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These make the cut. (Street Donkey via Unsplash/) Choosing the right chainsaw can be as personal a decision as picking the right boot or sleeping bag. It depends on the job in front of you, how much you’ll use it, and where you’re going to be cutting
Brian Bashore with a big post-spawn walleye. (Brian Bashore/) Brian Bashore, a professional angler and guide in South Dakota, has been educating clients for over 10 years while tuning in his knowledge of walleye all across the Midwest. As a Bass Pro/
Cut the ice and drop a line. (Amazon/) If you’re thinking about getting into ice fishing, or you are dabbling but would like to up your gear, we have you covered. This gear will make sure you’re staying warm and yes, it will even help you find fish.
Getting in tight to the roost can be a killer tactic on late-season gobblers. (Alex Robinson/) Time is running out on turkey season, so now is not the time to be cautious. Last week I hunted with Josh Dahlke, the vice president of content for HuntSta
Room for everyone. (Amazon/) Maybe you have five kids. Maybe you have a few kids and dogs that the kids insist the dogs sleep in the tent. Maybe you like camping with friends but not everyone has a tent. Whatever your situation, don’t let a small bud
This is a perfect scenario to pass shoot geese from a treeline as they descend into a field. (Joe Genzel/) Admittedly, there’s not much majesty in pass shooting. It’s often seen as a lesser form of hunting by those waterfowl purists who are obsessed
Fishbrain Pro. (Fishbrain/) Fishbrain is the secret weapon that over 6.5 million American anglers are keeping in their back pockets. Whether you’re a freshwater or saltwater angler, a beginner or pro, Fishbrain is designed to help you fish smarter, n
The legend of this deer keeps growing. (Mile North Outdoors/) Every bar has its fly—the hunter who’s never without a drink in hand and a tall tale to tell…about how great of an outdoorsman he is, of course. As hunters, we run across these folks every
Youth hunters, listen up! Interested in a big game draw where youth ages 12-17 have total preference for Colorado big game licenses? These are not youth licenses; they are regular big game licenses. That’s right. Colorado’s new secondary draw for lic
Building habitat on private ground goes hand-in-hand with good hunting. (Joe Genzel/) Everyone wants to be a #publicland hunter these days. You will get no argument from me if that’s where you prefer to hunt. I spend a good amount of time chasing gre
Keep your catch. (Rhett Noonan via Unsplash/) Congratulations, you shot your elk, punched your turkey tag, or knocked down your daily limit of ducks. While the hunt is certainly a part of the adventure, taking the meat home and filling your freezer i
Gear you'll want by your side. (Amazon/) Channel catfish start spawning when the water temperature tops 80 degrees. That means about a month before that period, they’re moving into the shallows en masse to fatten up on their favorite chow ahead of th
Add extra flavor. (Jez Timms via Unsplash/) Fill your neighborhood with that perfect apple smoke smell, or hickory, or maple. It’s not as tricky as it sounds. The right mix of wood pellets or chips have the ability to take your smoked meat from delic
Keep your feet dry and secure. (Nahuel Hawkes via Unsplash/) We all understand, in theory, why waterproof boots matter. Wet feet are the quickest way to blisters, frostbite, and even foot rot. Even in the best circumstances, wet feet are just plain u
Spice up your life. (Keep Your Darlings via Unsplash/) We know, some cuts of beef or filets of fish are sacrosanct. No one should put anything on them, no less a flavored rub. But if you’re not grilling filet mignon every night, or you are but want t
Creating a pattern on a GLOCK handgun with Cerakote. (Bryce M. Towsley/) The best way for a DIY hobby gunsmith to finish the metal and often the stocks or grips on a gun is with a spray-on coating. Spray coatings are much easier to deal with than tra