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  3. Sunday, 22 September 2019
Our Cow hunts are running 100% success. It is a good one to shoot your first elk and learn the basis. I only have a few left, call me and I will send you all of the details. If you don't want one that is not-guided and not on private property they are about sold out as well. but they are going fast as the earlier bull elk hunters return home from their hunts with nothing but tired feet and muddy boots. We want to be certain that every american that wants to hunt, get an opportunity to not only hunt but to put a deer, elk or antelope in their freezer. (Low Impact Hunts Defined as a safari style where the hunter and Guide glass and spot the game animal, then stalk for a shot, very little walking is involved. This is great for those that can no longer, “Leap Tall Buildings in a single bound”, anymore. We do specialize in them, just ask.) Although these are listed in most of them there is only 1-2 seats available in them. They could go as fast a phone call and a VISA card for the deposit, and you have missed them. I don’t guarantee they will be here when you call, because of how late it has gotten, and a telephone call could take it in a heartbeat. Archers are in the field for over a week now dealing with the high temperatures, then today didn’t show snow but a good rain to start the ground cooling process. They are already noticing the phenomenal horn growth that has been attributed to the wettest spring in 60 years! This week should begin bugle Mania! So here we go, “Last call for Alcohol” as this trophy horn growth season starts with a bang! Colorado- 2 Last week of archery hunts on a private to Wilderness land on the western slope of Colorado Ranch. Semi-Guided Discounted down to only $1995. Colorado- 2 more for the last week of archery again, Full service Packin Guided, Meals and Lodging. Discounted down to only $4295! This is a high Opportunity Hunt. Colorado 100% Success non-Shooting guests are free. 1 Mule deer vouchers $995 for a 10,000-acre ranch. And the hunt is Discounted down to only $ 1995. You will see 100 Mule deer per day. Colorado Eastern Plains guided Mule Deer Hunt with Meal and lodging. Hunts last year netted a 186 and a whopping 220. This is a low impact, guided hunt. Discounted down to only $3295. Vouchers are available if needed at only $1495Colorado Eastern Plains Buck Antelope Hunt, Guided Meals and Lodging on 100,000+ acres Season 10/1 Youth Voucher only $50 and adult voucher $ 495. Adult Hunt discounted down to only $ 1295. Son hunting with father is ½ price for the hunt only $695. Lots of antelope to choose from.Colorado Bull Elk 3rd season 1 Cancellation hunt, 5 days guided best dates for high success, only 1 seat available, license unlimited and over the counter. Discounted Down to only $2395Colorado Do you need a place for 4-6 hunters for a good hunt and a deluxe cabin, with about 3000 acres of Private land adjacent to the backside of BLM and National Forest here is a great one for 3rd season with Licenses OTC. The more people you have in the cabin the lower the price per person. Colorado-Prime Private Property with elk, water, hayfield and timber in SW Colorado. 2 hunters on about 1275 acres, 2nd or 3rd season, Licenses OTC, high elk concentration. Semi-Guided since you don’t need a guide this one was reduced $1500 without the guide down to only $1995, only 2 left. Colorado-Plant yourself in a cabin in the middle of 20,000 that the only blaze orange you see is yours. Modern Cabin, 1 mile of river front, alfalfa fields, Elk, Deer or antelope, your choice only $1395Nebraska Western Edge of the state, Mule Deer Archery Hunt in Farm Ground with high success from 9/1-12/31 discounted down to only $ 1495 with $250 License over the counter, only $200 more to make it a Bird and Beast Hunt and add pheasants to the mix. Nebraska Trophy Whitetail Hunt in numerous ranches down to only $ 1495 until they are gone. Wyoming Trophy Bull Elk with a camp average of 325. If you will get a point in Nebraska now, you can use it next year (2020 hunt) to get into this 3-point trophy area. The outfitter will get you a Special Buck Tag, then average you in with a hunter that has 5 or more and you will draw a Wyoming Bull elk license for this hunt. Four hunters maximum per season.New Mexico- Guided Meals and Lodging travel ATV, Truck, walk or horses. Archery, Rifle or Muzzleloader with Voucher, Discounted Down to only $2995. New Mexico- Guided Trophy Antelope in the prime NE New Mexico. Only 2 hunts left discounted down to only $1995 Idaho- 2 slots for Black bears. We have to many bears on bait and need someone with a bow or rifle, price discounted down only $1995, “They are eating me out of house and home. Hurry, Please! Utah Cow elk Hunt with vouchers (Aug - Jan 31 hunt dates) Private alfalfa ranch near Grouse Creek in Utah, 3-day hunts, guiding available if requested at the time of purchase. - $1,695Vouchers that came into Watchdog today only and were added to our existing supply for Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico. Watchdog also captured 5 Licenses that were sent out to the 5 members the following morning. Colorado Deer-011 2 3rd season PLO vouchers no land 4 Colorado Antelope-114 5 Rifle Antelope Colorado Deer-115 5 Mule deer vouchers Colorado Deer-003 2ND SEASON Mule deer Nevada Deer-Unit 143 - 1 tag Utah Deer-Box Elder Unit - private 9,000-acre ranch in Northern Utah, 9 tags, Nov 1-5 or Nov 6-10 dates. Others will be coming in tomorrowFlorida-Hogs Drop in on a Hog hunt while you are enjoying Florida. 