Driven Wild Boar Shooting (10+ Persons)

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We organise Driven Wild Boar hunting for two types of boar on private estates and state forestry land in Europe; the central European boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) and the larger subspecies Carpathian boar (Sus scrofa attila), native to Hungary and the Balkans.

• The driven shooting is for teams of 10+ rifles in free-range shooting areas.

• The total itinerary price is based on, and includes, a total bag of 100 over 3 days in Somogy county, Hungary.

• 'Overage' or 'Underage' is payable, or refundable, based on the 'Bag Size Scale Rate', calculated on a total rate/bag over 3 days i.e. the team pays for, or is refunded for, what is shot - the size of the bag! – please see Game Fees; Bag Size Scale Rate.

• Available dates 2022/2023; November, December, January & February.

• 2 day & 3 day Driven Shooting in Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania & Serbia.


• Sybarite Sporting services as acting agent on your behalf.
• Road transfer from airport to hotel/lodge, hunting areas & return.
• Accommodation includes bed, breakfast, lunch & dinner for rifles/hunters and guests.
• All tusk size, age variation & animal weights for the stated expected bag.
• Firearms Import Permits, Ammunition Duty & Administration Fees.
• Administration of booking, currency transactions, all shooting permits, levies and fees.
• Government levies, tax & VAT on rates & shooting permits / licences.
• Conservation & community fees / levies (including a 'Sybarite Community Conservation Contribution' but excludes any personal 'direct' conservation & community donation).
• Specified shooting reserved for your team’s exclusive use.
• The services of gamekeepers, beaters, pickers-up and dogs.


• European hunting liability insurance.
• Bag 'underage' or 'overage'; refundable or payable on a Bag Size Scale Rate, see Game Fees.
• Non-hunter & observer cost per person per day/night, unless otherwise stated.
• Instructors, custom filming & photographer service by request.
• Hotel/lodge accommodation expenses pre & post the shooting trip.
• All items of a personal nature before & after shooting day(s) including flights, etc.
• Additional extras and/or special requests.
• Taxidermy & shipping agent costs for dipping, packing & costs to final destination.
• Tips and gratuities to gamekeepers etc. - given in person or can be arranged.
• Suggested charity donations to sustainable food and wildlife conservation organisations.
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