BRIEF OVERVIEW    Every 5 years in the Arizona game and fish department starts to reevaluate the overall health of wildlife in the state and makes adjustments to hunting quotas and season dates. This Practice is common through out all different states when it comes to wildlife management. These proposed changes coming up for the stat...
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How To Stay Busy During COVID-19

With business closing through out the country, employers asking employees to work from home and social distancing being encouraged. You can be stuck at home not knowing what to do. Being around the house all day can get boring, eventually and you will run out of shows to rewatch and things to do. Try some of these tips out that can keep you active and also get you ready for fishing or hunting season.

1.Practice your cast

Get your fishing pole out and set up targets at different distances and angles. If you have buckets use those. Try to hit the target with your cast. Make it a game, make each target worth points and see how many points you can get in 10 casts.

2 Practice your game calling

Pull out your calls and start practicing and tuning up your calls. It might drive your family and neighbors a little crazy but have some fun with it!

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The Island Black Bear


            Three things make up an Alaskan postcard. The sky-blue ocean against a backdrop of steep fjords with bears on the beach!  There’s something about the presence of bears that creates an atmosphere inspiring excitement and adventure into the hearts of sports men and women worldwide.  Southeast Alaska is a maze of coastal habitat, featuring everything from tide flats and ancient forests to rocky fjords and glaciers. It supports one of the highest populations of big Black Bears in the world, and its doing nothing but grow. Endless runs of salmon supply the protein needed to attain massive size, setting the goal at 7’.  Because of this, Prince of Wales Island has become a monumental Black Bear hunting destination, with more Boone and Crockett entries than anywhere else.  The B&C minimum for Black Bear is 21 inches and these bears can make it! The largest bear sealed at Log Cabin Sporting Goods on the Island was 22 8/16…..missing the world record by just over an inch. 


Prince of Wales Island is the first major land mass in the Alexander Archipelago, switching hands from Russia to the United States in 1867 and gleaning its name after Russian Tsar Alexander II. The archipelago or “group of islands”, is 300 miles long and is comprised of the roughly 1100 islands that make up SE Alaska.  This hunt takes place on one of those many Islands, Dall Island. Our hunting area is all private land, limited access, with a limited number of hunts every year.  In 1911, Ornithologist Harry S. Swarth first labeled the Island Black Bear as a Dall Island native. Now considered the same bear found on Prince of Wales and surrounding Islands, Dr. Swarth recorded that the unique distinction was their oversized skulls being broader and heavier than other Black Bears.  Connect the dots and we have biological proof of the genetics that make these bears so special. 


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