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You can’t catch the same pressured bass year in and year out with one lure, so unless we keep showing these fish different baits, they get wise to our tricks. Here’s a look at some of the new bass baits introduced at ICAST. 1. 13 Fishing Shadow Spin
Start them off young. (Adam Sherez via Unsplash/) We’re thrilled you’re in the market for kids fishing rods and reels. The world needs more anglers, and starting them young will pay off for you in the long run. But what do you need? Should you buy so
The author’s very average, very effective, 37-yard group. (Alex Robinson/) I am not a professional archer. You won’t see me winning any national 3D tournaments or catch me doing burpees before the Total Archery Challenge. But I am, proudly, an effect
I’m fairly certain when John Moses Browning built the Winchester Model 1893, the first commercially successful pump-action shotgun, he didn’t envision duck hunters using future iterations of his timeless design as both shotgun and boat paddle. But ho
The first confirmed mule deer sighting in interior Alaska came in 2017. (National Park Service/) When a young buck was hit by a car near Fairbanks, Alaska, in 2017, the rumors were proven true—mule deer had arrived in interior Alaska. Before that, se
Just because a light looks cool or it says “tactical” on the packaging, doesn’t mean it can help you in an emergency. You want a flashlight you can depend on in the most critical situations, and these are some of the best new lights on the market. Ea
Unless you’re an entomologist (and on the clock), you probably hate being surrounded by bugs, especially if they bite. While these creatures play important roles in the environment, they can be a real nuisance to humans in the outdoors, and some of t
We’ve all heard the stories. Hunter shoots Cape buffalo through the chest with a .416 Remington Magnum. Buffalo charges. Uh oh! Staring black death in the face, the hunter pumps two more 400-grain bullets into it. His Professional Hunter (PH) slams i
There likely won’t be any trips in the Yukon like this one for American hunters in 2020. (Sloane Brown/YETI/) For many of us here in the U.S., an annual hunting or fishing trip to Canada is a longstanding tradition. And Canadians, particularly those
Once bullets impact game, all bets are off. The original caliber can instantly change into a variety of widths, lengths, shapes, fragments and tissue tearing ability. (Spomer Photos/) Recently, I read an Outdoor Life reader’s comment insisting that t
Squirrel hunting is a great way to get new hunters into the sport. (Larry Case/) The frantic barking of the dogs drew us deeper into the hollow. Chris and I agreed to take this hunt easy and not go too fast. But, after hearing the intensity of the tw
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Tyler Rivet with a punched out largemouth. (Bassmaster/) Because he’s from Louisiana, Bassmaster Elite angler Tyler Rivet has adapted to fishing in the heat. When the summer sun is bearing down on largemouths, fish locate cover that’s thick on the su
Eastmans’ Staffer, Brian Barney, goes bow hunting mule deer with his heavy backpack in the high country. Brian is the host of Eastmans’ Elevated podcast. He puts his public land hunting skills to test on this DIY deer hunt. Brian has to work around o
With the QuietKat E-Bike you still have to pedal but they use a small battery to help power you up hills and ease extreme mileage. With the range of 20-50 miles on one battery, the Apex will be able to take you to and from on any backcountry adventur
The new Instinct GPS watch from Garmin uses solar power to recharge. (Natalie Krebs /) I was never much interested in smart watches until a few years ago, when I made an ill-advised pact at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Despite never having run farther tha
Jaysean with his first deer. (Eric M. Morris/) Editor’s Note: If there’s one thing that’s certain after these last few weeks, it’s that Americans need to come together. To do that, we first must listen to those of us who have been ignored for too lon
Dustin Wichterman with a big native brookie. (Dustin Wichterman/) To say that native brook trout mean a lot to me would be a massive understatement. The love of these fish and the environments in which they are found is in my blood. I’ve spent my lif
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