Spring turkey season kicks off in late February with the youth season in Florida, and extends into the first week of June in Maine and Michigan. That’s around four months of 3 a.m. wake-up calls for die-hards like me. You may not be able to hunt that
The author, practicing in his usual driveway shooting lane, within city limits. (Photos courtesy Cliff Cadet/) I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “adult-onset hunting” by now. They’re the words that describe the sport of hunting as taken on by
Whenever our family went on vacation when I was a kid, my mother dragged me to museums. She loved to stare at priceless paintings for hours. I never much cared for them. What was the point of looking at ancient artifacts or pieces of art encased in g
  Below you’ll find the breakdown of HB 122 by The Wyoming Wildlife Federation. I’m not going to attempt to reiterate what WWF has done a marvelous job doing but I am going to opine on HB 122.   Personally, I think a bill like this is long overdue! W
The Lupien clan with Lacey’s giant Minnesota elk. (Lacey Lupien/) Lacey Lupien’s Minnesota bull elk was always a long shot. Even though the licensed practical nurse and mother of two lives within the range of the state’s elk herd (in the far northwes
It's time to take your fish fry game to the next level. (Jack Hennessy/) Few meals foster such a sense of community as a fish fry. Whether its gathering in a church basement on a Friday night or at a picnic table after a spring morning of slaying cra
Vermont is proposing a special moose hunt to curtail its winter tick population. (Pixabay/) To reduce the number and impact of ticks in northeastern Vermont, the state’s Fish and Wildlife Department is proposing a special, limited moose hunt in Wildl
Polaris just teased it's new electric Ranger. Hunters should be excited. (Polaris/) Today Polaris teased its plans to launch a full-size electric UTV under its popular Ranger line. This will be the first electric vehicle Polaris developed through its
The New River Gorge National Park and Preserve managed to uphold the hunting and fishing traditions of the region while also getting top billing as a tourist destination. (Nick Kelley /) The last time I visited the New River, it was deserted. My budd
Your point of impact will change once you add a suppressor to your rifle. (Tyler Freel/) Suppressors are more popular than ever for hunting (where legal) in the U.S. They tame the volume from the blast of rifles, making guns safe to shoot without hea
Go elk hunting with the Eastmans’ TagHub 2020 elk hunt winner. Eastmans’ TagHub member Jared Boyd joins Ike Eastman for his very first elk hunt in Colorado. Jared’s Missouri whitetail skills are put to work when he jumps at the chance to take a nice
Eastmans’ TagHub is more than first-rate hunting research and data, so much more! Ike Eastman breaks down the benefits of being a TagHub Elite member – you can even win a hunt with the Eastmans’!     The post TagHub Elite Member Benefits – Ike breaks
House Bill 505 was introduced to allow Montana landowners to have 10 elk-only combination landowner sponsored tags for their deeded or leased lands. This means they are for sale directly from FWP for the same price as the normal nonresident general e
Senate Bill 143 was drafted in an effort to reserve a large percentage of nonresident hunting licenses to outfitters. This received a large amount of blowback from the public and has since been scratched from SB 143. SB is still alive though with the
This is a strange year for new rifle introductions. Most gun manufactures are hustling to fill back orders. Many consumers rightly wonder, Why would I buy a new gun when I can’t get ammo for it? And yet, guns of all types continue to fly off the shel
Waterfowl hunting is one of the most species-driven pursuits in the hunting community. From mallard purists to pit blind honker hunters, our favorite bird species often dictates our hunting style. But every type of waterfowler wants to shoot a hybrid
Fly fishing is graceful and artistic—and a very effective method of catching fish. (Glen Rushton via Unsplash/) Fly fishing is often considered an art as well as a sport. From the moment Brad Pitt cast a line over the Gallatin River in the cinema ver
The Wisconsin wolf hunt was called off early as hunters quickly exceeded the harvest quota. (John Hafner/) Wolf hunters in Wisconsin exceeded the state’s harvest quota just three days into their first wolf hunt since 2014. The hunt was supposed to la
Get your favorite camper something they’ll use for years to come. (Unsplash/Dominik Jirovsky/) Campers may be more familiar with gear and gadgets than any other type of outdoorsy people. It’s a hobby that requires tents, jackets, sleeping bags, and a