Be sure to get your applications in before February 9th, 2020 for Arizona elk and pronghorn! TagHub has every stat you need to make a decision on a unit!! The post 2021 Arizona Application Deadline Reminder appeared first on Eastmans' Official Blog |
The first Remington 870s rolled off the production line in 1950. (Mathew Every/) In 1950 Remington debuted what would become the most popular pump shotgun ever made (11 million 870s have been produced in the last 70 years). You can find them in the m
A Marlin lever gun chambered in .30/30 Winchester. (Marlin/) The .30/30 Winchester, it is often claimed, has hung more venison from meat poles than any other cartridge in history. But does that mean the .30/30 lever-action is the best deer rifle ever
The author, navigating the flooded Arkansas timber. (Courtesy Jonathan Wilkins/) I have lived most of my life looking for a place that I belong. When my wife and I purchased a derelict building in Brinkley, Arkansas, in the spring of 2017, I was just
New and exciting challenges that crop up during outdoor pursuits—like carrying a canoe—build confidence and skills in kids of all ages. (Courtesy Northern Lakes Girl Scout Council /) With school closures and state shutdowns, human connection has beco
If you want to challenge yourself, try hunting big game with a handgun. (Brad Fitzpatrick/) The challenge of hunting with a handgun is what draws a small—but loyal—cadre of handgun hunters to the sport. Hunting with a handgun requires you to get clos
Texas has long been a top 10 B&C whitetail state. (Joe Genzel/) A buddy of mine, who doesn’t hunt, moved to Texas in September some years ago. He pulled off the interstate to fill up at a Buc-ees, which are massive 60-pump gas stations where you can
Many wild game species, including waterfowl, are thriving in urban settings. (Robert Patrick Doyle/Splash/) I was walking across campus one morning when I got a text from my dad. It was an image of a dead woodcock lying on the street in New York City
Hunting for a 200+ inch mule deer is a dream for many hunters! Two Eastmans’ subscribers, sisters Imari and Ellai Black, lived the dream on their fall 2020 deer hunts. Each sister harvested a trophy deer over 200 inches! The post Over 400 Inches!!! D
When looking at skills and training for hunters and fisherman, typically rifle and bow skills are the first to come to mind. Many outdoorsmen spend time learning animal behavior, conditioning their bodies for the backcountry, and honing in their weap
Bowhunting squirrels is a good way to break up a slow bowseason. (Beka Garris/) The air was so cold that my eyes watered. Snow hung heavy on low-lying branches and blanketed the ground, muffling the sound of my footsteps as I made my way through the
New gear will only take you so far. You must put the practice time in this offseason. (Tyler Freel/) It’s easy for us as hunters to get wrapped up in gear, especially in the doldrums of the winter offseason when all manner of new gear, guns, cartridg
Adding power to your kayak provides worry-free power and hands-free fishing. (Ric Burnley/) First came the sit-on-top kayak. Then the pedal-powered kayak. Now, anglers are clamoring for motorized kayaks to take them farther and faster. Adding a motor
Has the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission gone completely off the rails? If you are not aware of some of the latest controversial policies and directives of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department; overhunting a struggling mule deer herd into
Bowhunter Dustin Bothman with his world-class Ohio whitetail. (Dakota Kellough/) Giant bucks captivate our attention like little else. And there were three studs tagged during the 2020 deer season that made the year just a little more bearable for th
A new bear hunting ban has been proposed in California, despite the state's increasing black bear population. (California Department of Fish and Wildlife/) California’s Senate Bill 252 is but the most recent high-profile attack on hunting in the U.S.
“Over the past few years, black bears have faced unprecedented habitat loss due to climate change and wildfires, and continued sport hunting in California makes survival an even tougher climb… It’s time we stop this inhumane practice once and for all
Maple syrup ready for pancakes and waffles. (LadyDragonFlyCC via Wiki/) There are windows of opportunity in nature, and one of my annual favorites is “sugaring time.” In late winter, tree sap begins to flow, and from the right trees, this sap can be
Authorities searched by land, lake, and air for David Vowell, the Martin man wanted on two counts of murder. (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, via Twitter/) Yesterday afternoon investigators recovered the body of David Vowell, the 70-year-old Tenne