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Wholehog Productions PTY LTD.

Wholehog Productions was born when Mark rung Brendan to ask for some tips making a DVD.
With Brendan Recently having left Life's a Boar the timing was perfect and they decided 
to combine talents and resources and as they said at the time, "go the Wholehog".
That first DVD, "Goin' the Wholehog" set the wheels in motion and ideas were bounced around
that would shake up the hunting DVD market for the better.
"Make them good, make them easy to get, make them affordable."
3 years on and that remains our focus.
"Make them good, make them easy to get, make them affordable."
We hope you continue to enjoy them.

Who we are..

Brendan Callis
Director, Editor, one time camera man.

Raised in a city in New Zealand, Brendan sort out any wide open spaces he could and set about trapping, catching and chasing anything he could.Tagging along for deer and pig hunts when he was old enough, Brendan found and nurtured his passion for hunting and the great outdoors.
These days he's mostly in the big bad indoors, editing, but occasionally he breaks free to do some filming.
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