A fishing vest should hold all the gear you want to have at hand, and allow you freedom of movement while fitting snugly. (Greg / Pexels/) A fishing vest is an iconic piece of fishing apparel for a good reason—you can keep so much gear right at hand.
A good headlamp will let you see where you’re going and what you’re doing, while freeing up both of your hands. (Pexels/Simon Migaj/) Headlamps top the list of outdoor gear. A hands-free light frees you up to do whatever you need to do with your hand
  Migration has long been a theme that mule deer hunters across Wyoming have wanted to understand. In 2020 Eastmans’ launched a video shed light on the trek that Western Wyoming’s mule deer take. Now new research focused on Central Wyoming mule deer
Mike Eastman shares the story of how the Eastman legacy of filming and fair-chase hunting began with his father Gordon. The late Gordon Eastman was a pioneer in the industry, and even worked with Walt Disney for part of his career. The post Eastmans’
Guest Author: Travis Hobbs Technology. When you stop and think about it, it will blow your mind how much all of our lives have changed recently, thanks to technology. How we communicate, how we travel, work, recreate, even something as simple as me p
The author found that when he stopped making excuses and started setting personal goals in competitions, he made more progress and had more fun. (Courtesy Robert Brantley/) What are the barriers that keep people from shooting precision rifle competit
From the farm to the battlefield, 19th-century shotguns put food on the table, kept enemies at bay, and became widely available during a post-Industrial Revolution economy. The Civil War had made the mass production of guns a necessity. Small single-
I’ve never shot a giant whitetail buck—I mean a real stomper. That puts me in the company of most deer hunters. And like those fellow whitetail hunters it hasn’t been for lack of trying. This last season, I took another crack at finding a monster and
Eastern coyotes indeed appear more wolf-like than their western cousins and are very much capable of taking down deer-size game. (Gerry Bethge/) They go by many names: coydog, yodel dog, song dog, trickster, brush wolf, tweed wolf... Most people, inc
A hot cup of coffee (or two) will get you started off on the right foot when you’re outdoors. (Free-Photos / Pixabay/) With a great camping coffee maker, it’s easy to be your own barista. There’s a huge range of products, from propane- and battery-op
A good backpack stove will allow you to make warm meals and hot drinks with a minimum of weight and fuss. (Brandi Redd / Unsplash/) The yearning to explore Mother Nature—and eat well while doing so—sends many people on a quest for the best backpackin
Brooks Hansen (left) and Rocky Fennessey (right) hiking up a forest service road toward an active bear bait site. (Ben Romans/) “There’s a bear,” my friend Rocky Fennessey says to me. “I can see the tip of its nose. It’s coming down that same trail t
There's more to waterfowl than the breast meat, including tenders, wings, legs, giblets, and yes, even the feet. (Jonathan Wilkins/) Just about everything involved in waterfowling is designed to separate your money from your bank account. It’s a gear
Every February I start watching turkey hunting videos on YouTube to get amped up for the spring season. A lot of times I see hunters move in on toms that are gobbling, but won’t come into shotgun range. Or toms will gobble hard on the roost, but clam
Ever see a 16-pound largemouth? Here’s Joe McKay’s from O.H. Ivie. (ShareLunker/) Despite Winter Storm Uri’s fury in mid-February the hottest bass fishing in the country is in Texas right now, with multiple double-digit largemouths being caught in ju
If they're careful, the next Secretary of the Interior could do plenty of good for our public lands and the folks who use them. (Bob Wick / BLM/) The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee yesterday narrowly confirmed the nomination of Preside
Hiking shoes provide a combination of agility, stability, and light weight so you can eat up plenty of trail comfortably. (Ben Maxwell / Pexels/) You’re going to walk—or run—a lot of miles on uneven terrain in your hiking shoes, so it’s essential tha
A Marine prepares his ammunition before a live-fire training exercise. Most of the military's ammo is manufactured at a military-owned plant in Missouri. (Cpl. Scott Jenkins / Marine Corps/) We’re as frustrated as anybody with the shortage of ammunit
You don't need a well-bred gun dog like this one to pursue gamebirds. (Jennifer Wapenski/) Modern, domesticated canines fill a wide variety of roles as companions, service animals, and working dogs. But what makes a dog a hunting dog? Does it rely on