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Is there a best time to be in the field with a stick and string pursuing a trophy bull elk? There definitely is for deer. What about elk?   Pope and Young Records for Elk To find out, I went to Pope and Young Club’s record book online. I wanted to lo
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One of the biggest regrets I have is never making my truck into a livable space and tooling around North America, chasing the fall migration of ducks and geese. I know several folks who have sold their homes, bought a Roof Top Tent (RTT) or camper, a
The establishment of a national deer conservation group is a step closer this week. (John Hafner/) The establishment of a national deer conservation group, which has eluded a generation of buck enthusiasts, is a step closer to fruition with the annou
Eastmans’ Staffer, Brandon Mason, reviews the Cell Link by Spypoint. The Cell Link can be set up to turn most non-transmitting trail cameras into smart cameras. Combined with Spypoint’s free app, the Cell Link will send photos straight to your smartp
The venerable Senko. The most popular bass bait of all time. (Bassmaster/) The Senko is the best-selling bass lure of all-time, and for good reason. It flat out catches bass all year, on every type of water. It works on lowland lakes, highland lakes,
With the fall quickly approaching, it is imperative that we all keep informed of state and federal regulation changes, especially during a weird year like 2020 with COVID-19 changing most of our lives in some way. A friend of mine recently postponed
The author keeps an eye out for coyotes on his first hunt last fall. (Joe Dickey/) Editor’s note: If there’s one thing that’s certain after these last few weeks, it’s that Americans need to come together. To do that, we first must listen to those of
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As I’ve said many a time, hunting antelope and hunting big antelope are two very different things. To find the biggest buck in your area, you are going to have to put in the time, cover tons of country, glass boatloads of bucks and be very patient an
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Man has a fascination with and an aversion to fire. We are drawn to the flickering flames of a campfire almost unconsciously. A forest fire on the other hand sparks fear and a sad sense of destruction in most folks. The psychology behind this isn’t s
Training and proper instruction are critical after buying your first handgun. (Chris Mudgett/) If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering buying of a new handgun, or have already bought one. Good on you. You have your reasons for doing so, but
There has been a significant drop in roadkill since early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Brett Billings/USFWS/) Hunters know the risks of cruising down rural highways in whitetail country, and the deer carcasses lining our roadways are a not-so
There’s a long list of highly functional (and durable) semiauto shotguns that handle beautifully and shoot straight, but have never received the fanfare they deserved. Some weren’t brought to market correctly and faded. Others were taken out of produ
An Alaskan black bear taken with the Henry Model X in .45-70. (Tyler Freel/) Most people don’t need a reminder that the world isn’t always a safe place to live, and the topic of self-defense is as relevant as ever. Although seasoned shooters and outd
Major League Fishing’s Ish Monroe is the man when it comes to catching big bass with a frog. With nine majors and 51 top 10s, his career earnings total over $2.2 million. So we sat down with Monroe to find out the best ways to catch more monster larg
An afternoon Alberta puddle duck shoot. (Andrew Klatt/) Waterfowl is one of the smallest, most niche communities you can find in hunting. There’s only about 1 million of us waterfowl hunters, but we see more of each other than those who pursue whitet
The bow and arrow have been utilized by hunters and warriors for thousands of years. A simple yet elegant weapon, it’s provided meat and aided in defending civilizations for centuries. Today, bows have gone high-tech, like compounds, crossbows, and c