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Moreland hunted this buck during Arkansas' early muzzleloader season, but ended up killing him with his bow. (Courtesy Johnathan Moreland /) It’s pretty common to scroll through your social media news feed this time of year and see various photos of
A buck and two antelope does in the hills of eastern Wyoming. (Joe Genzel/) In a joint effort, state and federal wildlife biologists have collaborated to map the migrations of mule deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, and bison across the western U.S. The Un
A cluster of spawning sockeye salmon running in the Bristol Bay ecosystem. (Courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/) On Wednesday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced its rejection of the Pebble Limited Partnership’s permit applic
The author’s buck taken at the family deer camp in northern Wisconsin. (Alex Robinson/) The biggest buck in the field was running right toward me. I had imagined this exact scenario playing out maybe a dozen times. I’d studied the satellite imagery o
Migration is vital to the survival of mule deer and other wildlife. Understanding migration paths is a key to conserving mule deer and other wildlife for generations to come. As our landscapes become more developed conservation of migration corridors
The author’s Laika pup on its first hunt. (Joe Genzel/) It was a rainy morning in November and the small stand of public timber was filled with deer hunters. I typically come to this spot during the week, but this was a Sunday and the mud hole that d
Billy White took this great fall gobbler as the tom, and two buddies, picked grasshoppers from a food plot in the Northeast. (Gerry Bethge/) “Why in the hell would anyone want to hunt a wild turkey in the fall?” I asked. “Hell, they don’t gobble!” I
Bison are destroying critical water sources, diseased goats are running rampant, and pythons are squeezing biodiversity to death. What sounds like chaos at the zoo is actually a series of habitat disasters unfolding in our nation’s national parks. Wh
Fighting a big catfish on a rod and reel is pretty dang fun. But if you’re looking for more efficient means to a fish fry, you’d better learn these methods of trapping cats (just check your local regs before hitting the water). 1. Jug Fishing Jug fis
Skip the bulky backpack with an easy-access stow bag. (Pexels/Film Bros/) Your bike togs shed the wind slicker than teflon. Your helmet is streamlined. Your bike itself is the latest aerodynamic design. So how do you carry your belongings without wre
Crack a geode open to find hidden treasures. (Pixabay/Pascal Ohlmann /) Opening a geode is like opening a present—you don’t know what you’ll find, but chances are you’re going to like it. Naturally-occurring crystals form inside geodes, ranging in co
Many models of tankless water heater can be mounted on a wall, on the floor or on a shelf. (Stiebel/) The utility bill savings of a tankless water heater can be significant—up to 50 percent off the cost to run a standard full-tank water heater. That
The Savage 110 action was slimmed down for the 6-pound (or less) Ultralite model. (Savage Arms/) When it comes to hunting rifles, more and more gunmakers are looking to slim down their guns. This coincides with a rise in popularity of backcountry, wa
When you need to move water fast, get a submersible utility pump. (Superior Pump/) A submersible utility pump is one of those hands-to-the-forehead items—so simple, so useful, you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of it before. Whether you’re trying t
Hunting deer during the rut and late fall migration is rare! Tag along on a late season public land mule deer hunt. Dan Pickar joins his friend Josh Fields to hunt the winter range for a trophy mule deer buck. Josh won’t notch his tag for just any de
Corey Kloeck with his opening day 10-point buck and gator. (Corey Kloeck/) Cory Klocek certainly got more bang for his buck on Minnesota’s deer opener than he bargained for. The hunter killed a 10-pointer...and an alligator. On Nov. 7, Klocek sat in
A man runs through an open field carrying a traditional bow. (Chris Douglas/) This is the strangest hunting tactic I’ve ever seen. It’s the first day of archery season, and professional ultrarunner and lifelong hunter Mike Wolfe is racing through a v
When you’re pedaling hard, you don’t want to have to pause to search for your water bottle. (Unsplash/Guillaume Techer/) We’re not talking stroller cup holders here. You might need something to hold your Starbucks when you’re shopping or to clip on t
Put the heat to the job. (Pexels/) There are tons of times when you need a quick, hot sear—to melt cut cords so the ends don’t fray, to knock back weeds around the hunting camp and even to put a tasty crunchy sear on a good steak. There are lots of p