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Hush Covers and Hush & Go Boot Wraps are your solutions for SILENCE. Hush Covers for hang-on tree stands are available in five patterns and two sizes. Hush Covers for ladder tree stands are available in three sizes and three pattern options. Easy to install and lightweight, Hush Covers allow you freedom of movement while in even old, creaky stands, without making a sound. You will be warmer with our wool top side. Warmer stand = longer hunts! Pivot silently to get the perfect shot! They will never know you are there. They also work in box blinds and ground blinds.

Hush & Go Boot Wraps are perfect for silent spot and stalk or just to keep your feet warmer in your blind or stand. Three sizes and five patterns, they weigh about 6 ounces and you can put them on both feet in about 10 seconds. No need to stop, sit down, take your boots off, ruin your socks. Hush & Go Boot Wraps turn your boots into socks so you can lose no time in stalking your prey and you will never forget where you left your boots!

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