PC: Mike Eastman Great news from Wyoming! With elk populations on the verge of a veracious explosion, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has recently decided to be more aggressive with hunter management in an effort to quell the inevitable herd inc
HB 637 was developed to generally revise laws pertaining to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. This bill started as a clean up bill for multiple laws and definitions in FWPs rulebook, from how wolves are classified to a hunter mentorship for 10 year ol
More common is the field warehouse. The field warehouse can take one of two forms. An independent company can go to the site and put up a temporary structurefor example, a fence around the copperthus establishing physical control of the collateral. O
Unfortunately there’s been a second bear induced fatality already this spring and it WAS NOT a grizzly! Black bear attacks on humans are very rare but a Durango, Colorado woman was indeed preyed upon by a sow black bear and her two yearling cubs. The
This bow hunting video features hunts for polar bear, grizzly bear, musk ox and bison. This is up close and personal traditional bow hunting! Eastmans’ subscriber Mark Smith has bow hunted for polar bear, grizzly bear, musk ox, bison and more with hi
The American Indian Caucus recently wrote a letter to the Biden Administration pleading the Interior Secretary to help them draft a bison reintroduction plan for Glacier National Park and the Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge (CMR) in easter
PC: Mike Eastman Thanks, to Eastmans’ Forum member ColoradoV, I got my hands on the 2021 Colorado recommendations. In it were some interesting charts that show the trends in Colorado elk, deer, moose, antelope, and bear applications and licenses. Let
  Moose  Region 1 Region 1 has the most tags to offer in the state and has the highest density of moose. I grew up hunting this part of the state and never have drawn a moose tag but many of my friends and family have. Overall, moose quality has been
2021 is here and application season is in full swing! What makes this year unique is that TagHub is now one year old and we have made some very cool refinements, one in particular that you will enjoy, a 30 day free trial that will let you see the 202
This rifle scope review features the Amplus 6 built by Leica. Eastmans’ Todd Helms takes this new hunting specific rifle scope to the range. Todd was impressed by the wide field of view, optical clarity and unique turret covers. This scope is rugged
News on the homefront this morning is that a new pack of wolves has been recorded in Wyoming where only the occasional wolf passed through before. A central Wyoming outfitter has shared footage he took while hunting the Medicine Bow National Forest l
BRIEF OVERVIEW    Every 5 years in the Arizona game and fish department starts to reevaluate the overall health of wildlife in the state and makes adjustments to hunting quotas and season dates. This Practice is common through out all ...
This how to video from Fieldcraft Survival is all about knot tying. Kevin Estela breaks down the basics of how to practice and learn common knots. These knots have a wide range of uses from hunting to camping and basic survival skills. Learn how to m
The grizzly topic never seems to die down out here and this article shows the polarizing impact apex predators can have on a local community and state. There are a lot of dynamics that come into play when wildlife, people, and politics butt heads. I’
And so it begins, Charles “Carl” Mock is officially 2021’s first negative encounter with a grizzly bear in Yellowstone country. If it feels a little early for conflict with the grizzled bruins, well historically it is, as most negative encounters tak
Having trouble drawing an antelope tag? There may be no help in sight. On April 15th the Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced a substantial reduction in the antelope tag quota for the upcoming draw and 2021 hunting season. The total proposed re
This Eastmans’ review features In-Rut Rifles custom built Full Curl rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. Hunter Scott Reekers tests the accuracy of this rifle straight out of the box at 1000 yards! Then Scott sits down with Mark Lembke the owner of In-Rut Rif
If you have been patiently waiting for that tag of a lifetime, don’t get your hopes up. There is little question that we are living in a different world than we got accustomed to only 18 months ago. One area that has continued to change drastically i
How to tune your bow for hunting broadheads, the easy way! No paper tuning required in this how to tune your bow video. Eastmans’ Hunting Journals Dan Pickar breaks down his method for tuning your new bow for broadhead accuracy in less than 30 minute