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Clearly Tough Side x Side, UTV Windshields Clearly Superior, Clearly Durable, Clearly Amazing Clearly Tough's patent pending UTV windshields are the best in the side by side industry. You can see the quality in our innovative designs. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Clearly Tough Windshields:

  • Made from Durable Polycarbonate

  • Dual Sided, Hard Coating for Maximum Scratch Resistantance

  • Patent Pending Innovative Designs

  • Extremely Easy to Install or Adjust

  • The most Versatile Windshields on the Market

Clearly Tough’s side by side UTV Folding Windshields are a clearly superior product. You will own a precision crafted windshield made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate that is 200x more impact resistant than glass. Its scratch resistant coating will provide hundreds of hours of clear vision for riders and passengers alike. What does this mean for you? The windshield will look good for a long time and you’ll enjoy the ride more knowing your family will be protected from flying rocks and debis. Best of all you won’t miss a thing with our crystal-clear windshields.
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