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How To Extend and Retract RV Slide-Outs

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RV slide-outs expand an RV floorplan dramatically allowing RV campers to enjoy things like extra seating, luxury appliances, and panoramic windows. This expanded living space makes it much more comfortable to move about your RV, and makes an RV feel more like home.

RV slide-outs aren’t complicated, but they do have mechanical moving parts that require correct use and some regular maintenance. Learn how to extend and retract slide-outs, and you’ll enjoy the huge (pun intended) benefits they offer to the camping experience. 

If you want to know how frequently you should service your RV’s components, download our RV ownership and maintenance reference guide.

Types of RV Slide-Outs

Photo by Camping World

There are several different RV slide-out systems, so consult your owner’s manual to learn which design your RV is equipped with. Once you do, here’s a little more detail on each:

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Lavaland RV Park Brews Up Adventure in New Mexico

Thirsty for a relaxing vacation? Lavaland RV Park in Grants, New Mexico, serves up a refreshing getaway just 78 miles west of Albuquerque. With only 39 roomy spaces and plenty of shade trees, the uncrowded park offers ample amenities on a sprawling property close to some of the Land of Enchantment’s most stunning attractions. Wet your whistle at the brewery next door to complete the vacation menu. 

As the name implies, Lavaland RV Park is surrounded by rugged, rocky landscapes formed eons ago by hot volcanic activity. Nowadays, guests can cool down under the shade trees, including soaring pines, that block the sun from the roomy sites, which include 10 pull-throughs and have a maximum length of 75 feet. Powered by 30- and 50-amp electricity, each site has a table, and there’s plenty of room for slideouts. 

Lavaland RV Park

Guests can access a slew of entertainment options. The park’s free Wi-Fi supports streaming, and cable TV is also available. A rec hall, horseshoes, and pavilion keep travelers busy, and restrooms and showers, laundry facilities and RV supplies provide onsite convenience. Get the blood pumping on one of the nearby nature trails. Dog owners turn their pets loose at the enclosed dog run.

Elkins Brewing Company

Row of beer taps.
A bar for beer drinking.
Lone tree against a blue sky on rocky landscape.
A buddhist temple spire
Diamond shaped patterns of red and orange.
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RV Show Tips: How To Get the Most Out of Your Show Visit

What do you think of when you hear – “RV Show”? 

You might think of an endless maze of RVs lined up in a warehouse with sales personnel jumping out at every corner. But the days of those kinds of RV shows are moving behind us. In 2023, RV shows include live auctions, RV giveaways, play areas for kids, community areas for meeting RVers, product demonstrations, and more. 

Attending an RV show is an exciting outing for the whole family, whether you’re shopping for a new RV, upgrading an old model, selling your RV, or looking to learn about the latest RV innovations and camp gear.    

But, visiting an RV show can be a big undertaking if you go in unprepared. They cover acres of space, and the amount of information available can be overwhelming. 

These RV show tips will help you make the most of your RV show visit, even if you’re just attending to have fun, win prizes, and meet fellow RVers.

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The New Good Sam Campground Guide Is Here

Those familiar with Good Sam’s comprehensive campground and coupon guide know the value and information contained within this single publication. Now the latest edition, its 88th, is available to campers and RVers everywhere with new and improved design and content. 

With information for over 12,000 private RV parks, public campgrounds, and services, including 2,000 Good Sam Parks — and over $1500 in coupons — there’s enough to keep any RVer’s itinerary full and affordable for far longer than a single season. 

So what should campers and RVers expect to find in this latest release? The Good Sam North American Campground Guide features over 300,000 campgrounds, ratings, and map updates, plus savings and discounts, and more — with this issue including new special features that can improve and enliven campers’ North American travels.

With the use of this guide as a hands-on resource, campers can plan trips, save on costs, and gain access to endless locations and itineraries all across North America. Let’s check it out. 

What’s New


Perhaps the most notable update to the new campground guide is the inclusion of Wildsam, the newest addition to Good Sam’s team of travel and camping experts. The field guides from Wildsam bring an expert approach to new places, and at the beginning of each section of the campground guide, they offer a more in-depth analysis of each location, including a recommended event, restaurant, outfitter, drink, institution (museum), and scenic route for each state. 

