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Fried bass nuggets taste as good as they look, as long as you prepare them properly. (Hank Shaw/) Green carp. Ditch pickles. Largemouths. Black bass. No matter what you call this fish, it ain’t good eats. Or is it? The cultural taboo against eating l
There are plenty of reasons to hunt. Best of all? It's fun. (Dustin Lutt / Rockhouse Motion/) There are plenty of reasons to learn to hunt. The most ancient and trendiest modern reason for hunting are actually the same: it’s a great way to secure lea
Zakk Royce with his state-record blue catfish. (Zakk Royce/) Zakk Royce, 29, lives on Lake Gaston in Gasburg, Virginia. He held consecutive North Carolina blue catfish state records for catching a 91-pound blue cat on December 20, 2015 and broke his
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For when it's hot. (Amazon/) Carrying a defensive handgun is a major responsibility, but frequently lost in the discussions over the best guns, calibers, and training is this reality: concealing a firearm every day is uncomfortable, and especially so
The vehicle you use to begin overland fishing doesn't need much modification to get started. (Damon Bungard/) Overlanding (self-reliant adventure travel) has become a popular pursuit in recent years. You may have seen stories, watched videos, or witn
I feel like I have typed or told people more times than I can count about Idaho pronghorn being low in trophy quality but high fun factor. There are only so many ways to say it, but ultimately if you are looking for a 75” buck or bigger, then Idaho i
Photo Credit: Mike Eastman Mule deer, such a unique creature, somewhat common, as they can be found all over the western United States, yet highly revered and sought after by many. Whether you see them in your backyard with regularity, or have rarely
If you ask me, Rocky mountain elk are one of the Creator’s most majestic creatures, few things compare to standing in the mist of a 500 plus pound bull surrounded by his harem of cows! Even at a distance the sight is awe inspiring. For those who know
Go bow hunting for a bighorn sheep ram during the rut in the Missouri Breaks of Montana. This is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt that many hunters dream of! On this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Dan Pickar joins Eastmans’ subscriber Jake Popp as he
The elusive herd bull. He doesn’t want to fight. He’ll bugle then push his cows away from you. He’s unpredictable. Not only are herd bulls mature and wise, they are usually the biggest bulls in the area. Getting into bow range is hard enough, let alo
    As I write this I’m awaiting the Wyoming resident draw results for antelope, deer and elk. I’ve only got roughly 432 hours, 16 minutes and 23 seconds before I find out my results, but it’s no big deal. Really.  Seriously though, that’s exactly th
Federal’s FireStick comes pre-loaded with either 100 or 120 grains of Hodgdon Triple 8 powder. You still load the bullet through the muzzle just like in standard muzzleloaders. (Alex Robinson/) The technological advancement that’s going to open muzzl
Heavy lure weights allow for better casting control according to Chapman. (Major League Fishing/) One of the few anglers in the world who can lay claim to the title of tour-level Angler of the Year, Brent Chapman was the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series
There are some basics beginners need to know before becoming a rifle hunter. (Howard Communications/) I’ll be honest: I became a writer because I sucked at math. Algebra, geometry, statistics…I narrowly passed. Once school was out, I said so long to
Edwin Evers is one of only five pro anglers to have won more than $3 million on the pro bass tournament trail. (Major League Fishing/) One of the most successful anglers of all time, Edwin Evers is one of only five competitors in history to pass the
Anyone who spends time in the woods owns a survival or every day carry knife (if you don’t, you should). But it’s likely you are not using the blade on your hip to its full potential. Knives can do more than cut, and when you’re in an emergency situa
Duck season is a few months away, and now is the time to get your garage full of gear in order. You need to get organized, but you also need to make repairs: re-paint old decoys, cut new longlines, etc. It’s also a good time to start (and finish) som
  Guy’s Top 10 Wyoming Antelope Picks (2020)   The antelope outlook for this fall in Wyoming is shaping up to be very strong. With a very mild winter and a warm, dry spring our antelope are headed into summer in very, very good condition. We will how