by Snack Time Feeder, LLC in General 2nd Aug, 2020 Video Duration: 00:10:30
Your Snack Time Feeder™ is designed to train your game, to save you money, to pay for itself.
Traditional feeders dispense feed like the postal carrier, in wind, rain, sleet or snow. Regardless whether there is game around or not. Regardless how much feed is still on the ground. Regardless if your reaching your target animal. And traditional feeders are easy targets for unwanted varmits who steal your feed.
The Snack Time Feeder™ address’ and eliminates these shortcomings. The Snack Time Feeder™ feeds only when game is present. Only as much as you want. Only as frequently as you want and only the game you want. And the feed is not visible or accessible to varmits or birds.
How? The feeder has a trigger arm. An animal sniffing around bumps the trigger and dispenses feed. The amount of feed is set by how you program the timer. You don’t want feed dispensed every time the trigger is bumped so you program a delay time between activation's. There is also a setting to have the feeder dispense feed automatically at a set time of day and a manual feed option. When the feeder is programmed to operate only during daylight hours the game quickly learns its useless to show up after dark.
How do you reach your target animal? Buy setting the trigger arm close to the ground any animal can access it. Raise it higher to eliminate small critters but not so high that hogs can’t reach it. Raise it higher still so only larger (deer) animals can trigger it.

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