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3 Strategies to Try When Doves Aren't Flying

These killer tactics will improve your odds on opening day of dove season, and in the weeks to come

Don't despair if the doves aren't flying. If you follow these tips, you could end up with a shotgun barrel that's even hotter than the weather.
Original author: Michael Pearce


It's Too Early to Treat Sage Grouse Like Chickens

Captive rearing of this species is a bad idea

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission plans to raise sage grouse in captivity. But should they?
Original author: Ben Long


3 Early-Season Teal Hangouts, and How to Hunt Them

Shoot more early-season teal by zeroing in on their faovrite haunts

Yes, early-season teal hunting is all about good times. But a laid-back approach only works for so long. For real success, you need to understand the birds better and…
Original author: Tom Carpenter


8 Ways Whitetails Communicate with Their Tails, and What Each Means for Hunters

To correctly predict a whitetail's next move, you need to understand its tail language

Look for these eight specific whitetail deer tail behaviors and learn what each means when you're hunting.
Original author: Tom Carpenter


Gun News of the Week: 16.3 Million Americans Have Concealed Carry Permits

Plus: California makes gun owners criminals if accused of crime

That is a remarkable number — one in every 20 citizens has a concealed carry permit (CCP) — considering only 4.5 million Americans had a CCP in 2007. Equally remarkable…
Original author: John Haughey


You Can Use These 2 Kinds of Tree Fungus for Fire Tinder

Here's how to identify the fungi

You might not expect tree fungus to be particularly useful, but—surprise—it’s often very handy. If you have birch or black locust trees growing near you, then you…
Original author: Tim MacWelch