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Top 5 Destinations To Escape the Cold

Are you looking to escape the cold like a snowbird and have some fun in the sun? Try these amazing spots for an RV winter vacation. East coast, west coast, and in between—we’ve got you covered with the best winter travel suggestions in the country.

Use a Good Sam Membership to access 10% off nightly stays at Good Sam Campgrounds.

Tampa, Florida

We’ve enjoyed two fabulous winters in the Tampa Bay area and can’t wait to go back. From the amazing weather to the wide range of activities and a prime location for day trips, Tampa is at the top of our list of winter destinations.

Beaches are obviously a big draw for Florida visitors. Enjoy some of the sandy shores of Tampa Bay or cross the bridge to enjoy the Gulf Coast.

If the beach is not your scene, there are many quiet county parks and waterways for kayaking. Tampa is also home to a terrific zoo, aquarium, and several museums. Be sure to stay through the winter to enjoy the annual Gasparilla pirate invasion in January, complete with a parade and flotilla of boats.

Looking for mild winters and miles of sandy white beaches? Look no farther than Gulf Shores Alabama.
If you're traveling to Galveston Texas, be sure to check out Stella Mare RV Resort.
Warm weather and plenty of sun are the primary reasons so many people flock to Arizona for winter.
One of the nicest beaches in the San Diego area is La Jolla Beach.
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Winter Camping in the Pacific Northwest

Winter camping in an RV can be a gratifying experience, especially in parts of the US where the weather is snowy and cold, but not extreme. But finding this balance is a challenge. In the Great Lakes region, stunning snow-covered landscapes provide a wonderland setting, but extreme weather fluctuations can make for risky winter RVing. Southern states offer winters so mild you can enjoy summer activities in the off-season — like biking or boating — but these locales lack the wintry backdrop we picture at the mention of winter camping. 

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) is an exciting middle-ground. The colder environment allows for a proper winter experience, but it’s often milder — wet instead of iced-over, snowy at high elevation but usually temperate once out of the mountains. Then there’s the coast which offers its own unique winter camping experience. 

So if you get the winter RV camping bug this season, consider a PNW adventure, and prepare with these winter RV camping and travel tips. 

Leave the house prepared for winter camping.

Winter RVing requires some additional forethought before hitting the road, even in the PNW where winters are comparatively milder. Without proper preparation, you and your RV could be at risk. Prep for the road and campsite with these recommendations. 

Plan for wet conditions as much as cold conditions. 

Rain is likely in the winter months of the PNW, with some parts of Washington receiving up to While many winter RVers are thinking about sustaining themselves through colder temperatures, PNW travelers should have rubber boots, good-fitting rain gear, pop-up tents, tarps, and old towels to wipe off mud. Also, general comfortability driving on wet roads goes highly recommended. 

Winter Camping

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The Many Faces of RVers

So who is RVing these days? People from all backgrounds, ages, and different life stages are hitting the road in ever-growing numbers. Here are a few that are documenting their journey.

Tell us your RV story to be featured on the Camping World blog!

Chase & Lindsay Garrett of We’re Out ‘N About

Chase & Lindsay are a young couple working as traveling nurses and living in their RV full-time.

RV Make & Model:

2023 Keystone Fuzion 424 and 2019 Travel Lite 625 Truck Camper

How many years have you spent RVing?

5 years full-time but we’ve both RVed our entire life with our families.

About Chase & Lindsay

We decided to take our career as ICU nurses on the road by becoming traveling nurses. Since we both grew up RVing and loved the lifestyle, we knew it was the only way we’d want to travel! We’ve been full-timing for almost 5 years & have no intentions of stopping. We actually just upgraded our 30-foot travel trailer to a 45-foot toy hauler since we’re so invested in the freedoms this way of life brings. We love that we’re able to live our lives to the fullest while experiencing everything the country has to offer from the comfort of our own home!

