Driven Red Grouse Shooting (Northern England & Scotland, UK)

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The Glorious Twelfth (12th August) sees the opening of the Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica) shooting season on the hills of Scotland and moors of northern England.

Driven red grouse shooting, for many, is the ultimate sporting experience - red grouse are truly wild, with great flying speed and agility, pursued in stunning scenery, which can be as distracting as the bird itself.

Due to high demand for driven grouse shooting, we organise shooting teams early so that when shooting estates realise a harvestable surplus, from a successful breeding season, we can quickly reserve these shooting days for our guests.

• Driven days available from 12th August to October depending on wild stock levels;

• Team of 8-10 guns;

• Approx. shooting bags of 100-150 brace bag per day;

• Hotel, castle, shooting lodge accommodation available;

• Overage payable on all extra birds when bag reaches 10% above expected bag, and underage is refunded when the bag is 10% below expected bag, shot count depending.

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