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What is going on in Canada ?

I recently checked with Jack Hume Outfitters (No Relation) on a Caribou hunt and was informed that Quebec has ended Caribou hunting. Also an article in the March 2018 issue of "Bowhunter" magazine reports that British Columbia has ended Grizzly hunts...

Creating a page, what is the permalink?

When I create a new page, what do I use for the permalink?...

Hunters Feet Get Cold How Do You Handle This?

Being in a warm lodge; Feet Get Sweaty, Going Back Out In The Cold, Sweaty Feet Are Cold! Hunters, What Do You Do To Keep Feet Warm Outdoors? Our Solution Was because of what Hunters Told Us. [url=http://www.NoSweatHunting.com...

M1101 Custom Hunting Trailers

Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah! A little bit about who we are: Expedition Supply exists to build the toughest off-road, outdoor, adventure, and expedition camper trailers on the planet. We provide a single source to dream, design and build your cus...

Tarpon Flyfishing

Any advice on fly fishing for Tarpon?...

Hunting in Argentina Birds and Big Game

Hello I am new on the site. It looks really nice.  Anyone interested in Hunting Patagonia Argentina?? www.estanciaelcarrizal.com...

Portable Flood Alarm

Hey guys,    I've developed a portable flood alarm (Vigil) and am asking for any support I can get. We are raising money for the first batch order, here's a link to our kickstarter campaign.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1325840851/vigil?r...

Tell Congress to Pass the SHARE Act

As a community of outdoorsmen, we must flex our political muscle. The Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act would expand access to hunting and fishing on federal lands as well as reduce onerous restrictions on certain types of ammo and ...

Sourcing and Manufacturing - Hunting and Fishing products

I would like to introduce to you the company that takes the worry out of Product Sourcing in China. The Sourcing Department is an American Company headquartered in Houston, Texas with Chinese operations based in Suzhou, China. We deliver qualit...

Turkey Calls and Turkey Hunting

Just wanted to let everyone know, we have discounted our turkey calls at http://www.tombstonegamecalls.com in time for turkey season. I hope everyone will stop by and check out our products and that everyone have a successful turkey season....

Turkey Hunting

Is anyone else hunting turkeys?  Our Spring turkey season just opened and I am excited!...

Friend requests

Hi everyone thanks for accepting my friend requests. Hope your all having a great day or night. Shaun...

My new website fishingboatingsupplies.com

Hi everyone I have just joined as per a request on Twitter. Just looking around the site it looks great. I have my own website as per above please check it out and if you could send me some feedback about it. Thanks Shaun...

Do you film your hunts?

Do you film your hunts?...

Anybody else using Howa Rifles ?

I'm using a Howa 22-250 with a Vortex Viper PST ,,, for foxes here in Ireland ...


Would you like to increase your yardage and still make a great shot?!...

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