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Four teepee-style tents, from lightweight to living-room-size

Stay covered.
Stay covered. (Amazon/)

The native peoples of the North American Plains were onto something when they adopted these conical structures as their year-round dwellings sometime in the 17th century. The shelters, for starters, are a cinch to disable and transport. That’s in part why, all these years later, they remain a solid choice when camping in the backcountry. We’ve rounded up four top-rated models, from super lightweight to massive in size.

An affordable, quality option for beginners.
An affordable, quality option for beginners. (Amazon/)

The Wenzel Shenanigan’s chief appeal is the price: it’s the cheapest teepee option on our list by a significant margin. Still, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, who praise it for easy set-up and for its overall quality—especially given its affordable price tag. The well-vented beginner teepee isn’t exactly lightweight, at 10.63 pounds but, with an 11.5-by-10 footprint, it’s large enough to accommodate three or four sleepers, so you can have a buddy help you pack it in.

A 1.4-pound three-person shelter.
A 1.4-pound three-person shelter. (Amazon/)

The Nemo Apollo is about as minimal as it gets, which is exactly what you want if you’re trying to pack light and hike deep into the woods. Weighing a mere 1.4 pounds, the three-person shelter collapses down to about the size of an overstuffed burrito. Admittedly, it’s not exactly cheap for what’s effectively an aluminum pole and a Silnylon canopy, but you’d struggle to find a lighter, more reliable setup.

A 2.6-pound teepee that’ll keep you warm in gnarly weather.
A 2.6-pound teepee that’ll keep you warm in gnarly weather. (Amazon/)

At 2.6 pounds, the OneTigris Smokey Hut weighs just a bit more than the bare-bones Nemo Apollo, but it’s a good bit more affordable and strikes a good middle ground between minimalism and comfort. The 20D silicon-coated nylon shell excels at trapping in heat, and the waterproof, wind-resistant design includes a stovepipe opening if you really want to warm up the teepee. Few other teepees for the price can withstand the elements as well as the Smokey Hut.

A living-room-size wilderness shelter.
A living-room-size wilderness shelter. (Amazon/)

In fairness, this three- to six-person Dream House shelter is more of a yurt than a true teepee, but it’s good enough to make this list anyway. Made of heavy-duty canvas, the shelter is available in a half-dozen or so different sizes, ranging from 9.4-foot diameter to 19.7-foot diameter. In other words, it’s massive—large enough to contain a king-size bed with plenty of room spare. This is the teepee you want if you want to live it up while in the woods.


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