Your turkey spots are going to be crowded this spring. Don't let that stop you. (John Hafner/) Last year I was caught off guard by how many other hunters I encountered at my usual turkey hunting spots. Coronavirus lockdowns lead to increased turkey h
Fill your pack with the essentials for your individual pursuit. (TIM MACWELCH/) Whether you’re hunting deep in the backcountry or the back 40, you need a day- or multi-day pack full of gear essentials that suit your individual needs. For a turkey hun
If your friends or family show interest in your new pursuit, great. If not, don't push them. (Cliff Cadet/) Maybe you’re middle-aged, married with children, and holding down a full-time job. Or you’re from a big city and, other than strolling through
By the late 19th century repeating shotguns had gained favor among hunters and target shooters alike. But some game-changing innovations came along from 1900 to 1920. Single and double-barrel break-action shotguns were still flying off hardware store
Find gifts to make Mom’s life a walk in the park. (Jill Wellington / Pixabay/) Go ahead, spoil Mom for Mother’s Day 2021: We all know she deserves it. Sometimes it’s tough to know what to buy—but we have found that, especially for active moms, some o
Line up the right gift for your fishing mom. (Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash/) If a mom in your life loves catching fish and spending time on the water, then your Mother’s Day gift list better include fishing gadgets that’ll help her reel in her next big ca
Go mountain goat hunting in Alaska with Eastmans’ subscriber Gary English. This is Gary’s third attempt at a billy and he’s determined to make it count. He hikes one thousand miles in preparation for his last chance at a mountain goat. The post Mount
Region 1 comprises the northwest part of the state from the Canadian border south to Missoula and the Flathead Indian Reservation. Elk and deer numbers have been on the decline in most 100 districts largely due to the number of predators. DIY hunting
A screen capture from the video of anglers landing a great white shark on Pensacola Beach. (Big John Shark Fishing Adventures/) Just 20 or so years ago I couldn’t understand why the tourism departments at the Gulf of Mexico beaches weren’t helpful wi
Raw pokeweed can make you sick and even kill you. Forage carefully. (TIM MACWELCH/) Foraging for wild edible plants became popular last spring as more and more folks were concerned with food security during the coronavirus pandemic. Identifying and u
The Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports tracked data from more than 40 state fish and wildlife agencies and reviewed monthly license sales for residents in 2019 and 2020. You guessed it, sales soared in 2020 as people turned to the outdoor
Tooth analysis helps biologists study big game populations. (Nate Libal/Wis. DNR/) Wyoming Game and Fish wildlife researchers are taking a big bite out of the state’s hunter harvest data. With more than 4,000 teeth from big game animals submitted by
The Browning BPS 12-gauge (top) and Browning Gold 10-gauge go head-to-head on the pattern board. (Joe Genzel/) I grew up hunting in the goose pits of Fulton County, Illinois, a place once noted for its huge Canada geese. Those days are long gone, but
You don't have to be a hard core snow goose hunter to enjoy it. (Joe Genzel/) Serious snow goose hunters make up a strange subset of the waterfowling world, which is already its own weird subset of the greater hunting community. Everything is taken t
Jared Shypkoski’s walleye weighed 16.39 pounds and is the unofficial North Dakota record. (Jared Shypkoski/) Giant walleyes are hitting the scales in the Dakotas, continuing a trend that kicked off three years ago when a longtime and controversial st
A fishing hat should provide sun protection, keep you cool (or warm), and not interfere with your fishing. (Nick Dunn / Unsplash/) For almost every angler, a fishing hat is a must-have for a long day on the water…and not just because you might think
There's no substitute for sending rounds downrange, but you can become a better shot during this ammo shortage. (NSSF/) I know you’re sick of hearing about the current ammunition shortage, but unfortunately it’s probably going to continue for months
Katia Rivers with one of the 81 muskies that she and her boyfriend Zach Baker caught in the Finger Lakes region of New York State last year. (Baker Muskie Lures/) Catching a giant muskie is challenging—they’re called the fish of 10,000 casts because
Bow hunt for a record book caribou with Guy Eastman in this classic web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. Guy travels with his brother Ike Eastman for a caribou bow hunting adventure in the Northwest Territories. This is one of Ike’s first bow hunts!