kirsten trout and devin-many-faces-of-rvers-12-2022
RV budgeting as a family
The Rollin Boles with Dog Bailey
Mike and Jennifer Wendland - RV Lifestyle Bloggers
Bonnie Hoellein and Family
soulful rv
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Handle Winter RV Driving Challenges Like a Pro

Winter weather driving is not something that springs to mind when we think of RVing. However, most recreational vehicle owners have or will be exposed to it at some time during their travels. It can occur to snowbirds during their journey to the Sun Belt or during their spring trek back home. Winter conditions can present themselves in higher elevations or during mountainous travels on an otherwise tranquil day. Deteriorating winter-like conditions can descend without warning. Many travelers can’t avoid crossing a wintery area to reach a destination or to escape an approaching weather system.

Getty Images

Some of the challenges that winter weather can produce are freezing temperatures, precipitation in the form of snow or freezing rain, icy, slippery road surfaces, reduced visibility in blowing snow and vehicle ice buildup that hampers windshield wiper function and forward vision, to name a few. These conditions can make travel extremely challenging, or at times, impossible.

So, let’s look at ways to help avoid winter hazards and some tips that may help RVers deal with these wintery perils.

First, the best way to mitigate the risks of such events should be obvious: Avoid traveling any routes and times that may be subject to this type of weather. While this strategy may work, it also seriously limits RV travel plans.

Aerial shot of RV campground
RV in snow field
RV About to tackle incline hugging a snowy ridge.
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Impeccable Camping: 156 Good Sam Campgrounds Earn Perfect Ratings for 2023

If you’re looking for the perfect camping experience, then we’ve got the places for you. For 2023, a total of 156 Good Sam Campgrounds scored flawless 10/10★/10 Good Sam ratings based on our trusted and time-honored evaluation system.

Our rep teams travel across North America and check parks for the cleanliness of restrooms and showers; environment and visual appearance. Each category is rated on a scale of one to 10, and a star is added for exceptionally clean restrooms. You’ll also find these campgrounds listed by state and province in our Find a Campground page and in the latest edition of the North American Good Sam Campground Guide.


Sugar Sands RV Resort

Alabama 10/10★/10 Campground

Superstition Sunrise RV Resort

Arizona 10/10★/10 Campgrounds

De Anza RV Resort, AmadoGood Life RV Resort, Mesa
Sunrise RV Resort, Apache JunctionMesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa
Superstition Sunrise RV Resort, Apache JunctionSun Life RV Resort, Mesa
Weaver’s Needle RV Resort, Apache JunctionTowerpoint Resort, Mesa
Vista Del Sol RV Resort, Bullhead CityValle Del Oro RV Resort, Mesa
Verde Ranch RV Resort, Camp VerdeDesert Shadows RV Resort, Phoenix
Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort, El MirageFar Horizons RV Resort, Tucson
Eagle View RV Resort Asah Gweh Oou-o, Fort McDowellMission View RV Resort, Tucson
Arizonian RV Resort, Gold CanyonRincon Country West RV Resort, Tucson
Canyon Vistas RV Resort, Gold CanyonBonita Mesa RV Resort, Yuma
Gold Canyon RV & Golf Resort, Gold CanyonDel Pueblo RV Resort, Yuma
Apache Wells RV Resort, MesaVilla Alameda RV Resort, Yuma

Arkansas 10/10★/10 Campground

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort

Indoor pool
Aerial shot of golf course.
Playing Pickleball
Fifth-wheel in site on the banks of a river.
Woman stands on a prompontory overlooking rugged valley.
Miniature golf course in leafy landscape.
Boats moored on placid water in resort setting.
RVs parked in leafy campsites
Main building with flags flying outisde
Aerial view of RV park on the ocean.

A corrugated building with lawn outside of it.

WEnRV Publishing and Industry Partners
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How To Maintain RV Holding Tanks

Managing waste correctly is key to enjoyable RV experiences, and it’s also the courteous thing to do for your campground neighbors. Without properly maintained RV holding tanks, things get ugly, smelly, and downright unsanitary in a hurry. 

There’s much to learn about RV holding tank maintenance if you’re new to RVing. Fortunately, the resources below will teach you everything you need to keep the holding tanks in your RV in tip-top condition.

