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Do You Need Roadside Assistance? Get the Answer in Five Steps

You turn the key, and the engine roars to life. That low rumble in the engine compartment is music to your ears and the perfect soundtrack to what’s shaping up to be a perfect trip. You’ve followed all the checklists for a trouble-free journey and you’re confident that the sunny weather will hold up. As you guide your RV out onto the main highway, you ask yourself, what could possibly go wrong?

An hour later, you get your answer. You hear a loud pop, and the vehicle shakes and loses traction as your right-front tire disintegrates into tatters. With white knuckles, you limp to the shoulder as cars whiz past. You evaluate the damage to your vehicle and realize that you’re going to need professional help, stat. Now what? You’re stranded on the side of the road and the dream of a trip to America’s top national parks melts away.

Getty Images

Let’s face it: We don’t like to think about RV breakdowns. Our beautiful machines were meant for fun and exploration, not for getting stranded on the edge of the highway. But bad things happen, and a decent roadside assistance plan can bring unmatched peace of mind to travelers who want a worry-free vacation. 

That begs the question: How much protection is enough protection? Do we really need more than the emergency road service that we already have for our automobiles? 

Giant tow truck ready to rescue fifth-wheel trailer.
Caucasian Men Checking RV Recreational Vehicle Tire Pressure. Closeup Photo.
Broken down camper vehicle on road.
Tow truck driving gives the camera a thumb's up.
Motorhome parked under the northern lights.
Rollicking tailgating party
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Everything You Need to Know About RV Antifreeze

If your RV experiences freezing temperatures, you must learn how to winterize your RV. A big part of that process is using RV antifreeze, and there are many questions about what to choose and how to use it correctly. 

For starters, let’s give you a brief overview of the RV winterization process: 

Now that you’re familiar, here’s everything you need to know about RV antifreeze.

What is RV Antifreeze?

Some RV owners call it “the pink stuff,” but antifreeze can be many colors. More importantly, it’s a liquid with a much lower freezing point than water. Replacing the water in your plumbing lines with RV antifreeze protects it from freezing, expanding, and potentially bursting. 

Most RV antifreeze solutions are either ethanol or propylene glycol-based. Both lower the solution’s freezing point, but propylene glycol also raises the solution’s boiling point. The types of RV antifreeze used at most Camping World Service Centers have a freezing point of -50℉.

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What to Think About When Choosing a Retractable RV Awning

Most new motorhomes and travel trailers come equipped with a retractable RV awning. There’s really no better way to deploy added protection from the sun and light rain when you’re camping. But RV awnings don’t last forever.

Our guide to RV awnings covers how to maintain your awning and replace the awning fabric if it’s damaged. But what if you need an entirely new awning? 

Find RV awning replacement and enhancement accessories at Camping World online.

What’s the Difference Between a Retractable Awning and a Standard Awning?

Photo by Camping World

Retractable awnings permanently mount to the side of your RV and extend or retract manually or mechanically, with the latter typically using a 12-volt DC electric motor. Awning sizes typically range from 8 to 21 feet, depending on the RV. 

Standard awnings (also known as canopies or instant shelters) are independent of your RV and must be stored underneath between uses. They aren’t as easy to deploy, but they can be moved around according to where you need shade in your campsite. 

awning length gif
Travel Trailer Caravaning. RV Park Camping at Night.
What to think about when choosing a retractable awning for your RV
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10 Things to Do in Tucson Arizona + RV Living Tips

After spending three winters camping and exploring Tucson, Arizona, we can easily say it’s one of our favorite places to be during the winter months. ... Read more

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Top 4 DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel Floorplans for 2023

With the new year in full swing, you’re probably starting to think about where you want to spend your family vacations. If you’re looking for a luxurious RV to help you make the most of your time at your dream destination, don’t miss the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites fifth wheels. These incredible fifth wheels are packed with features to ensure you and your family are comfortable and happy no matter where you go.

Find more deals on fifth wheels when you shop at

Save big on a luxury RV for your family when you take home this DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites MS 41FKMB fifth wheel. This unit offers an impressive six slide-outs to maximize your living space. You’ll find that the front kitchen gives you a perfect place to make meals for your crew and offers a bar with seating.

