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Where theft led to a vehicle security powerhouse.

Most companies are not born because of a theft, but that is the genesis of Tuffy Security Products of Cortez, Colorado.

In 1989, a teenaged Shawn Gregory had taken his Jeep® Wrangler to a trailhead to ride his mountain bike with some friends. When he returned, he found his Jeep had been broken into, and all of his gear stolen. Understandably upset, he returned home, and vowed to do something to keep this type of theft from happening again.

Gregory understood that the standard plastic console that came with his Wrangler was not a great deterrent to theft, so he created a wooden box console with a lock installed and secured it to his Jeep’s floor. Friends with Jeeps liked his idea, and asked him to duplicate his creation for them as well.

Thus, Tuffy Security Products was born.

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