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Genuine ivory tusk cufflinks, set with Scottish hallmarked recycled 925 Sterling Silver.

The ivory is responsibly, ethically and sustainable sourced, as a by-product of red deer management.

Our Scottish jewellery designer polishes the white ivory and sets them individually in the sterling silver, with chain link attachments, to create a distinctive pair of cufflinks.

Each pair of cufflinks has a unique engraved identification number, so the history and provenance of the jewellery can be traced.

For cufflink setting with your own extracted Red Deer Stag Ivory Tusks, please visit Bespoke Orders on the Sybarite Sporting ‘Stag Tusks’ page.

  • Responsibly & ethically sourced ivory. 

  • Sustainable-use deer management by-product.

  • Natural, environmental & eco-friendly resource.

  • Traceability record & documented jewellery provenance.

  • Recycled 925 Sterling Silver.

  • Individually handmade in Scotland.

  • Unique engraved identification number & Scottish hallmarking.

Sustainable Use Wildlife Conservation (SUWC) –

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