Machetes are wielded in rough conditions, so make sure the one you get will stand up to tough use. (Traphitho / Pixabay/) Take a look at the market for machetes and you’ll see just how many choices are out there. It can be confusing. What’s the diffe
Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, this happens. A lady at the Solitude Subdivision in Jackson, Wyoming was reported by neighbors for feeding grizzly bears. When Game and Fish confronted this individual, whose identity has been protect
Quail, woodcock, and snipe can be harvested with any gauge. Lighter loads make the difference. (Tom Keer/) In my younger days, my buddies and I always went to a bar after work. Every now and then we’d get into arguments with a bar fly—from politics t
Dan Wielobob’s giant Pennsylvania crappie weighed more than 4 pounds! (Darl Black/) After getting his COVID-19 vaccination and returning home, Dan Wielobob almost decided to stick around the house instead of going ice fishing for a few hours like he
There’s a growing interest in the old-fashioned heritage skills of gardening, foraging and living “off the land” these days. (Tim MacWelch/) It takes a lot more than a pack of seeds and a shovel to enhance your food security with a backyard survival
A fishing neck gaiter for cool weather will block wind and prevent heat from escaping through your top layers. (Narciso Arellano / Unsplash/) Neck gaiters are versatile pieces of apparel that can help you stay comfortable no matter the conditions you
Ira McCauley with his Citori and tom No. 100. (Ira McCauley/) For the better part of three decades, Ira McCauley was on a different kind of turkey quest. Most U.S. hunters are after a Grand Slam, which requires tagging one each of the Merriam’s, Rio,
Sportsmen's and women's groups are cautiously optimistic about the president's order to conserve 30 percent of the nation's land by 2030. (John Hafner/) Among dozens of executive orders President Joe Biden signed his first weeks in office, the one th
House Bill 295 introduced by Representative Casey Snider has been a controversial one. It started out as a conservation piece for some wetland areas regarding laws, management, and creating waterfowl management areas. Now, banning baiting and trail c
Building a strategy to keep your elk hunting skills sharp while you wait out that coveted elk tag. My first bull was a spike by two taken at the hand of my PSE bow…bloody damn luck at the rightful age of 14. It was the first week of September high at
The best shooting gloves will allow dexterity, provide good grip, and allow for a good feel of the trigger and other controls. (Josh Danyliw / Unsplash/) Shooting gloves should be on the top of the list of both hunters and target shooters alike. They
Ice picks come in varying styles designed for specific uses, so choosing the right one for the job is crucial. (TeeFarm / Pixabay/) Ice picks are crucial pieces of survival equipment during winter. For an outdoor survival enthusiast, having a high qu
Deer bed closer to feeding areas during the winter. (Jason Tome/) We know that deer change their patterns throughout the year based on all kinds of factors: caloric needs are a big one, and so is breeding during the rut. During antler casting—when av
  In this Pelican review, Eastmans’ staffer Luke Washington breaks down all the features of the Pelican Vault 800 Double Rifle Case. Pelican is calling this product crush proof, dust-proof and ergonomic. We put that to the test!! Watch to find out if
A huge crocodile has been blamed in the death of a Queensland, Australia fisherman. (D_Mz/) Investigations into the disappearance of a missing Queensland, Australia fisherman resulted in the discovery of human remains inside a 13.8-foot crocodile, ac
Wolf hunting has been a divisive issue in Wisconsin—and many other states—for years. (Mohamed Hassan/) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Board (DNR) voted unanimously to allow hunters and trappers a season that runs for the last week of F
Just about every duck hunter loves shooting mallards. We’re obsessed with how they respond to the call, decoy with reckless abandon, hover over the spinners in the early season, and fare at the dinner table. But there’s plenty about the biology of gr
The dampness of the cellar mixed with the smell of gun oil hit my nose. My eyes caught the fluorescent lights reflecting off blued metal. Well-kept barrels of various brands and models of vintage shotguns stood out in contrast against a worn table. M
A look at the spike in Pittman-Robertson funding since it's inception. Data source: USFWS. (Russ Smith /) We’re more than 10 months into the largest civilian firearms and ammunition buying surge in American history. More than 8 million people bought