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Breathe easy. (Unsplash/Kristjan Kotar/) In recent years, the consumer oxygen market has expanded to include anyone. It’s no longer just for pilots or professional athletes—individual oxygen canisters now offer the same benefits in a portable package
The key to a good walk-in hunt—this WMA actually had duck blinds—is going when the weather is right. (Joe Genzel/) Many of the best duck hunters I know cut their teeth on public land, particularly walk-ins. These are some of the toughest places to ki
The author's Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen. (Natalie Krebs /) By the time I registered the rooster that had flushed into the air directly above me, the prairie wind had sucked him up and away. I managed to pepper his slipstream before he rode the 30-mph
Planting seed to attract and grow bigger deer was kick-started in the offices of Outdoor Life (Jonathan Bartlett/) The amazingly symmetrical 10-pointer was a true tank, the likes of which I thought unimaginable in a country full of spikes and forkhor
A late-1980s vintage bino harness from Alaska Guide Creations, pictured with one of its newest models. (Bill Buckley/) More than 40 years ago, when he was a young bear guide in Alaska, Jaret Owens needed a way to protect one of his most precious poss
Are you one of the Elk die hards still finding yourself thinking and dreaming of hunting that big bull?  Well, the rut may be over but there are still good opportunities to chase bulls you just have to change your tactics.  The late season offers the
Bowhunting elk is an ever-evolving game from the start of the season to the end. Many tactics work, but many only work for a certain part of the season or just a couple days. For example, bulls are easier to call in during certain times of the season
Spot and stalk antelope bow hunting can be as tough as it gets! Pronghorn antelope have keen eyesight that works to their advantage. Eastmans’ Jordan Breshears heads to the public lands of Wyoming to chase speed goats with a bow in this web episode o
No one wants to be the guy in a gunfight with only a knife (or a flashlight or an extra thick writing pen). But there are situations where carrying a firearm isn’t an option. Thankfully, there are more personal defensive tools in this world than guns
Sure, you can learn about deer hunting by reading articles or watching videos online. But the important lessons? The stuff that’s really worth knowing? That can only truly be gained by spending a lifetime in the woods, watching, listening, and learni
Because it’s worth the wait. (Jonathan Bartlett/) The boom comes from the southeast, and it’s loud enough to startle me in my treestand. On opening day of deer season in northern Wisconsin, the woods come alive with gunfire: soft pops in the distance
The gear essential you need for a truck go bag. (Seyoung Yoon/) Keeping an emergency cache and bugout bag at home is always a good idea, but what if disaster strikes while you’re out and about? Predicated on addressing the survival hierarchy of Secur
If you hunt states that allow baiting, but you can’t or don’t want to hunt over a feed pile, you’re not at a disadvantage. (Tony J. Peterson/) As someone who dedicates a good chunk of every fall to public-land whitetails in multiple states, I’ve come
Guy Eastman goes mule deer hunting in Colorado. The state is known for growing big bucks and there’s no shortage of impressive deer in this episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. In the end, Guy has to harness his inner canine to close the deal on a unique
GUEST AUTHOR: Matt Suuck Much like with riflescopes, today’s western hunter is confronted with an endless sea of choices when it comes to reticles. Aside from the varying, confusing and often redundant design options, hunters must also choose whether
Usually, Kyle Koshiol can’t stop thinking about deer hunting. Once the season closes and winter sets in, the 23-year-old will research new ground and work to secure permission. On the properties where he already has access, he’ll scout for fresh sign
You now have the power to look at multiple layers at the same time in Eastmans’ TagHub! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS  NEW TagHub FEATURE! The post Manipulate Multiple Layer’s Opacity! appeared first on Eastmans' Official Blog | Mule Deer, Antelope, E
Gimmicks don't kill deer; wisdom does. (Mishler, N. & M.J. / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service /) What’s the most important piece of deer hunting advice you’ve ever received? I’m guessing it didn’t have anything to do with pre-rut tactics, analyzing moo
Elk hunting the rut is as exciting as it gets! Bulls get crazy during the breeding season. There’s no shortage of bugles on this Colorado elk hunt. Ike Eastman is helping Karen Seamn of Sportsman’s Warehouse, hunt for her first bull elk. Join the elk