Top 5 RV Holding Tank Maintenance Tips

Don’t flush anything besides waste andRV-friendly toilet paper. Empty your tanks properly (black, then grey) when they reach two-thirds capacity. Use enzyme-digesting tank treatments regularly (every 5-10 dumps for full-timers; after each trip for part-timers). Sanitize your fresh water holding tank annually (in the spring when de-winterizing your RV). Deep clean grey and black holding tanks annually (using RV sewer chemicals and your black tank flush, if applicable) 

How to Find RV Dump Stations

Photo by Camping World

Knowing how to empty your tanks only helps if you know where to dump them. RV parks and resorts with full hookups make things easy, but learning about all the places to dump your RV waste gives you choices when you’re on the road.

Here are five options: 

RV service centersRest stops Travel centersCampgrounds(even if you’re not staying overnight)City wastewater treatment plants

What You Need to Maintain RV Holding Tanks

Click to view slideshow.

Shop Camping World’s complete selection of RV maintenance accessories.

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8 Simple Tips to Have The Coziest Campsite Setup

No matter how often you go RV camping, it’s always nice to make your campsite feel like your own personal retreat. We love creating a space we can enjoy while relaxing and unwinding from the demands of daily life. No matter the time of year, these eight simple tips will ensure you have a cozy campsite.

Add Outdoor Patio Lighting

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

Nothing adds to the coziness of a campsite quite like outdoor patio lights. They set the mood and create the atmosphere you want to achieve. When it comes to lights, you can go as wild or simple as you’d like. 

We’ve seen plenty of campsites with party disco-ball lights that change colors. We personally love running warm white LED string lights around the trees or the side of our camper. It adds the perfect soft glow.

If you’re looking for some outdoor lights, check out these Edison bulbs from Camping World.

Or, shop all outdoor lighting to find the lighting you love.

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How to Unclog Your RV Black Tank

It’s not a spot any RVer wants to be in – realizing you must unclog your RV black tank. Honestly, there’s a lot you can do to prevent this from happening, and these resources will help you learn how to avoid clogs in your RV’s septic system: 

How to Operate and Maintain an RV ToiletIs it Really Necessary to Use RV Toilet Paper?How to Empty Your RV Holding TanksHow to Use an RV Black Tank Flush

What Causes RV Toilet Clogs?

Photo by Camping World

Clogs happen. So let’s start with an overview of the types of RV toilet clogs: 

Issue #1: You left your tank valves open when connected to sewer hookups

Leaving tank valves open when connected to sewer hookups allows the liquids to drain out and leaves the solids behind, resulting in a dreaded “poop pyramid” in the bottom of your black tank.

Issue #2: You stored your RV without first dumping your black tank

Now you have compacted or hardened solids in the bottom of the tank. This can happen if you leave your tank valves open, but it’s a more significant issue for RVers that leave waste in their black tank when their RV is in storage. Liquids evaporate while solids dry out and harden.

Issue #3: You used your RV toilet improperly

Improper toilet use is the leading cause of clogs in the pipes leading to and from your RV black tank. By improper use, we mean using too much toilet paper, insufficient water, non-RV toilet paper, and flushing items other than TP and bowel movements. 

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Winter RV Camping: What You Need to Know

Winter RV camping is more accessible than ever with improvements in RV technology. That’s why more people seek winter destinations for RV getaways and live in RVs full-time during all four seasons. 

If you camp in the cold, you’ll need to prepare for it. If you’ll be camping in cold temperatures this winter, here’s what you need to know to keep your RV and yourself healthy and happy.

How to Get Water For Winter RV Camping

Photo by Camco

Maintaining the health of your RV’s water system is arguably the most important factor of winter RV camping. Getting clean drinking water for your RV is always important, but when outside temperatures drop below freezing, water can freeze in your pipes and your freshwater hose.

Frozen water expands, which can cause your pipes to burst. Even if your pipes don’t freeze completely, a frozen section can increase water pressure enough to stress pipe joints to the point of bursting.

