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THE CLEAR SOLUTION: Z Clear’s premium formula provides fog free vision | Each jar of Z Clear Paste has over 300 lens cleaning applications | The Paste is a highly concentrated version of our premium formula that helps fill in minor scratches on your lenses | Continuous use will build a protective layer on the surface of your lenses to strengthen anti-fogging capabilities

SAFE, NATURAL, EFFECTIVE: No alcohol, ammonia or abrasives | Z Clear is gentle, all-natural, and hypoallergenic making it safe and trusted for your skin & eyes | This powerful hydrophobic and anti-static solution repels dust, grime, and fingerprints on all your surfaces. Did we mention the Paste is spill-proof making it great for on the go travel?

ENDLESS VERSATILITY: Safe for all prescription, reading, safety, and sunglasses; anti-reflective, polarized, transitions, Crizal, Lexan, polycarbonate, and plexiglass | Electronics, computers, camera lenses, smart phones, tablets, laptops, and monitors | Polarized, UV, Iridium, Photo-chromatic, Polycarbonate, Lexan, and many other materials | We’ve got you covered for all Non AR-Coated lenses.

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