2-day hunt with Deluxe Meals and Lodging, with the guys or with the wife. Meat Hogs $300.00 per person per day, Trophy Hogs 2-inch cutter or better $500.00 per person per day. Deer and Hog Combo Special $995 Minimum 2 Hunters Wyoming- If you are planning to draw in Wyoming because you didn’t in 2019 then take advantage of the points only on sale durring the summer and get your Points Now. The Bulk of Wyoming requires 3 points to draw for elk, and 1 for deer and antelope now. Wyoming- A great Deluxe hunt for antelope and even add a deer but you ne 1 point for each to draw. High Antelope/Deer Density. Discounted to $1995 get your point and put your deposit on the hunt. September 1st is here, and, in many states, the big Game archery begins, as well as fall turkey which in Colorado and Wyoming a legal weapon includes rifles of the .22 centerfire which will bring out the AR’s in 223 and bolt action. Many of us have applied for Colorado Big Game license and some have even been successful. For those that have not drawn just remember you only have a set number of falls in your life time before natural causes and the nature of visiting the front bumper of a Mack truck can end your long run of falls to enjoy the wet springs massive horn growth that doesn’t occur every year. Mark my word some booner’s will hit the dust this year to end up as wall mounts and freezer filler material.If you didn’t draw your coveted licenses to hunt you favorite are there is still time to make your dream come true. If you want the license and the hunt as a semi-guided or guided on private land, we have several them to pick from GMU003 by Craig Colorado we have some low-cost Mule deer or antelope hunts on 10,000 acres of private land openings. This is where the deer go after the first shot is fired. If you are more interested in the eastern plains of Colorado, By Limon or so we have 100,000 acres to hunt. Whitetail semi-guided, Mule Deer, Guided with Meals and Lodging, or Antelope guided hunt. If you want to do a father and son hunt, I have a free to $50 youth voucher so you can get in a special package hunt of a father and son hunt totaling only $1995. The bottom line is this, don’t let the lack of a license keep you from hunting Colorado this fall. Last year we were able to get 97% of the licenses we requested in Watchdog®. Of course, I don’t have the final for this year but as of August 15th we had gotten 35 of the 40 licenses we requested, and we were able to get 100% of them for the hunters at the licenses face value. We also used 0 points 100% of the time so they are not required nor are they useable anyway in our process.NOW if you want to hunt antelope, let me know you can pick a hunt and we will get you a license. If you want a Mule Deer or Whitetail, let me know you can pick a hunt and we will get you a license. If you want a bull elk, let me know you can pick a hunt and we will get you a license. If you want other states, we have hunts and way to get licenses in 28 of the best hunting states.If you know of someone that us building his couch potato skills instead of his hunting and shooting skills, get this to him even if you must feed it to him intravenously. We had a wet spring this year and the antler/horn growth has been huge this year. If you want a good one for the wall this is the year that will have the best odd of doing so. This will be the year that next year after seeing the bucks that will be taken, you will say, I wish I went last year when we have the wettest spring in 60 years, but instead, “ I sat on the couch and watched old re-runs that I had seen at least 15 times before, instead of going hunting because I didn’t draw.”We have hunters and even leases still available to the first hunter that calls. Don’t miss out, at lease get on my Pro-Staff Discounted Specials Hunting list for the best buys in the hunting industry today.Followed by The Cowboy state if you are an Antelope or Mule Deer fancier. Wyoming currently the interest by hunters for an opportunity to hunt in the state has grown about 10% for the last 5 years. This has made drawing a license, and leftovers almost non-existent. With that in mind it is never to early if you want to have a great hunt. What happens many years is that the slots on private land fill in April and May with the applications deadline May 31st. Last year there were just a few odd deer licenses available and antelope almost as barren. In Elk and Wyoming, the primary draw was back in January, but I still have some great cow elk hunts, guided on private land. If you want to hunt Wyoming’s big bucks and bulls, then don’t miss putting in for a point now durring the summer before the option closes. It will improve the odds of drawing a Wyoming deer, elk or antelope by 99%. Those are good odds. If you need help getting a point, I would be proud to do so for my fellow hunter. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What about Plan B. Plan be can be anything out of the ordinary, or unusual. For instance, if you are playing the endless game of putting in for a moose hunt in the US remember with the odds you are more likely to be hit by lighting. If you did wait 20 year like I have and still can’t even smell moose it is time to look at better avenue and not worry about being hit by lightning. If you are a resident of the state you are wanting to hunt your license is about $200, if you are a non-resident it is more like $2000. Moose are like packing out a dead horse, it usually requires a guide, that takes advantage of a moose’s movement patterns to quickly put you on the moose and not so quickly get it packed out to your truck. That Outfitter is going to run you $6000 to $8000 and after you have waited 20 years for the license that is insurance that you will be bringing one home. If you want to stay in the US you can go to Alaska and pay the $14000 to $16000 price tag. There is a better way to get your moose fix, the fastest growing antler in the world. Moose subspecies like the Shiras in the Lower 48 is the smallest subspecies. In Newfoundland you will be hunting a larger mouse but still the most economical moose hunt you will ever see. Add to this the highest success rate and you are talking Moose. Other hunters are picking up on this find, and every year they get more hunters and higher prices. The ones that I have we have required a price lock for 1 more year so there is no better time than this fall for a moose hunt. Take it now because the prices will never be better. Don’t worry about getting the horns and meat back home Canadian Airlines are accustomed to flying the meat back to the US for you. With a little pre-planning it is easy and at a minimal cost. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Northern Alberta Giant Moose and If you are a Whitetail Fan why not get a monster Whitetail on the same trip. Many people come all the way un there for just 1 animal. $ with a $11,000 moose and a $ 5000 Trophy Whitetail and getting the whole this, license and all only $ 9,500 out the door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If that has to much Velvet and Caviar for you, I have an Alberta Moose hunt in the more southern end of the province that is $ 9000 discounted down to only $ 4995. The Canadian Moose are all larger than the US moose on the average. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newfoundland, well here is the Moose hunt that I always end up running out of hunts every year and end up booking them a year in advance. You will be hunting in an area that there are more Moose than people, and I like those odds. Here with a $ 7000 moose discounted Down to only $ 5495 you can take a $3000 bear as well when you tag out early for only $ 995. The area is wet so the bear hides are fantastic! Welcome to Newfoundland in eastern Canada. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then turn your sights south, way south, farther south than that, old Mexico, Sonora to be exact. This is the place that the Mexican Mule Deer Bucks die of old age because of the lack of hunters. With hunts ranging from $12000 to $15000 you are hunting in the land of the dinosaurs. If you look around you will seer them but price wise that is what they are. Keep in mind you are the only one with a rifle in Mexico. You want to be a guest of a large ranch that you never leave. The owner must be a rich Mexican Land owner and you will be treated like a king and see 15-30 big bucks per day. You can bring your rifle or use theirs if you would rather. You will be picked up by the outfitter at the airport and taken directly to the ranch. This ay we have never had any incidents and if you know the way of Mexico we never will. This $15,000 hunt for only $ 6950. When you hunt in Mexico don’t bring your warm clothes you will be enjoying your hunt safari style in the upper level of a pickup truck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As we work the scale how about a Colorado Mule Deer hunt shooting deer 160-180 that the owner wants out of the 2,500 acre free ranging Colorado herd. You will be hunting mostly Alfalfa and scrub oak while living high on the hog in lodging fit for a king. These are big deer but they may have a kicker in the wrong place, or a drop time. These are bucks that you would shoot 100% of the time anywhere else. The high end clients hunting the same ground and staying the same place, being guided by the same outfitter are paying close to $10,000 while you are paying less than $3000. (See Colorado Watchdog for Details) for acquiring licenses with 0 points------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want to stay in Colorado for big door buster Mule Deer, DIY/Semi-Guided hunt as they migrate down from the summer nose bleed seats above timberline. Ambush them after they have dropped 200-3000 feet low in the timber. 