Additional Features

Six Slide OutsSpacious Front KitchenFireplaceDishwasherTwo SofasFull Rear BathThis kitchen is built for a master chef!

There’s sleeping for up to five inside this DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites MS 41RKDB fifth wheel. This unit offers a residential dishwasher, so you won’t have to worry about cleanup after the meal. The master bedroom offers a private bathroom with a walk-in closet and a dual vanity sink.

Additional Features

DRV Main
DRV Kitchen
DRV Bedroom
DRV Floor Plan
DRV Entertainment
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What Is the Easiest RV to Drive?

Does this sound familiar?

‘I love the idea of traveling in an RV, but I’ve never driven anything bigger than a sedan.’

Many would-be RV campers worry about driving a motorhome safely, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Unless you have an especially long or heavy model, you don’t need a special license, and you’ll learn easily with a little practice. 

Are RVs Hard to Drive?

Photo by Camping World

In short, all RVs are easy to drive once you get used to them. Longer, heavier motorhomes will feel like a new driving experience for beginners. Of course, towable RVs have their own considerations compared to motorized RVs. Today, we’re talking about RVs with a steering wheel – motorhomes.

Motorhomes aren’t hard to drive once you learn how to make wider turns and get used to accelerating and braking slower than in a car. RV drivers must look further down the road to prepare for stopped or slowed traffic. 

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Camping World’s Guide to RVing White Sands National Park

The rolling, snow-like dunes of White Sands National Park offer a stark but truly unique landscape – a brilliant minimalist canvas worthy of quiet contemplation, reflection, and peaceful moments of solitude.

There are some 275 square miles of dune fields in the Tularosa Basin, with the park holding nearly 40% or about 115 square miles. Elevations range from 3,890 to 4,116 feet above sea level, and it’s home to the world’s largest collection of fossilized footprints from the Ice Age – prints that tell the story of more than 20,000 years of human presence in the region.

Why Visit White Sands National Park in an RV?

Photo by Andriy Blokhin via Shutterstock

Using an RV to explore White Sands National Park is a great way to experience this unique park, which is home to the world’s largest gypsum dune field. The dunes are quite dynamic, and some individual dunes move up to 30 feet per year. 

This white, rolling landscape is home to various species of plants and animals, all of which have evolved to survive cold winters, broiling summers, minimal surface water sources, and ground waters that are very high in mineral content.

Visiting White Sands in an RV gives you an easy way to escape the desert and retreat to a well-stocked basecamp with food, water, shade, and other RV essentials. Your elevated driving position will also provide better views of the sweeping, sparkling landscape.

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Campground Review: Cherry Hill Park Near Washington, D.C.

Urban camping isn’t for everyone, but if your camping adventures take you to Washington D.C., you should take your RV along, as one of the nation’s best campgrounds provides a perfect base camp for exploring the city. Cherry Hill Park, located in College Park, Maryland, offers an outstanding camping experience and easy access to the nation’s capital. 

While my family had a lengthy debate while picking our summer road trip destination, once we selected Washington, D.C., we didn’t have a hard time choosing a place to stay. Cherry Hill Park is a renowned camping destination that visitors brag on far and wide. We were eager to camp at a park we had already heard so much about.

Photo: Kerri Cox

When camping, my family (which includes my husband and two young adult sons) has three main requirements: electricity, cell service and a safe, clean environment. Beyond these, our favorite campgrounds have run the gamut from rustic state parks to over-the-top resorts, as we easily find things to enjoy about each. Our goal is constantly to find ways adjust our expectations for the type of park we are visiting.

After a quick check on the Good Sam website, it was clear that Cherry Hill Park should easily meet our initial requirements — and more with high Good Sam ratings on all aspects. But would it live up to our expectations in person?

Flowers near an RV site.
View from behind of RV trailer in a campsite.
Washington DC, USA at the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin during spring season.
Pool with fountains and splash features.
Miniature golf course with statue of rhino.
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Different Types of Space Heaters for RVs

When winter temperatures start plummeting, some RVers outfit their rig for winter RV camping and others prepare to put their RV in storage. If you’re going to brave the winter chill, however, it pays to know about the different types of space heaters for RVs.

