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You hear it every year, and this one is no different, Wyoming’s deer herd is in pretty rough shape and that has not changed for this year. I do, think we are headed in the right direction over-all however.  With some help from Mother Nature, we have
Sea lamprey can kill freshwater fish. (Great Lakes Fish Commison/) Have you ever seen black spots on the skin of a trout? Or small worms burrowed in the fillets of your crappie? How about a bass that has turned pale and is hardly able to swim? Spend
Know where you go. (Tim Foster via Unsplash/) Step counters are great, but if you actually want to know how far you’ve gone, and how fast you’ve been running, riding, skiing, or golfing, nothing beats a GPS watch. But the differences between a baseli
One of the most interesting and controversial topics we face as conservationists is the management of the grizzly bear. Unfortunately for us, grizzly bear management is 100% political. The lawsuits based on the emotions of environmental groups result
  Wyoming’s First Lady Jennie Gordon has helped spur a new program to a head that offers hunters a chance to help feed the hungry in Wyoming. In a release from the Wyoming Game and Fish and The Wyoming Hunger Initiative Mrs. Gordon outlines how, star
Dinner is served. (Andy Wang via Unsplash/) Every hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the South has fried fish on the menu. But only the special ones draw Friday night crowds that wrap around the parking lot. Mastering the fish fry is an art form, and to
This review highlights the Steelbanger by Swagger Bipods is a new, light compact rifle bipod for hunting and shooting. This bipod was designed with shooting enthusiasts in mind. The built-in flex and one-handed operation of the Steelbanger makes it p
For the die-hard waterfowler, there is no off-season. Sure you can only hunt for a precious few months, but the rest of the year still revolves around ducks and geese. Here’s a selection of projects to keep you busy until the 4 a.m. wake-ups start ag
Spinnerbaits get slot No. 1 in any beginner’s tackle box. (Major League Fishing/) A graduate of Clemson University with a degree in engineering, Andy Montgomery is one of the most proficient anglers in Major League Fishing history in the “every scora
The author’s son with a spruce grouse. (Tyler Freel/) At one point or another, every hunter or shooter who has kids ponders the question of how and when to begin teaching their children to shoot. Each person and situation is unique, so there’s no one
Erin Hutchison with her first mule deer. (Danner/LaCrosse/) Erin Hutchison didn’t spend much time in the woods growing up. She was a competitive tennis player that loved the game so much, she woke up early each morning and hit the courts in suburban
Catch as many as you can. (John Sekutowski via Unsplash/) Right now in farm ponds, oxbows, and shallow lakes everywhere, it’s bluegill season. And when you get on a fast-and-furious panfish bed, the last thing you want to do is to spend time fumbling
Be prepared. (Carlos Hevia via Unsplash/) Anytime you leave the house for the woods, you should have a first aid kit. It’s the best way to know you’ll be safe even if accident strikes. Most should have some of the basics—bandages, painkillers, antibi
What to wear on your next fishing trip. (Greysen Johnson via Unsplash/) Gone are the days of spending 12 hours in a drift boat in a cotton t-shirt. They’re not sun proof. You will get burned. And when you sweat, they cling. Fortunately, options for s
September. The very word should make you elk hunters nearly jump out of your skin. There is no better time of year if you’re an elk hunter! Big public land bulls have a knack for humbling even the savviest hunters out there. They seem to always be a
Hunter Bill Parks goes elk hunting with Guy Eastman for his first bull in Colorado. Bill was the lucky winner of Sportsman’s Warehouse elk hunt sweepstakes Go hunting with us at the end of the elk rut as bulls are on the move searching for second-cyc
MLF pro Ott DeFoe often customizes his baits on tournament days. (Major League Fishing/) Tennessee bass pro Ott DeFoe only seems like he’s been a bass pro for decades because of his consistent success: he finished in the top 20 in over half of the B.
Always be on point. (Vince Fleming via Unsplash/) You know you need to practice with your bow. No one should hunt without sufficient time at the range with firearm or archery equipment. But maybe you’re less sure what targets you should be using. Che