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Hunting plays a unique role in every relationship. (Photo illustration by Christine Peterson /) I still remember the moment 12 years ago when I realized how many weekends of my life I was about to donate to hunting. Five months out of 12, give or tak
Learn how to use filters inside Eastmans’ TagHub to find the best hunting opportunity to fit your hunt needs. Dan Pickar breaks down how he uses TagHub to narrow down deer hunting options in Montana. Regulations vary widely between states, but the fi
Congresswoman Deb Haaland is a 35th-generation New Mexican and a member of the Pueblo of Laguna tribe. (Michael S. Anaya-Gorman/) Regardless of who president-elect Joe Biden picks for his Secretary of the Interior, chances are strong that they will h
Kevin Linderer’s bow-killed monster weighed more than 250 pounds. (Tony Kalna, Jr./) In a year that will undoubtedly go down as one of the most peculiar in American history, Missouri deer hunters made 2020 even more unusual. Hunters across the state
Maine’s Bob Humphrey with a giant big woods buck he tracked this fall. (Bob Humphrey/) By rural Kansas standards, Charlie Braun’s 8-point probably would not have turned many heads. In Maine, it might have only risen to the level of “gawker” or “slamm
Go bow hunting for a mountain goat on backcountry public lands. Take a horse ride into camp with Eastmans’ Dan Pickar and Kelly Burr for a once-in-a-lifetime bow hunt in the rugged, cliff country that mountain goats call home. The post Mountain GOAT
Deer drives are a great tactic to use late in the season. (Gerry Bethge/) The noise coming up from the valley sounded like a high school marching band walking down Main Street on the 4th of July. Pots and pans clanged and banged, branches snapped, ho
 When it comes down to newcomers to the sport of big game hunting, one of the most common questions that comes up is what is the best hunting rifle for beginners. After all a hunter is, ultimately, only as good as his or her rifle and with so ma...
Rabbit pelts are in their prime in the cold winter months. (Beka Garris/) During the cold winter months, rabbit hunting is one of my favorite things to do. Especially right after a fresh snow—there’s nothing like flinging arrows at cottontails. Rabbi
The Argentine tegu is running amuck in the South. (Dustin Smith/ Fast-moving, terrestrial lizards are slinking their way through the Southeast, invading national parks and possibly your backyard. Native to South America, the Arge
A hard-earned public-land mule deer. (Aram von Benedikt/) Low in the west the sun shines grimly, slow-cooking me where I lie prone atop a jagged rock outcropping. I’ve been here for five hours, moving nothing more than my eyes. This morning I watched
Lee Abraham and his 204-inch Iowa monster. (Lee Abraham/) It takes a lot for a buck to be special in Iowa. A land of true whitetail giants, the convergence of genetics and abundant nutrition makes for a preponderance of big deer. Even so, 200-plus in
Go deer hunting in Colorado for a trophy buck still in its velvet. This 2020 mule deer hunt was auctioned by Eastmans’ Hunting Journals and all the funds donated to efforts to conserve Wyoming’s mule deer migrations. This is a unique opportunity to r
Do you know how to survive a bear charge in an attack? Grizzly bears and black bears are both dangerous. Outdoor enthusiast and hunter Dan Pickar has experienced charges from both types of bears. He puts his skills to the test with a simulated, head-
The sun sets on the White River in Arkansas, where the author and his boys planned to go fishing. (Herrick, via Wiki Commons/) The little blonde one, Levi, got quiet and wandered off to be alone in my office. Just a few minutes earlier I told him tha
1936 Model 99-EG next to 1970s era Savage Model 99-E. Note the lack of a cartridge counter window on the 99-E. (Bryce M. Towsley/) In the early years of the twentieth century whitetail populations were making a comeback and deer hunting was a growing
Today’s deer hunters are better than any before them at tagging big whitetail bucks, and trail cameras are a big reason why. They’ve given modern hunters more insight into deer behavior, which has allowed us to adapt our strategies accordingly—not ju
There is some big country out West, but any Midwest whitetail hunter can be successful here with a little know how. (Jordan Budd/) Hunting big game out West has long been a bucket-list trip for many Midwest and Eastern deer hunters. And as a guide in
The author took this Scimitar-horned oryx in Texas with a Weatherby Vanguard rifle chambered in 300 WSM. (Mike Dickerson/) With consumer prices about 100 percent higher than they were 30 years ago, a dollar buys only half of what it did then. The fir