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Cats, like humans, are picky eaters and that’s especially true when it comes to food that is good for them. This is why we focus on flavors they will love, and ingredients that will keep them healthy. Our Cat & Kitten formula is specifically crafted with only what your cat needs for a complete, healthy, and tasty meal. Protein from chicken (our #1 ingredient) promotes healthy muscle development, along with balanced calcium & phosphorus for healthy bone growth; natural sources of glucosamine which helps support joints, and omega rich fish oil helps nourish brain & vision development, while supporting healthy skin and a vibrant, soft coat.

As with all of Pet Wants’ foods, this meal contains no wheat, no soy, no corn, no added sugar, no artificial colors, and no animal by-products EVER. All Pet Wants foods are also designed to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by the Association of Feed Control (AAFCO) nutrient profiles for “All Life Stages.”

Key Benefits

Fresh (cooked monthly in small batches)
High-quality protein for proper muscle development
Omega rich fish oil to nourish brain & vision development, as well as soft skin and a healthy coat
All essential vitamins and minerals needed for strong bones and teeth
No corn, wheat, soy, or animal by-products. This lends to less feeding, improved skin and coat, and happier, healthier pet overall
Nutritionally complete and balanced

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