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TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Hanger

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Rock-solid mounting for European mounts. Secure clamp for hanging mid-sized skulls. Joints that pivot for unlimited viewing angles. Adjusts by hand. Easy!
A European skull mount bracket with pivoting joints for unlimited positions and a clamp to mount a deer skull to a wall securely. Make a bear skull display or hang a deer skull on a wall, beam, post, column, or tree.  Use creative European mount ideas and showcase your hunting memories with a TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp.
Secure - Versatile - Easy

*Unlimited display angle with patented three joint clutching mechanism
*Clamps tight to secure the skull through the spinal opening with no drilling into the skull
*Re-positions by hand and holds - without tools
*"Hides" behind the skull
*Easy installation and exchange of skull mount for new display
*Black finish
*For mid-sized species such as deer, bear, antelope, boar, and many other species.