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Let’s start with a proper introduction. We’re the Ott family – Gene, Jane, Nick (son) and Danielle, (daughter in law) and we acquired the property in 2000. Originally from Northeast Iowa, we had been scout leaders and Boundary Waters Minnesota camping enthusiasts for several years when the opportunity arose to make a lifestyle change that simply delighted us. Since that time, we have built an outfitting service that, we believe, is one of the best in the area. In addition to outfitting services, we have authentic log cabins, right on Fall Lake for non-campers to experience great fishing and conveniently explore the Ely area.

Our cabins and lodge (with bunkhouse) have an amazing history. The cabins were originally built and located up on Pipestone Bay on Basswood Lake. When Congress declared “The Wilderness Act of 1964, all buildings needed to be either moved or burnt to the ground, restoring the natural wilderness. Shortly after, each log was labeled, deconstructed, floated up through Newton Lake to Fall Lake and put back together, like a complex jigsaw puzzle. Can you imagine the planning and the work to accomplish this?

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