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Elk Ivory is fashioned from elk teeth—which are actually remnants of prehistoric tusks—and makes for spectacular jewelry, especially when accented with diamonds. Elk Ivory Jewelry is available in both ladies and gents designs, crafted according to the high standards of Jensen Ringmakers. These pieces are created using high-quality 10k to 18k white and yellow gold along with the finest diamonds. Jensen Ringmakers strives for perfection, and the quality of our Elk Ivory Jewelry is seThe Jensen family founded Jensen Jewelers in 1956, opening their first store in downtown Twin Falls, Idaho. Their oldest son, John, came to work for the company in 1972, and along with his wife, Anna Dee, purchased the company from his parents in 1986. Don remained a supportive advisor until his passing in 2004. In 2006 John and Anna Dee began their calling to charity work.

Jensen Jewelers is still a privately owned company, growing from that first location in Twin Falls to fourteen stores across four states: Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Despite that growth, we are still headquartered just down the street from where the company began, proudly employing over 100 people.cond to none.

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