Help your favorite outdoorsman do more of what he loves most. (Unsplash/Kalen Elmsley/) Outdoorsmen love new gear and gadgets to help them out in the field and on the water. Even if it means the slightest advantage to catch one more fish or stay out
Every savvy survival gardener knows that the key to better produce is in the dirt. Plant based compost is a great addition to most garden soils and an obvious amendment that most folks know. But some of the best natural fertilizer comes from the part
Show him you love him back with the perfect gift. (Unsplash/Juliane Liebermann/) Are you looking for unique gifts for dads who the outdoors? There are so many different pursuits and hobbies to choose from that it can become overwhelming. But all it t
A properly sized shelter will retain heat and provide protection from the wind while you fish and monitor tip-ups. (Unsplash/) Once bulky and challenging to transport, contemporary ice fishing shelters are light, portable and extremely functional, ke
Careful choice of bird seed will bring specific species to your feeder. (Unsplash/)Best Winter Bird Seed: Wagner’s Black Oil Sunflower SeedsBest Bird Seed for Finches: Nyjer Seed 10-Pound BagBest Bird Seed for Cardinals: Safflower Seed Wild Bird Food
Wipe down your bolt and spray it with brake cleaner to ensure it runs properly in the cold. (Tyler Freel/) With advancements in coatings and corrosion-resistant components, our hunting rifles are better-equipped now more than ever to hold up in foul
While we know the Arctic blast that crippled much of the Southwest and Southeast last week caused unprecedented damage to cities and homes, the full extent of its impact on wild game and fish populations remains unclear. State wildlife officials are
The author and his grandpa after a successful Wisconsin deer hunt. (Alex Robinson/) Wisconsin deer hunters are traditionalists. I know this because I am one, and I’ve written about it proudly. I’ve hunted the state’s 9-day gun season every year since
Cross country skiing enables you to go outside in winter, get some excellent exercise, and see some spectacular scenery. (Unsplash/Phillip Belena/) Cross country skiing is not only a great way to stay in shape during those long winter months, it’s al
The Brood X cicada hatch is expected to begin in May. These 3 patterns will help you catch more fish once the onslaught begins. (James DeMers/) Beginning in May, the periodic cicada known as Brood X will descend upon large swathes of the Midwest and
One of these two ice anglers is going to get cold—very cold. (Pexels/) If you’re ice fishing, it’s cold. It has to be. That’s why many ice anglers gravitate toward the comfort of a warm, dry shelter, ranging anywhere from a compact, portable hub to a
Jessie Davis of Hermosa, Colorado, got the surprise of her life when she looked through her blinds to see a mountain lion attacking a young mule deer that had been hanging around her home for several months. “It was an amazing thing to get to experie
Having a good bug spray on hand is essential for fending off itchy bug bites and disease. (cottonbro / Pexels/) If you’ve ever zipped yourself into a tent with a hoard of mosquitos or found your legs bitten up by no-see-ums, we share your pain. The b
Simple reloading kits like the Lee Loader can help you turn out new rounds in a pinch. (Lee Loader/) If there was ever a time to get serious about preparing for an ammunition shortage, it would have been about a year ago. Sure, we’ve seen shortages o
Interior Secretary nominee Deb Haaland faced a series of questions on energy policy during her second day of confirmation hearings. (Deb for Congress/) In her second and final day of confirmation hearings before the Senate Energy and Natural Resource
Guy Eastman gives a fantastic update to Eastmans’ Taghub right before the application deadline on March 1st @5:00 p.m. MST. Make sure you take a look at his expert analysis for 2021! The post TagHub Application Deadline Reminder 2021 WY Sheep, Moose
Good ski socks will keep you warm by wicking moisture, and give you a good feel of the skis for optimal control. (Pexels/Flo Maderebner/) It’s what’s underneath that counts. Yes, those expensive plastic ski boots you admire on chairlift rides have a
The right pair of ski pants will keep you warm, protect you from moisture and be comfortable enough to last a full day on the slopes. (Unsplash/Mads Schmidt Rasmussen/) If you’ve ever been on a chairlift and started thinking about your pants, you’re
A personal locator beacon, or PLB, provides peace of mind when you’re exploring remote areas, because you can send an emergency signal via satellite. (Unsplash/Presley Roozenburg/) A personal locator beacon is an essential piece of emergency survival