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You’re not a fur trader, so many of the terms—hide, skin, fur, pelt, and buckskin—used to describe the outer coat of wild game animals may seem interchangeable. (And frankly, a lot of them are.) But there are some slight differences when you decide t
This bow review dives into the new features of G5 Prime’s latest bow, the Nexus. This bow is 50% quieter than the Prime Black series! And a new insulated grip that gets warmer as you hold it. Without trade shows to visit, Dan Pickar decided to visit
A trio of whole-plucked wild specklebelly geese, nearly ready for cooking or the freezer. (Natalie Krebs/) Christmas isn’t fancy in my family. We have our traditions, sure, but after decades of doing the same thing holiday after holiday, I’m usually
Alyssa Chavez with her Colorado public-land mule deer. (Danny Chavez/) Colorado is home to some massive mule deer, and resident Danny Chavez has always had a knack for finding them. A hunter in the purest sense, Danny has harvested multiple big mule
  Click to view slideshow. Guest Author / Hunter: BRAD SHURTLIFF It was late February when I received a call from a friend of mine asking if I had seen the draw results from the Salt Lake Hunt Expo. When I told him that I had not, he couldn’t hold ba
Learn how to clean your next trophy big game skull at home. This quick guide to a DIY European mount will save you time and money with professional results. The post Skull Cleaning – Do-It-Yourself Big Game European Mount appeared first on Eastmans'
A collection of survival gear and a tomahawk. (Tim MacWelch/) With the variety of edged weapons on the market today, we might tend to think of the tomahawk as an outdated relic that only belongs on the American frontier. Well, think again. Lightweigh
The author shot this bruin on the first evening sit with a recurve bow. (Tyler Freel/) I kept pressure on the throttle as my 16-foot riveted jet boat pounded through swells that were building up against the wind on a 2-mile straightaway. If I let off
TagHub from Eastmans’ is the hunting research tool you’ve been asking for! TagHub gives you next-level research ability in a customizable, sortable, 24-7, digital platform that’s at your fingertips. It also includes material not found in our print ed
It’s hard to believe in late December we are still talking early ice, but in the Midwest unseasonable warmer temperatures have kept water open. Northern Minnesota and North Dakota, however, are experiencing some excellent early ice walleye fishing an
A caribou on ANWR's coastal plain. (Bjorn Dihle/) Earlier this month, the Bureau of Land Management announced a Notice of Sale for the Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Program in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The lease sale is set for January
A deadly disease is infecting wild rabbits and hares in the Southwest. (Paul Ramsay via Pixabay/) State wildlife departments across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado are working to manage a highly contagious disease t
The greenhead might be the king of ducks for waterfowlers, but he's not the only duck that's worth getting excited about. (Natalie Krebs/) There was a lull in the action and our guide Mike Stahlman was searching to fill the silence that had crept int
The author, carrying the last load to his packhorse. (Natalie Krebs /) Fog hung in the air, obscuring the old-growth pines ahead and settling into the hollows of the mountainside. On the breeze, I sniffed for the barnyard odor I’d caught a moment bef
Tis the season for those last-minute gift buyers who don’t want to settle for gift cards or something cliché for their favorite angler. Let us help find you that unordinary item that will make any anglers’ Christmas a bit more merry. Cal Coast Fishin
In October of 2019 we brought you an update on the CONTROVERSIAL FEED GROUND ISSUE in western Wyoming. Our Wyoming Game & Fish Department is still working through the process relating to their feed ground sites and have been conducting public meeting
Brandon’s Pack I’m a minimalist at heart and try to keep my pack as light as possible for the specific hunt I’m on.  However, there are essentials that I have in my pack on every hunt and these items include: Raingear – most of my hunts are in Wyomin
When the box arrived, I opened it immediately. Enclosed was a soft, vintage-style carrying case with leather handles. Even though I knew what I would find when I unzipped the case, it didn’t lessen the anticipation. Inside was a recurve bow, built of
Michael LaLonde Jr. with his world record doe. (Michael LaLonde, Jr./) When you talk about world-record whitetail deer you don’t normally think about does. However, Michael LaLonde Jr. of Oak Harbor, Ohio shot a velvet antlered doe this fall that is