This year's crop of folding knives has a little something for everyone. (Matt Foster/) What is an EDC knife? Fair question. Really, any folding knife or fixed-blade knife you can carry comfortably in a pocket qualifies. The best EDC knives—which stan
The snow finally stopped, and the boy was ready. He knew the rabbits would come out to feed in the sunshine and leave tracks he could easily follow in the fresh powder. He carefully lifted the family single-shot shotgun from the wall pegs. The 12-gau
Whitetail bucks are known for their unique qualities. They’re like a fingerprint. While some might appear similar, no two are exactly alike. Still, some deer are so very different that they deserve a closer look. These 10 deer are the weirdest, uglie
Energy policy will be a key issue for Deb Haaland, President Biden's nominee for Secretary of the Interior. (Deb for Congress/) The themes that will likely frame public-lands management over the next four years were on full display as U.S. senators b
A good hatchet is a classic camping tool, and has numerous applications in both the wilds and the backyard. (Pixabay/) A hatchet is the one outdoors tool you just can’t live well without. Around camp, it can handle just about any cutting task, whethe
The new line of Outdoor Life camping knives and tools. From left: the Camping Folding Knife, the Camping Fixed Blade Knife, the Camping Chef's Knife, the Camping Axe, and the Camping Machete. (Outdoor Life/) For 123 years we’ve been trying to give ou
Layer up to stay warm. (Andre Furtado/) A heated vest can seem like a miracle. You slip it on, choose a warming level, and wait a few seconds to feel chill-busting warmth that will keep you working or playing outside even longer. For winter sports, f
Browning's Maxus II has undergone some serious upgrades. (Joe Weimer Media/) I can remember goose hunting with a buddy one warm January morning. We set the decoys, climbed in the pit, and he unsheathed an original Browning Maxus. I think we saw one f
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This year was the year we’ve been waiting for at the family deer camp. All summer and fall we pulled trail camera photos of more—and bigger—bucks than had ever been seen on the property. It was a far cry from the early 90s, when the bucks my dad and
Whether you’re heading out on a backcountry hike or spending the day on a snowy worksite, a good pair of boots is your best friend. (Annie Spratt/) Don’t get cold feet, get a new pair of boots. A good pair of winter boots will keep your toes dry and
Resident goose population have become a nuisance in many metro areas. (Dennis Bennett via Pixabay/) It’s no secret that Canada geese love cities and golf courses. They have water, short grass in spring and summer, and they’re protected from hunting p
Learn how to survive when a day hunting trip turns into an unexpected overnight stay. Fieldcraft Survival’s Kevin Estela covers the steps you should take if you have to spend an unexpected night out in the backcountry. None of us hope or expect to ha
The author's close call with a grizzly. (Tyler Freel/) If there’s one guarantee about encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife, it’s that there are no guarantees. Potential wildlife conflict situations can present themselves in the unlikeliest
If you want to have a successful snow goose hunt, avoid making fatal mistakes. (Joe Weimer Media/) No matter how good of a snow goose hunter you are, there will be times when you fail. It’s part of any hunting pursuit. I know this better than most. W
The buck with the hairy eyeballs tested positive for EHD. (EHD/) It sounds like something out of a horror movie: a whitetail buck with hairy eyeballs. No joke. That’s what the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency discovered when a hunter reported a de
A good pair of snowshoes will get you through a steep alpine hike or a snowy family outing. (Pcdazero / Pixabay/) If you can walk, you can snowshoe. That’s how the saying goes. So it’s possible that finding the best snowshoes for you might actually b
Machetes are wielded in rough conditions, so make sure the one you get will stand up to tough use. (Traphitho / Pixabay/) Take a look at the market for machetes and you’ll see just how many choices are out there. It can be confusing. What’s the diffe
Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, this happens. A lady at the Solitude Subdivision in Jackson, Wyoming was reported by neighbors for feeding grizzly bears. When Game and Fish confronted this individual, whose identity has been protect