The author after a successful day on the trapline. (Skye Goode/) I’ve run into quite a few hunters with preconceived notions about trapping, and their stance against it. Often, their viewpoints on the methods used and the reasons for those methods ar
Life vests for fishing differ in style, sizing, and even how they keep you afloat in case you go overboard. (Spencer Gurley / Pexels/) It’s a good rule of thumb to use a life vest whenever you’re on a boat. Also known as a PFD (Personal Flotation Dev
House Bill 468 is simple and to the point. It would allow hunting bears with hounds in Montana through July 31st. Plain and simple. There are a lot of ways this could be taken by residents of Montana and I’m sure there will be feedback from all over
PC: Jim Clark USFWS Love it or hate it, the Mexican Gray Wolf continues to grow and be a priority for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the states of Arizona and New Mexico. In a study spanning 2020 and 2021 thus far, an interagency team has acc
Jeff Hoffman, owner of Black Hills Ammunition in South Dakota, said there's no way ammo makers are stockpiling rounds waiting for the price to go up so they can make larger profits. (Black Hills Ammunition/) In our coverage of the ammo shortage we’ve
This is not the place to find out that your boots aren’t waterproof. (StockSnap / Pixabay/) Dry feet are happy feet. When hunting, hiking, fishing or working takes you into mud, creeks and wet grass, you need boots that will keep your feet dry. A goo
This bow review features Bear Archery’s Redemption EKO. This bow is new for 2021 and Eastmans’ Dan Pickar tests it out at his home range. The EKO technology makes this bow 25% quieter on the draw and its built in modularity makes it easy to adjust th
The best soft shell jackets keep you comfortable, whatever your outdoor pursuits. (Aatlas / Pixabay/) A hunter looking for elk sign in the snowy woods. A hiker exploring above the treeline in the whipping wind. A cross-country skier working up a swea
Elk populations are over objectives on many Montana private lands but there are too few elk on many public hunting grounds. (John Hafner/) Montana has an elk problem. We have too few of them in the right places, public land where hunters can pursue t
Hip boots are perfect for fishing in areas where you won’t go in water much deeper than above your knees. (Glenn Claire / Unsplash/) Hip boots are classic hunting and fishing gear. They keep your legs warm and dry in wet conditions, and aren’t as cum
Black bear records were set in numerous states last fall. (Kevin Phillips/) If you ever have wanted to start hunting black bears, now is a great time to start. Multiple state harvest records fell during the 2020 season as more hunters hit the woods,
Using a strop will keep your blade's edge sharper longer. (Tyler Freel/) Being able to put a sharp edge on a knife and keep it there is one of the most valuable skills for anyone that spends time in the outdoors. In the backcountry, there are few too
Local hunters and anglers rely on Pine Tree Research Station for access to public ground in their area. Most of Arkansas' three million acres of public land lies on the opposite side of the state. (Courtesy Arkansas Backcountry Hunters and Anglers/)
A wolverine was caught on camera in Yellowstone National Park this winter, the first sighting of the species in the park since 2014. (U.S. Forest Service/) One of the most elusive creatures to roam Yellowstone National Park has been caught on a trail
The .220 Swift is the fastest production load ever built, so it's precarious that it never became popular among hunters. (Ron Spomer/) The .220 Swift is odd. It has world-beating velocity, but never became widely popular among hunters. It is a load w
Make Mom’s day. (Larry Crayton / Unsplash/) How to recognize an outdoor-loving mom: She’s the one bribing her kids with gummy bears to hike just a little bit farther. She sets up the family tent for a backyard campout. She spends her precious “me” ti
A call will get a gobbler’s attention—and a good turkey decoy will bring that bird in close enough for a shot. (Shoeib Abolhassani / Unsplash/) Turkey decoys have changed turkey hunting forever. Under the right circumstances, a turkey decoy can liter
Wear cotton socks under waders and you’ll regret it quickly. (Gaspar Zaldo / Pexels/) Cold feet make any outing miserable. Choosing the best men’s socks can go a long way toward keeping your feet warm in the winter. The first rule is to ditch the cot
Quinn Pauly with his monster Lahontan cutthroat trout. (Quinn Pauly/) Quinn Pauly, a physician in Reno, Nevada, was fly fishing in Pyramid Lake on Valentine’s Day when he hooked and landed this giant Lahontan cutthroat trout. The fish was measured at