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A warm fire when you need one, a table even when you don’t. (U-MAX/) There’s no doubt that a fire table on your porch or patio will lend intimacy to the space, and be a central gathering place for family and friends. Their cheerful warmth draws folks
Making too many e-collar mistakes can kill a gun dog's drive. (Joe Genzel/) I’ve hunted from too many ducks blinds, walked pheasant fields aplenty, and stomped through countless timber stands, chasing squirrels and rabbits. The one commonality I have
The author with his granddad’s restored .410 shotgun. (Andrew Hetherington/) There’s a .410 single-barrel shotgun that sits in my closet most of the year. The gun has a tendency to choose corners, and has done so for the last century. When I was in h
The best part of having an outdoorsman on your holiday shopping list? There’s almost an infinite number of gear items you can get for them. We’ve got all kinds of gift ideas for duck hunters, deer hunters, and bass anglers. But if you want to get the
Imagine hunting in a place where a 180 deer is considered a decent buck, but not particularly noteworthy; where 200 is a realistic goal, achieved by several hunters every season, in a place where there are no high fences or ear tags. While the rest o
Most ARs are extremely capable weapons, but the upgrades you make will determine how accurate and useful it is. (Chris Mudgett/) You just bought an AR-15 with the intention of accessorizing it with top-quality components to get the most out of the ri
Beka Garris and her daughter, Isabella. (Beka Garris/) Like most deer hunters, my day starts before the sun comes up. Unlike most hunters, my alarm clock stands 2½ feet tall and wears pajamas printed with unicorns. It takes me longer to get ready for
We don’t typically consider most furbearers good table-fare. (John Hafner/) “Eat what you kill,” is a common phrase in hunting media these days. That ideal seems like a very reasonable, honorable principle to live by. Of course, we all enjoy wild gam
Keep your stuff dry and safe in an insulated, study carrying container. (YETI /) This year, more than ever, we’re thankful for spending time outdoors. But whether you’re hiking, hunting or fishing, bringing the right gear—and the tools to carry it—wi
One of the author's knapped stone arrowheads, hafted to a wooden arrow shaft. (Dan Forbes/) I was sweating in my waders in the June midday heat, my bloodshot eyes straining to find even the smallest drop of blood as I searched on hands and knees. fin
Corey Kloeck with his opening day 10-point buck and gator. (Corey Kloeck/) Cory Kloeck certainly got more bang for his buck on Minnesota’s deer opener than he bargained for. The hunter killed a 10-pointer...and an alligator. On Nov. 7, Kloeck sat in
The pup you pick will set the tone of your hunts for years to come. (Steven Meyer/) There were a couple hundred mallards resting on the lake when Steve suggested we get closer. We’d been sitting behind the only cover around for an hour and a half, wa
The GoPro HERO9 can film video in 5K resolution and take 20-megapixel photos. (GoP/) Spending time outdoors feels more necessary now than ever. And filming your outdoor adventures? It’s never been easier—or more affordable, thanks to the GoPro Black
Find the perfect give for the favorite hunter, angler, or camper in your life. (Jacob Campbell via Unsplash/) If there’s one thing many people learned in 2020, it’s that the convenience of online shopping can be a silver lining in an otherwise turbul
Know how and why deer move is key to taking a mature buck this fall. (Brad Fitzpatrick/) There’s more research about whitetail deer behavior than most any large mammal on earth. And somehow, many aspects of whitetail behavior remain a mystery. Resear
Matt Brunswick with his mid-200 non-typical. (Matt Brunswick/) Matt Brunswick works as a K9 handler for the local Sheriff’s Department. But his hobby is killing big whitetail deer. He started shotgun hunting as a kid. Then, once in high school, he go
Mike Holm of Federal Premium took this buck on the final night of the hunt. (Joe Genzel/) Most of my whitetail hunting has been limited to treestand sitting, but this fall I traveled to West Texas with Mossberg’s Linda Powell to hunt bucks among the
The author and friend, Mike Stock Jr., with a Montana mule deer on the tailgate of an old Chevy pickup. (Tom Fowlks/) Michael Eugene Stock Sr. is memorialized by a granite headstone in a Midwestern cemetery and the name he passed down to his son, alo
Topped with Leica’s new PRS 5-30x56i scope, the Nucleus Gen2 is a solid competition gun. (Bill Buckley/) There’s a lot of ground to cover with this rifle, so I’m going to skip the introductory chitchat and get right to it. At $2,499 the Nucleus Gen2