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Custom Jeep for Hunting Fishing & Highway


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AWESOME Custom JEEP JK at GREAT PRICE! Design engineered for hunting, fishing, rock crawling & smooth highway driving up to 80MPH. Under 40Kmiles. Garage Stored
My wife and I are retired and traveling, so time to sell my Jeep ;( See complete custom equipment list at website. Jeep has less than 40K miles and stored and maintained in an air conditioned facility. This Jeep JK Unlimited Rubicon Package + Customization was design engineered to go anywhere off-road and back on the highway for a smooth ride. The advantage of a manual 6-speed transmission (now difficult to find in a JK) is the extra power when needed by simply downshifting, better gas mileage, durability and exceptional control of the vehicle. Plus, it's a Jeep (old school cool) and should be manually shifted to reach full potential. I told my customize shop to note all Jeeps that come in with structural damage from the trails and to take preventative damage measures on this Jeep. All stress points have been strengthened and skid plates applied to protect exposed parts... CHECK IT OUT!!!  


8900 West State Highway 183, Dallas, Texas, 75247