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Big Spruce Outfitting is your one stop place for great hunts whether it be a Saskatchewan trophy whitetail, a huge black, chocolate or cinnamon bear or a goose and duck hunt on a crisp fall morning. We have everything to fulfill your hunting needs. At Big Spruce Outfitting we strive on keeping our customers happy and if you, the hunter, are not happy than neither are we. Our hunting area consists of forestry/farmland fringe which is a deadly combination for monster Saskatchewan whitetail's. At Big Spruce we run a lot of stands making our options endless. This allows us to manage our deer properly and only harvest the big mature bucks. Having such a big hunting area makes it easy to pin point mature deer and let the smaller animals grow and harvest a trophy in the future. Black bear are not to be left out either, with low hunter numbers in our guided areas it allows them to grow big and mature. The rich abundance of farmland is the perfect place for these bears to pack on the weight. With so many bears in the area we are really starting to see a lot of chocolate and cinnamon bears as well. Last but certainly not least is our amazing waterfowl hunts. With most of our set ups only 5-10 mins from the Big Spruce Lodge. We are located in some of the best Canada goose and mallard duck hunting areas around. There is nothing like a cool crisp fall morning with flock after flock of geese and ducks in the sky as you lay in the blinds waiting to "light em up boys".

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