Unregulated water pressure will lead to major repairs when you don’t want to be working on your motorhome or travel trailer. Repairing your RV’s plumbing also comes with a hefty bill. Avoid the expense with a little preparation.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Winter RV camping - what you need to know
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Everything You Need to Upgrade Your RV Shower

You might think RV showers can’t rival the luxury of your showers at home – but think again! 

RV showers might be shorter in duration since you’re limited to the size of your water heater (unless you upgrade to a tankless water heater). However, they can still have the same amenities we all love – good water pressure, storage for our toiletries, and functional items that keep the bathroom clean. 

There are several ways to upgrade your RV shower – a simple shower curtain replacement can dramatically affect your shower’s ambiance. So let’s explore how you can make your shower experience more enjoyable in your RV.

Upgraded RV Showerhead

Photo by Camping World

RVs are limited to a certain water pressure due to the design of their plumbing systems. This can make getting good pressure in the shower challenging, but you can’t replace your existing showerhead with just any model. 

RV showerheads are specifically designed to work with pressure regulators that protect the rest of your RV plumbing. So you’ll be able to leave that essential piece of RV safety equipment in place and still enjoy sufficient water pressure with an RV showerhead. 

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Last-Minute Holiday RV Camping Gift Guide

There are people who do their holiday shopping in July. And then there’s the rest of us. If you’re as panicked as I am about finding the perfect presents for RVers, relax. Your search for the best gifts for RVers is over. Check out some of my favorite holiday picks for campers, whatever your budget.

Kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun with Christmas toys. Even adults can enjoy one of these presents under the tree.

Realistic Die-Cast RV Models for Big Kids


Photo: Camping World

Do you know someone who’s dreaming about the RV life? These adorable and affordable RV collectible toys inspire and encourage future road-trippers to chase their wanderlust. Available in a collector’s series box, the realistic die-cast models look great on any desk and include a truck and fifth wheel trailer, cute SUV and travel trailer, modern Class A coach, a Class C motorhome and boat, or a rugged jeep and off-road camper.

An array of game pieces
A blue and black caddy containing grilling utensils.
A set of paddles and bright orange balls.
Colorful balls as well as the blue bag for storage.
Blue mat with the text, "Life is Better at the Campsite."

Brown dog mat.
Gray swinging chair on white background.
Gray sofa on white background.
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5 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Black Label Travel Trailers

Whenever you plan your adventures with your family, you’ll want to have one of these Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Black Label travel trailers in tow. These incredible travel trailers feature luxurious appliances, high-quality construction, and plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy. Learn more about our five favorite designs in this Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Black Label travel trailer review.

Find moretravel trailers for salenear you at RVing Planet today.

Right now, you can save $13,000 on this Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Black Label 23DBHBL travel trailer. Inside, you’ll find features like sleeping space for up to eight and a set of double-sized bunks. This unit also offers outdoor storage with plenty of space and a backup camera system to make it easy to park your RV.

Additional Features:

Double-Size BunksU-Shaped Dinette Dual EntryOutside StorageThis incredible dinette has enough seating for your whole family.

If your family of six is looking for an RV that will make everyone feel at home, check out this new 2023 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Black Label 23MKBL travel trailer. Inside, you’ll find a private master bedroom with plenty of wardrobe space and a TV mount. Additionally, you’ll love that the kitchen in this unit offers all the appliances you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Additional Features:

Forest River Main
Forest River Dinette
Forest River Kitchen
Forest River Bedroom
Forest River Bunks
Forest River Outdoor Kitchen
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Hosting the Holidays in Your RV

If you’re going to be RVing for the winter holiday season, you must spend a little time preparing for the special day. No matter how many friends and family are joining you at the campsite to celebrate, it’s a smart idea to take time to prepare for extra guests.

Here are some tips to make the holidays camping in your RV a major success.

Decorate Your RV

Photo by Camping World

If you were in a house for the holidays, you’d probably spend some time decorating to set the mood. You should do the same for your RV. Decorations can do wonders to get you in the holiday spirit. No matter what you celebrate during this time of year, make time to outfit your RV accordingly.

While you can’t do things like a full-size Christmas tree, you can still decorate with outdoor patio lights, window decals, throw pillows, some holiday snacks—like candy canes—and more. Don’t forget to do something on the outside, too. You can add a wreath to your door or put up some string lights outside and around where you’re parked.

