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We are Phoenix Thrivers (PT), a small but motivated company specializing in thriving not just surviving. We believe passionately in knowledge and the ability to use it, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both.

We are a Disabled Veteran owned company and before each of us joined the military we were interested in bushcrafting, hunting, and surviving off the land. Nowadays we live in suburbia and venture out into the wilderness on our free weekends. However, living in the burbs does not stop us from thinking about the equipment and knowledge we would need to thrive in the face of any world event.  This imaginative mindset endowed us with a passion to create this company and to share our solutions to these problems with the world.

We strive to offer unique and innovative survival items. We have taken the utmost care in curating packs that will give you the tools to thrive anywhere from an unexpected accident to long after society has collapsed.

We, on the PT team, are always looking for the next piece of gear to enhance our go bag. We strive to give you the best gear possible to help you grow into a bastion of society if and when the time comes. We have used every piece of gear listed on our site and will only distribute gear that has passed our tests and trials. We are only a small part of the PTG (Phoenix Thrivers Guild) and we implore you to join and be part of our guild.  We seek to create a decentralized solution in the event of a societal collapse.  Each member of the guild will be a thriver and a fulcrum to help resurrect a society. Thrive, don’t just survive! -PTG

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