Even if you don’t plan on RVing during the winter months, a space heater will help you keep things toasty on cool nights. Let’s discuss the varying types of space heaters so you can choose the right kind for your motorhome.

Why Space Heaters for RVs Makes Sense

When the temperature drops, you naturally run your RV’s furnace more frequently. Your furnace is the most efficient way to heat your RV and it will certainly do a reliable job, as long as you don’t run out of propane

Therein lies the rub of relying solely on your furnace as a heat source. Not only will you burn through propane quickly, but you’ll also use electricity to circulate hot air throughout your RV.

During the coldest months, you’ll burn through propane way faster than normal. If you can’t move your RV to refill or find a propane company that offers a mobile refill service, things in your RV will get dangerously cold dangerously fast. 

A person warming their feet by an electric space heater
space heaters for rv Heatstorm Infrared Heater
space heaters for rv radiant heater
space heaters for rv ceramic heater
Micathermic Heater
A propane tank that can be used for a space heater
Propane Heater
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17 RV Driving Safety Tips for Beginners

Whether you have a motorhome or a towable RV, driving can be a daunting experience for new RV owners, especially if you choose a larger model. However, with practice and patience, you’ll be a pro at navigating parking lots, gas stations, and narrow campsites in no time.

Here are 17 RV driving safety tips for beginners to help you stay safe on your RV journey.

Tip #1: Make Sure You’re Legal

Photo by Camping World

The good news is that just about anyone with a non-commercial class C license can drive an RV. However, there are certain exceptions depending on RV size and weight, as well as the state you register your RV in. 

There’s not too much to be concerned about here, but it’s always good to ensure you’re on the right side of the law before driving an RV. So here’s an answer to a very important question: Do You Need a Special License to Drive an RV?

Tip #2: Be Aware of Your RV’s Size

Photo by Camping World

Most RVs are much larger than passenger vehicles. As a result, they require considerations of things like height clearance and turning radius. Know your RV’s height before you start driving to avoid low bridges or underpasses. 

Whether you have a motorhome or are towing a trailer, driving can be a daunting experience for new owners. Trust me, with a 44′ fifth-wheel, I know. However, with some practice and patience, you can be navigating parking spaces, gas stations and right turns like a pro in no time. Here are six RV driving safety tips to help you get started on your RV journey. #rvsafety #rving #rvlife #camper #camping #camperlife #happycamper
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6 Amazing Destination Trailers for the New Year

Finding the right destination trailer for your family vacations can be a big decision. With all of the new destination trailers launched for the new year, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of choices. Take a look at six of our favorite destination trailers to help you make your 2023 camping season one to remember.

Find more amazingdestination trailers for sale at

The 2023 Jay Flight Bungalow 40RLTS destination trailer has all the features you and your family need to make your next camping trip a memorable one. This destination trailer comfortably sleeps four and has amenities to entertain all day long. With dual lounge recliners and a large kitchen island, you will have no trouble hosting a comfortable movie night over dinner with the members of your family on your next outdoor adventure.

The 2023 Coachman RV Catalina 39FKTS destination trailer is a great RV for large families who plan to take long trips away from home. This trailer has a private bunkhouse with a pullout sofa and a bunk, and a trifold couch to lounge on in the living area. The 39FKTS has two points of entry and a full bathroom to help make the duration of your vacation as comfortable as possible. Enjoy breakfast with your family at the breakfast bar in front of the fireplace to start your cozy camping mornings on a positive note.

Order one today!

If you are looking for a destination trailer with a good amount of storage, a place to entertain guests, and a sizable kitchen to prepare all of your meals, the Coachmen Catalina Destination Series 39RLTS destination trailer is the right fit for you and your family. You will not regret making an investment in this destination trailer. You are going to love having a private bedroom to sleep in to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy days. Kick back and relax in front of the fireplace in one of the dual recliners in the living area while you watch a movie with your loved ones. Bring the comfort of your home to the outdoors with this 2023 destination trailer.