2 hunters per season, October and early November is the best. Discounted down to only $1995 with Drop Camp lodging. (See Colorado Watchdog for Details) for acquiring licenses with 0 points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply Trophy Mule Deer Hunt. What if I told you about a place you could draw with 7 points and he never comes back with Mule Deer under 180”, it is a low impact hunt, with meals and lodging. If you have 7 or n8 Colorado points this is the one that you need to put a $200 deposit now so you are one of the “Chosen Ones” for next year. You will be hunting alfalfa river bottom and rugged desolate “Moonscape” ground that he uses to allow the Mule Deer bucks to build and become what they are, trophies. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the semi-guided Mule deer hunts on 5 different Ranches in GMU003 and GMU004 with 100% success you will need to pass-up 15-30 bucks per day on a 5 day hunt, and shell out $ 1995 for the semi-Guided Trespass fee hunt. It is a difficult decision but , “ A mans got to do what a Man’s Got to Do.” (See Colorado Watchdog for Details) for acquiring licenses with 0 points------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Colorado Antelope, Guided to Semi-guided, eastern Plaines with or without a voucher, then western Colorado Semi-guided for under $1500 on Private land. This are in GMU003 and GMU004 and are looking for your wall to hang one. They also make the best Jerky money can buy. You must like Jerky unless you are a vegetarian. I hope you aren’t.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nebraska and Wyoming are coming. Nebraska Whitetail Deer semi-guided on Private land only $ 1195 and you can shoot 2 for a little more. Wyoming Mule deer from $ 2500 to $5000 depending on the antler size in the area and taken each year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How about Wolf-free zone Eastern Montana a bird and beast hunt. A 5 day guided hunt on private land with meals and lodging. Hunt Mule deer during the rut and tag out early so you can hunt pheasants for a day or two. This is perfect for the shotgunner that is going through “withdrawal” symptoms when he hunt deer with a rifle, so he can get his pheasant fix while he is enjoying his 2 favorite hunts $6200 discounted down to only $ 4295, the price you would usually pay for a low end guided Mule deer hunt on public land in Montana.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Staff) first before they even make the web site. Because of this many time the Preferred Hunters buy them out and they never make the web site. You will receive the Landowner VOUCHERS or Landowner TAGS, the HUNTING PROPERTY LEASES along with the SPECIAL DISCOUNTED HUNTS and CANCELLATIONS as soon as they come as in. If you would like to be on the “Preferred Hunters List” please contact me by EMAIL: DeerElkBear@GMail.com or 303-776-7528. I will place you on this elite list labeled,” The Pro-Staff List.” Welcome to the Pro-Staff Team in Discounted Hunts. If you have a hunting buddy that wants on the Pro-Staff team list, I will place them on it with your endorsement. Thank-You, Greg Merriam. © Copyright Discounted Hunting Adventures llcColorado Quick Picks Watchdog Lives Here, click on it for more Information*We acceptBless the soldiers that risk their lives to protect this great country we live in and keep us safe from those that wish us harm.Hunts averaging 10% to 45% off available just ask we build hundreds of happy hunters in 28 states and Canada every year with Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, Moose, Sheep, Exotics, and even hogs. All hunts subject to license availability and on a first come first serve basis. Virus-free. www.avg.comRemove@DiscountedHunt.com putting REMOVE in the subject line and I will personally remove your name from the list. We don’t want to irritate anyone, we are here to provide information and opportunity to those that want to hunt, not aggravate those that don’t.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RzuAV0cMZ4&authuser=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp3gRP-wD7I&authuser=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWDT8z-Rpsg&authuser=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoI3b1GhUSM&authuser=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN1N50KPBIQ&authuser=1
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