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 Don't go home with the only thing that you have to show for 5 days of hunting is tired feet! 97% of the game animals are shot on private land. Only 3% are shot on public land and that 3 % is shares by thousands of hunters. Our private land is well managed by minimal numbers of hunters and maximum number of game animals and higher quality.

We have DIY, Semi-Guided, Guided and Guided with Meals and Lodging, also semi-Guided with a Cabin for a low-cost lodging option rather than expensive motels.

Don't waste another year of your life walking 5 days in the woods with a rifle over your shoulder. If that is your goal, then join the military, they will pay you for doing that. We are here to make you successful. We have the highest success rates of free ranging game animals anywhere. Antelope, 99%, Mule Deer 99%, Cow Elk 95%, Bull Elk are very weather dependent, so it runs between 60% and 80%. As always in DIY and semi-guided hunt much depends on the hunter know of the animal patterns and skill in shooting.

We can make it so that the nasty draws are never a problem with point management and vouchers. Watchdog is the magic you always want to beat the draws.

My hunters have the options of hunting private land in 28 states, and we make certain that you get the licenses required to hunt our 813 private land in 28 states. We have no membership fees, just a large number of hunters that have found us and return year after year to hunt on our private land. The hunt providers range from Landowners, Ranchers, Farmers, Guided and Outfitters in 28 states and Canada all at discounted rates.

There will never be enough private land available for hunting so some hunt book a year in advance., with only a $200 deposit. Don't miss out another year, put horns on the wall and meat in your freezer, plus have hunting stories to share with our friends and families. Go to for a catalog of out 813 hunts that begin each year available, but quickly sell out because our hunt providers hunt their land lightly, to continue to have high population and quality standards.

Greg Merriam 303-746-1214 is the quickest way to contact me.

CEO Discounted Hunting Adventures LLC

CEO Discounted Hunts LLC

CEO Hunting Adventures LLC


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