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The Work Sharp is different than other sharpeners that are sold to the public. It’s a “slack belt” system, a minature version of the same belt sharpeners that the pro sharpeners and custom knife makers use. It gives what’s called a “convex grind” rather than a “V profile”. The convex profile is what the Samurai sword makers put on their blades. It gives an edge that cuts with very little resistance because its convex shoulders push material away from the blade, rather than up the shoulders (as with the V profile). Also the blades stay sharper longer, and with the final 6000 grit honing belt, you can get a razor sharp edge every time! It doesn’t peel metal off your blades, like many home sharpeners do. It’s a non-agressive method and only takes off a minimum of metal. It takes an average of 2 minutes to bring a dull knife to razor sharp, around 5 minutes to remove large nicks and damage, and an average of 30 seconds to resharpen your knife. And it’s fun and easy! You’ll become a sharpening expert in no time!

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