Less is more when it comes to decorating to celebrate the holidays. You just need a few simple touches to transform your RV and impress guests when they arrive.

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52 New Good Sam Parks in the Sun Belt Welcome Winter Travelers

Here’s a cure for the winter blues: Good Sam has added 52 campgrounds to its network in America’s Sun Belt, giving RVers more chances to find savings and value on the road while enjoying warm-weather adventures. Good Sam members can save big with the 10 percent discount, and while you’re having fun in the sun, discover all of the RV campgrounds in the Good Sam Network. You’re bound to find a warm place under the Good Sam halo.

If you’re not a Good Sam member, it’s easy to join: Purchase a membership at any Good Sam Campground or sign up online. Check each campground’s link to determine seasonal availability and to make reservations.

Gulf Shores RV Resort, Gulf Shores

Located on the Gulf Coast, this resort offers 170 sites, most of which enjoy waterfront locations on stocked fishing lakes. Campers relish the splash pad, pavilion and pickleball courts.

Catherine’s Landing at Hot Springs

Catherine’s Landing At Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park

Nestled on 400 acres on the shore of Lake Catherine, this resort helps guests fulfill their boating and fishing dreams. Prefer warmer water? Hot Springs is only five minutes away.

Aerial view of three pools in an RV resort.
Aerial shot of a dock on emerald waters.
A crowd at a fairgrounds.
A trail of footsteps crossing a dune with sun on horizon.
Shimmering ocean waters on a sandy coastline.
Aerial shot of RV resort with pickleball courts and lare pool
Aerial view of a marina and small coastal town.
A gazebo amidst a manicured lawn surrounded by red blooms.
An ancient pueblo building with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains.
Dock and waterway flanked by grassy fields.
Spiral fountain in foreground with tall buildings in background.

Large ameoba-shaped pool.
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83 Ways To Make Money While Traveling in an RV

Life on the open road only lasts as long as your funds do. That’s why creating a budget is essential to a stress-free RV trip. For the adventure of a lifetime to truly last a lifetime, consider a job or side hustle that supports your travel plans. Luckily, there are countless ways to make money while traveling in an RV. 

We compiled this list with the help of you – the RV community. We love hearing about full-time RV life and how everyone does it their way. Some work from laptops, some work at campgrounds, some make art, and some offer their talents from an office that goes anywhere. There’s an idea here for everyone. Think of your own special skills and experiences as you use this list to brainstorm job ideas you can do on the road.

Find the right RV for you and start your adventure working from anywhere.

Digital Creator Ways

Photo by Camping World

Digital media has become a big business with the prevalence of smartphones, apps, and social media. Digital nomads create digital content on the road and earn money from producing that content. The biggest perk? Inspiration is all around you.

1. Freelance Writer

Everyone loves a good road trip story, but there are many topics RVers can write about from the road. From gear reviews to travel recommendations to road trip advice, there are plenty of media outlets looking to publish this type of content. Pitch your story to magazines like RV Magazine. Or submit your ideas to brand blogs and gear sites, like the Camping World Blog! Tell us your RV story, and we’ll share it.

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RV Entertainment System Options

Want to get more out of your RV? Subscribe to the Camping World YouTube channel, and never miss a video.

Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the greatest perks of RV travel. But sometimes you just can’t miss the game or your favorite show. Fortunately, the right RV can help you enjoy the outdoors without giving up the comforts of home.  

Your RV entertainment system options are as plentiful as home entertainment options. From basic cable to satellite TV and streaming services, here’s the full spectrum of choices to help you design the ultimate RV entertainment center.

Satellites & Receivers

Click to view slideshow.

Basic cable can be a standard amenity at most RV parks and resorts. You’ll still find cable hookups at these developed campgrounds, but modern satellite dishes and receivers have revolutionized RV entertainment no matter where you camp. 

Network providers like Spectrum and Dish now offer RV-specific packages that provide the same channel selections as your home address. You can still tune into local news broadcasts or sports programming even when you’re camping far from home. 

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