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Animal feeder second to none!
The Snack Time Feeder™ is designed to train your game and..................SAVE YOU MONEY. The savings in feed will pay for itself! Traditional feeders dispense feed like the postal carrier, in wind, rain, sleet or snow. Regardless whether there is game around or not. Regardless how much feed is still on the ground. Regardless if your reaching your target animal. And if game does show up it's at night, in the dark, when no one is around. The Snack Time Feeder™ feeds only when game is present. Only as much as you want. Only as frequently as you want. And only the game you want. The Snack Time Feeder™ incorporates a trigger arm that extends to the ground that you adjust to the height of your target animal. When the trigger is bumped the amount of feed you programed is dispensed. To eliminate repeated bumps of the trigger you program a delay between events. The feed is not broadcast but drops straight to the ground so it will be completely consumed at that one feeding. The menu includes time of day settings, feed amount, feed delay, manual mode and test mode. Program the feeder to operate only during daylight hours and game quickly learns to show up only during daylight hours. Make your feed work for you and save you money.