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Brad and Minnie Dennison have made Sitka their home since the mid-70's. During that time Brad has worked as an engineer, public works director, and hunting guide and outfitter. Minnie has worked as a registered nurse in Sitka as well as a Para-professional for the school district. Together they have raised three children, all of whom continue to work and live in Alaska.

Brad has guided black bear and brown bear hunters in Southeast Alaska since 1985. Initially as an assistant guide for the legendary Ben Forbes and since 1990 as a registered guide. Brad and Minnie began conducting summer sightseeing trips in the mid-90's.

For many years Minnie has done the cooking on the sightseeing trips as well as the bear hunts. She has decided that she's ready for retirement and beginning in 2015 is content to let the cooking chores be handled by others.

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