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The best fly rod case on the market doesn’t simply carry your rod like every other case on the market. A Quik-Cast XD series case keeps your fly rod rigged and ready to fish as soon as you take it out of the case. No more need to store or carry your multipiece rods fully assembled just to keep them rigged and risk damage during transport.

For the backpacking angler, the LT series portable rod carrier easily transports a rigged fishing rod more compactly in the field. These carriers weigh almost nothing and even fold up and fit in a pocket when not in use.

Both the XD and LT series are great for carrying a backup rod and keeping it rigged and ready for a different style of fishing. Carry an extra rod fully rigged and quickly swap between a sink-tip and a floating-line setup or between a lighter weight and a heavier weight rod. Spend more time fishing and less time rigging rods with Quik-Cast.

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