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Our Global Coverage

HuntPost is a global online social network and e-marketplace for the hunting, fishing and camping industry. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary people and companies, all wildlife enthusiast who make spending time in the outdoors a central part of their lives.

At a time of immense white-noise that floods mainstream social networks each day, it is our mission to keep human connection and privacy at the heart of our networking platform. That’s why we built HuntPost, a place where hunting, fishing and camping enthusiast can connect, share, learn, buy and sell the goods and services they need to make their life in the outdoors as enriching as possible.

We help our community of sellers turn their trade show focused businesses into successful "online retail businesses". Our platform connects them with millions of online buyers looking for an alternative to the low quality, mass production items that are found at big-box sporting goods stores.

Our Goal is to become a social networking version of Amazon for the Hunting, Fishing and Camping industry worldwide.  

Join us in changing the wildlife industry!

Industry Problems

The hunting, fishing and camping industry worldwide is largely under-served with social networking tools, an easy to use e-commerce platform designed for the way they do business, and digital advertising solutions that industry brands and associations can use to reach more consumers.  The result forces thousands of small retailers to depend solely on trade shows throughout the year to effectively reach and sell to their consumer.

Market opportunity:


  • Industry experts estimate 90% of hunting, fishing and camping products and services sold in the United States can only be found at trade shows through Mom and Pop retailers, with the remaining 10% available at Big-Box sporting good stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops.

  • In 2019, e-commerce websites in the hunting and fishing industry are used by less than 10% of small business operators under the size of 9 employees (which represents 215K companies in the U.S.), and it is predicted to grow to over 60% by 2025 according to eMarketer.

  • In 2017, the U.S. outdoor recreation economy generated $887 Billion in consumer spending, 7.6 Million American Jobs, $65.3 Billion in Federal Income Tax Revenue, and $59.2 Billion in State and Local Tax Revenue.

  • Advertising of guns, knives and other weapons are not allowed to be advertised on Google, Facebook and other major social networks and advertising networks.

  • 146.1 Million Americans ages 16 and over (or 44% of the U.S. population) participate in hunting, fishing, camping and outdoors activities each year, that total 11 Billion outing excursions.

Our Solutions

We provide a simple to use e-commerce and social networking platform for hunting, fishing and camping consumers and retailers  to connect online. Imagine combining Facebook and Amazon in a single platform specifically designed for the 100's of million's of hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor enthusiast that participate in a total of 11 billion excursions each year in the United States alone. 

We addressed the problems retailers face with the migration of their customer-base online, which is  foreign to many of them that have conducted business face-to-face with their customers for decades, at local and regional trade shows.

For these retail operators and the industry associations that have been dependent on reaching their audience at trade shows for the past many decades, a culmination of rapid customer migration online and the ramifications of the COVID-19 shutdown of all trade shows around the world for the remainder of 2020 has positioned HuntPost in a unique and time sensitive opportunity to come to their rescue.  

We do this by:

  • Increasing the online social networking presence for retailers, brands, and industry associations on the HuntPost social network, which is accessible in more than 120 countries worldwide.
  • Providing an industry specific e-commerce storefront platform that is built on an A.I. powered social network. Hunting, fishing and camping enthusiast connect, buy and sell with one another, while merchants can sell directly online through their HuntPost Storefront to our users.
  • Providing the millions of retailers, outfitters and associations worldwide, with the largest group of online consumers to sell their goods, services and memberships to.
  • Becoming the worlds largest aggregator of data analytics for hunting and fishing product trends and consumer behavior.

Our Pitch Deck

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