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Guy Eastman reviews the brand new B3 Hercules Duffel rolling suitcase. This bag is a beast! It can haul whatever gear your next adventure require with room for souvenirs too. A hard shell bottom creates secure storage space for rifles, bows and more.
A male brown bear fishes for salmon at the mouth of a stream in the Tongass National Forest. (Bjorn Dihle/) In the mid-1980s an old, dying bear hunter named Ralph Young sat in the back of a skiff, squinting through the rain at the ocean and mountains
Gear for your food plot. ( Peter Neumann via Unsplash/) Right now, serious hunters everywhere are thinking about improving the wildlife habitat on their hunting properties with food plots. If you want to grow a field that’s green and good for deer, t
After a recent short stint hunting spring bears in Montana I had a run-in with some wood ticks, aka the American dog tick. After watching for them carefully the first day, I picked four off me and by the next night, one slipped through my inspection
A picturesque hunting plot of brassicas in the fall woods. (BioLogic/) Bobby Cole is an expert at growing food plots and works at Mossy Oak BioLogic. He loves seeing people have success with their own plots. We recently caught up with Cole to ask him
The more you get into overland hunting, the more gear you will likely buy, but you don't need much to get started. (Damon Bungard/) Overlanding and hunting go together naturally. Many of us take trips each fall, staying in motels or renting a cabin,
Learn how to survive a bear attack and defend yourself from a black bear or grizzly bear. Know your self defense options and how to prepare for bear country whether you are hiking, camping, backpacking or hunting. Dan Pickar tests bear spray and show
Hunting caribou is a smart choice for your first trip to Alaska. (Tyler Freel/) The hunting opportunities in Alaska are as diverse as the people living here. And choosing the species to pursue on your first hunt in Alaska can be daunting, because the
The author at a field trial in Georgia. (Wil Sensing, Project Upland/) Editor’s Note: If there’s one thing that’s certain after these last few weeks, it’s that Americans need to come together. To do that, we first must listen to those of us who have
Bullfrogs are the ideal summertime target. (Pixabay/) It couldn’t be a frog. The eyes were spaced too wide. But as I edged closer, the headlamp illuminated a bullfrog that looked as big as a rabbit. It squatted on a thin bank surrounded by brush and
Dangerous game, like the Cape buffalo, drove development of big bore double rifles. Dangerous game keeps them relevant to this day. (Ron Spomer/) Just as the lever-action .30/30 is iconic in the North American whitetail woods, certain rifles and cart
B.A.S.S. goes live all week long on ESPN2. (Chris Zaldain/) While professional sports leagues are in the beginning stages of restarting their seasons in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns, bass fishing pros are already at back to work. Major League F
For years we have been using the Outdoor Edge line of knives in the field, especially their replaceable-blade folding knives. You’ve probably also seen the various knives from Outdoor Edge in this replaceable-blade family in our subscription offers.
The Great American Outdoors Act is a win for hunters, anglers, and outdoor-lovers all across the U.S. (Steve Hillebrand / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/) In a rare and much needed piece of good news this week, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote in
Learn how to use Eastmans’ TagHub to find hunting opportunities that fit your vacation schedule! Scott Reekers shows you how to sort hunting units by season dates to find hunts that fit your needs. You only have some days for hunting, especially, out
John B. Snow’s MK107 Mod 2-M by Primary Weapons System. (John B. Snow/) Recent uncertainty and social unrest caused me to reevaluate the firearms I travel with for personal protection. I had many different types of guns chambered in a variety of cart
Many hunters choose the Grey’s River region of Wyoming for their mule deer and elk pursuits for any number of good reasons. Region-G is home to some of the largest mule deer on the planet Earth and the massive public lands in this region are free of
Becoming a crack shot inside 40 yards takes a tremendous amount of practice. (Howard Communications/) Imagine spending hard-earned money on shotguns, shells, clothing, a pointer or retriever with champion bloodlines, plus the rest of the gear we “nee
Even when hunting big, open country like this caribou tundra, an effective hunter can usually stalk close enough to make high B.C. bullets irrelevant. But if they are constructed for good terminal performance, using them provides a nice fudge factor