Let’s face it, grizzly bear management is a hot topic. Because it is a hot topic the biggest challenge is piecing together ALL the facts to make solid recommendations. Well, it seems that Wyoming Game and Fish is at odds with the US Fish And Wild
Both the Wyoming House and Senate overwhelmingly voted to reduce the legal age to hunt big game in Wyoming to 11 if the youth in question will turn 12 before the end of the calendar year in which the hunt occurs. For example, if one of my children wa
More good news this week on the wildlife management front! The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) partnered with the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) to support MDF’s Migration Corridor and Winter Range Initiative, to the tune of $395,000.  The gra
Go public land bow hunting spot and stalk style for antelope in Wyoming on this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. Dan Pickar scours the open country for a record book quality pronghorn antelope buck.   The post UNBELIEVABLE spot and stalk bow hunt
2020 and Covid 19 saw hunting participation increase by a significant percentage. While the woods, mountains and plains were more crowded last fall that’s good news for the future of hunting. IF we can hold onto those new recruits.  Sure, tags are ha
Mike Glover sits down with Ike Eastman and Scott Reekers from Eastmans’ Hunting Journal to talk about wildlife conservation. Ike discusses where and how Eastmans’ Hunting Journal got started in 1987. They also talk about their experiences in hunting
We are one week from Colorado’s deadline for all species. For many this is THE state that has been an investment for years, especially for mule deer. Hold your excitement though, there may be a few things to remember that are happening in the fine st
Rest easy- Your hunting licenses will not be increasing by 85%, for now. Keeping with tradition, the odd years in Wyoming bring odd and sometimes tired old retreads of legislative bills gone by the wayside from the past legislative session. Senate bi
    If you’ve been paying attention to my many rants on poachers over the years you know that I’m all for stiff punishments in deliberate and heinous poaching cases. I’m talking about the deliberate theft of wildlife from the public trust, not about
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SECTION 1. In Colorado Revised Statutes, add 33-4-122 as follows: 33-4-122. Big game licensees – reserved requirements for Colorado hunters. WHEN CONDUCTING A LIMITED LICENSE DRAW FOR A BIG GAME LICENSE, THE DIVISION SHALL NOT ISSUE TO NONRESIDENT AP
The author's son after his first time shooting a .410 shotgun. (Joe Genzel/) My grandfather was an avid reloader. He would toil with rifle cartridges downstairs every night after dinner while my father and his siblings finished their homework at the
This review features Mystery Ranch backpacks product engineer Alex Rich and brand ambassador Sam Soholt. Eastmans’ Brandon Mason sits down with the guys to talk hunting and the how Mystery Ranch’s hunting backpacks developed over the last twenty year
Iniki Vike Kapu, 27, can longer legally hunt in 47 states. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife /) Poaching is a serious threat to wildlife and the bane of game agencies all over the country. Unfortunately, that’s because poaching is all too common. But ever
Without the right data tools, we can't know what's actually going on with hunter numbers in the U.S. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/) Did COVID-19 send more hunters into the field last year than any previous season? Or was the pandemic spike more li
It takes gear to get a bird this close, and a good turkey vest will carry it all. (Shoeib Abolhassani / Unsplash/) Successful turkey hunting requires specialized turkey hunting gear. None of it is big or heavy, but you’ve got lots of little things to
Life packed with winter adventure? A puffer jacket keeps you warm and travels well. (Olya Adamovich, Pixabay/) People have been looking to the animal kingdom for clues on how to keep warm for millennia. Thankfully, we’ve moved well beyond bear skins—
Shawn O'Shea's Alberta bull is the new archery elk non-typical world record. (Pope & Young/) Shawn O’Shea is the new Pope & Young archery non-typical elk world record holder after his Alberta bull was officially measured 449 4/8 inches on March 20. O
Phil Duracz of Chesterson, Indiana with his state record whitefish. (Indiana DNR/) If you’ve ever wanted to hold a state fishing record, targeting whitefish in Indiana might be like going all in with a royal flush at a Vegas poker table. Indiana’s wh