“Are you saying that geese have a culture?” (Image by Ralf Vetterle from Pixabay /) My wife has been complaining lately about bursitis in her shoulder. My knees hurt, and it takes me a good mile to warm into any sort of jog. Over coffee this morning,
If you drive I-80 east, it’s approximately 430 miles between Niagara County in extreme western New York to Suffolk County on the eastern most tip of Long Island. In terms of deer hunting country, the two regions couldn’t be more different—fertile fla
The shortages of everything from .22LR to .300 Win. Mag. are affecting hunters and shooters nationwide—and scalpers aren't helping. (CCI/) Just what, exactly, is causing the month’s long ammo shortage and price increases that shooters and hunters are
When you really need to see what’s going on, clean those sunglasses with microfiber cleaning cloths. (Unsplash/) Microfiber cleaning cloths are arguably the most efficient way to deep clean. To understand why, you’ll need a quick and dirty deep dive
I might have known that my road to the PRS Finale was going to be rough when the day before I was supposed to leave on the two-and-a-half week, 3,000-mile road trip, I tore the handle off the inside of the driver’s side door of my truck. I’ll admit,
This late-season hunt was a success because the author and his buddies picked off mallards coming in to a flooded field early afternoon, killing greenheads in singles and pairs and educating very few ducks. (Ryan Askren/) More than any other group of
There are a number of suitable handgun cartridges for big-game hunting, but to obtain the best performance you need the right bullet—a lesson I learned the hard way on my first handgun hunt. When I was a teenager, I wanted to take up the mantle of ha
Explore the unbeaten slopes with a good pair of backcountry skis. (Kyle Frost / Unsplash/) Backcountry skiing is an adventure, and can delve into the extreme. Some backcountry skiers jump out of helicopters in the deep recesses of Alaska, or launch o
The spiny water flea is invading the Upper Midwest. (Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center/) It seems that the next troublesome invasive species in the Upper Midwest is a tiny one. The spiny water flea has been latching onto fishing equi
A trustworthy auger is an ice angler’s best friend. (Fiske58KL / Pixabay/) An ice auger is a must-have piece of ice fishing gear, because the very first thing every angler needs to do is drill a fishing hole. And that’s not always easy. An ice auger
GUEST AUTHOR: Jake Leonard  I want to share this story in the hopes that it may potentially save someone’s life. I want to bring awareness as this now can literally happen anywhere at any time so if my experience helps any fellow hunter, fisherman, h
So how do you make a great product, which has garnered acclaim and helped put your company on the map even better? Well, if you’re YETI you step back, roll the dice and completely redesign it, to the extent that the product is unrecognizable. That is
Bow hunting public land elk takes grit! Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney stays persistent to get it done on a Montana elk hunt. Brian end’s up self-filming his DIY bow kill on this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. The post Bow Hunting
A good flannel shirt is a solid choice for all kinds of cool-weather activities, indoor and out. (Kelly Sikkeman on Unsplash/) A well-loved, heavy-duty flannel shirt is that one item in the closet that you’ll reach for time and again. The soft feel o
An attempt to ban bear hunting in California was quickly struck down thanks to push back from dedicated hunters. (John Hafner/) Hunters recently scored a big win in California when legislation that would ban all bear hunting in the state was withdraw
The author doubled up on this evening set. (Abner Druckenmiller/) Coyotes, foxes, and bobcats are all cautious critters, and that caution only increases when they are hunted hard (if you have ever pursued any of these predators when they have been pr
Keep the little bloodsuckers off of you with a quality mosquito repellent bracelet. (Anuj / Pexels/) It’s the most dangerous animal on earth. It’s less than a quarter inch in size, buzzes around your backyard or campsite, and drinks your blood. And i
A good pair of snow pants are essential for any activity that puts you into contact with the white stuff. (Unsplash/) Puffers and parkas may get the lion’s share of winter gear attention, but snow pants are an essential item for keeping comfortable i
This pike was lured to the spear with a brightly-colored perch decoy. (Richard P. Smith/) I first attempted to spear northern pike through the ice with a buddy of mine who had a touch more familiarity with the winter sport than I did. He had been out