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Zero-Detect Hunting Products is about enabling you, the “Hunter”, to become the “spirit in the woods”…being absorbed by your surroundings, enabling you to move freely and undetected. WE created the ZERO-DETECT “Pro-Hunter Suit” as “if you had to hunt for a living”…this would be your first choice for an outer garment. This is an “ALL WEATHER SUIT”! Includes the amazing ZERO-DETECT CAMO, a durable, soft, water proof “Otter Fleece” outer shell…bucks the wind, contains your scent, wicks your sweat…and ZERO-DETECT Camo allows you to be absorbed into your environment, wherever you hunt! Our new “Pro-Hunter Suit includes the jacket, pants, gloves, and your choice of hat, all for an introductory price of $ 379.95! Tell your friends but get yours while supplies last. Leave the crowd…and take your hunting experience to the next level with ZERO-DETECT HUNTING PRODUCTS. ZERO-DETECT CAMO is “Not a Picture…it’s a Pattern…” Pictures work in the exact environment of the picture…ZERO-DETECT CAMO is a pattern, enabling you to hunt anywhere! We, as hunters, have combined our knowledge of the outdoors to create products that enable you to maximize your talents as a hunter. Your equipment should equal or enhance your ability, not hinder. Watch for all of our new innovative product designs…we copy no one… After all, “We Are You”…Hunters creating for Hunters!
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