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  3. Thursday, 05 April 2018

Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah!

A little bit about who we are: Expedition Supply exists to build the toughest off-road, outdoor, adventure, and expedition camper trailers on the planet. We provide a single source to dream, design and build your custom creation, the last trailer you’ll need for life which will take you places no other trailer can. We also offer a plethora of resources for the do-it-yourself (DIY) traveler, world wanderer, and global explorer who wants to spend more time wandering around and not worrying about their gear.

X-Supply is the exclusive designer and builder HMMWV Trailer Camper Conversion. At our core is the US Military battle-proven light tactical trailer used by the worlds warriors. We modify them into expedition masterpieces for the worlds wanderers, weekend warriors, outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor camper and sportsmen of all types.

You may be wondering if your vehicle is capable of towing such a trailer. The answer is YES. With our largest enclosed model having a dry weight of only roughly 1,800 pounds, this capable trailer will follow anywhere you will go.

If you have any questions about our trailers or what we can build for you, my name is Cristin and I would be happy to chat! Head over to our profile for photos of our beautiful trailers or head over to our website at: https://www.expedition.supply/


  1. Scott Bursey
  2. 1 year ago
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I have to admit, these are some awesome looking trailers!
    1. M11Trailers
    2. 1 year ago
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    Thank you Scott! That's what we love to hear!
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