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Brennan Morris with his 46-point Louisiana buck. (The Confluence Group/) On November 5, a young Louisiana hunter with just a couple hours to hunt before starting work, climbed into a stand in an area where trail cams had captured a big buck just days
Matt Brunswick’s 252-plus (green score) Ohio monster non-typical. (Matt Brunswick/) If I’ve ever had a true love-hate relationship, it is with the state of Ohio. Living just about an hour from the Buckeye State’s northern border, I’ve spent more time
Many rifles now come standard with muzzle brakes, the author prefers to remove them. (Tyler Freel/) “Obnoxious,” I can’t help but think to myself. I can feel the concussion reverberating through the shooting range, even from several benches down. The
Brian Gartner in a predicament, 18 miles deep in the backcountry on the day the author tagged along to check the trapline in Montana. (Toby Walrath/) Imagine that it’s mid January and the thermometer reads 20 below zero. The snow on the pass is rough
Brent, with his second archery buck of 2020. (Justin Cearlock /) Some deer hunters spend their whole lives dreaming of a record-book buck. Few find themselves on the other side of that mountain. So what happens when it’s all over? How do you keep cli
The author's dog Otis with a hard-earned Minnesota rooster. (Alex Robinson/) “Throw some shells in your gun, there’s usually birds right at the start of this field,” I told my buddy Matt. “And if she gets on a bird it’s going to be obvious. She’s not
It's our job has hunters to follow game laws. (John Hafner/) “I got one!” my buddy (a new hunter) told me as soon as I picked up the phone. He was talking about a cow moose that he’d just killed with his bow, filling a local semi-urban, archery-only
Stale and late-season mallards are tough to kill consistently. (Joe Genzel/) Duck hunters have been infatuated with mallards since the dawn of the duck call. They are the most call-responsive species of waterfowl, and we love to turn around drakes, w
A freezer will keep game for about 48 hours without power. After that, you've got some decisions to make. (Jack Hennessy/) What happens to all your hard-earned game if the power goes out for an extended period of time? During COVID-19 shutdowns, we g
As winter draws near, most people assume that their outdoor pursuits are winding down. This doesn’t have to be the case, as many die-hard outdoor enthusiasts keep practicing their survival skills throughout the colder months (when you can really test
One of the major tenants of the Lacey Act is that once you kill wild game illegally and cross state lines with it, the offense becomes a federal crime. (Joe Genzel/) It’s become an almost regular occurrence for a “hunting celebrity” to get busted bre
Eastmans’ reviews Killik’s K2000 and K2800 hunting backpacks in this video. Todd Helms tests the load shelf on the K2800 by packing out a whitetail deer, whole! Both of these packs are built with organization in mind with built-in pockets of differen
I’ve had a good fall. The freezer is full with a few deer, plus some ducks, honkers, and even a few hard-earned pheasants. But I’m far from calling it a wrap on my hunting season. This is partly because I love hunting just for the act of it, no matte
The author with a hefty pike caught during the long, cold Alaskan winter. (Tyler Freel/) As we plunge into the depths of a winter that many have been dreading, one thing is clear—it’s important to be prepared. And with more and more people looking to
When any deer gun season is in, consider staying out of the woods. (Howard Communications/) One of my biggest pet peeves(and probably yours too) is seeing other hunters on public land. For some reason I’m still surprised, and pissed, every time it ha
The holidays are fast approaching, but what do you get for the tricky survival enthusiasts on your list (especially the ones who already have two of everything)? Survival gear choices are limitless, making the quest for the perfect gift a tough task.
Savage's A22 BNS-SR, new for this year. (Savage Arms/) Since its introduction in 1887 by Stevens Arms, what is now the .22 Long Rifle has become a staple for American shooters and outdoorsmen. The “22” rifle is undoubtedly one of the most popular tra
The author's double stand, tucked into the treeline of a small food plot. (Natalie Krebs /) Everything was perfect, until it wasn’t. The family farm hadn’t been pressured much this year, which boded well for the second weekend of rifle season. The lu
In this age of social distancing and pandemic-fueled restrictions on our lives, many of us are having to seek out new entertainment, hobbies, and other ways to maintain our sanity. For many in colder climates, winter brings even more challenges. Outd