If you have kids, you plan to take them with you on your next camping trip. You should consider the 2023 Catalina Destination Series 40BHTS destination trailer. There is a private rear bunk with a COA cube futon, a flip-up bunk above, and another bunk on the other side. This room is the perfect place to allow your kids to play together after the sun goes down and they can’t run around outside anymore. The adults on your trip are going to love hanging out in the living area with the breakfast bar and trifold sofa. This destination trailer is sure to give everyone in your family the space to relax when they are done enjoying the great outdoors for the day. Take a long weekend or even a week with this spacious destination trailer.

hampton interior

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Everything You Need To Know About a Roadside Breakdown


Travelers everywhere fear the dreaded roadside breakdown. Aside from an injury-causing event, these are worst-case scenarios for your trip. Breakdowns interrupt plans, delay arrivals, cause reservation cancellations, put an unexpected expense into the budget, and, perhaps worst of all, add an element of the unknown to your trip.

Often with a roadside breakdown, we just don’t know just how bad it’s going to get in terms of delay, cost, repair, and hassle. Even a problem as simple as a flat tire could escalate into a bigger, more formidable issue

If you don’t have a spareIf the flat damages the wheel or vehicleIf the service center doesn’t carry your tire sizeIf you don’t have cell service If the weather is badIf you’re stuck in the middle of nowhereIf you’re towing a trailer or driving an RV

And that’s just a flat tire. The more serious the reason for the breakdown, the worse the impact. For trucks, semis, and RVers, the problems can escalate when you incorporate larger vehicles and tires, towables and towing setups, additional weight, and more.  

All travelers should have a plan for roadside breakdowns. The better you can prevent, predict, or quickly resolve on-the-road problems, the less danger, stress, delay, and expenses you’ll encounter. 

Tow truck towing SUV
Tire replacement
Engine trouble

Roadside assistance
Receiving emergency fuel
RV being towed during a roadside breakdown
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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Many people in the lower 48 have never heard of our nation’s largest national park. Wrangell-St. Elias is massive, covering more than six times the acreage of Yellowstone. The park encompasses 18,000-foot mountain peaks, tidewater glaciers that calf into the sea, and resident wildlife like moose, bears, Dall sheep, and elk.

One active volcano melts the snow from its summit while extensive glaciers scour the landscape in every direction. From fishing in mountain rivers to sea kayaking with glacier views, visitors can experience the park’s charms from the air, by sea, or on foot, absorbing the entire Alaskan Experience in one amazing national park.

Why Visit Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Your RV?

The vast wilderness of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is home to stunning landscapes, topography, and wildlife –  it encapsulates the American sense of adventure. Where else can one climb from sea level to 18,000 feet, venture down rushing mountain streams, or hike across immense ice fields within the same boundaries? This park is Webster’s definition of expansive grandeur.

Like other Alaskan national parks, such as Gates of the Arctic, there are few roads within Wrangell-St. Elias. However, RVs can travel many miles on the park’s two pathways. The visitor center at Copper Center offers several trails to hike right from its spacious parking lot.

Bringing your motorhome or travel trailer this far into the Alaskan wilderness would truly be a trip of a lifetime. Park at one of the entrance centers and enjoy hiking and fishing from your door.

Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Photo Tripping America - Wrangell-St. Elias - Camping World
Guide to RVing Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
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An RV Renter’s Guide to Guadalupe Mountains National Park


This Good Sam RV Rentals series highlights locations across the US we think are well worth the trip. Check out this guide for everything the RV renter needs to know about Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is regularly called a “hiker’s paradise,” and for good reason. More than that, it’s also a perfect place to visit on an RV road trip. Texas is known for being a huge state, so taking the state in by road means you get to see a lot. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is no different.

The Guadalupe Mountain range runs for 40 miles. It also contains the tallest peak in Texas (no small feat there) and is also home to El Capitan, one of the world’s most famous climbing rocks. Its close proximity to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico also makes it an obvious place to stop for a while and enjoy the many acres of hiking and other recreational opportunities.

Why Visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Your Rented RV?

Image from Getty

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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Of the four parks in Colorado, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is the least visited and the most remote. Named for the minimal sunlight the canyon receives during the shorter months of the year, it’s a sight to behold when the sun graces its mountains and the shores of the Gunnison River. 

Why Visit Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in an RV?

Photo by LHBLLC via Shutterstock

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park beckons to RVers and campers. The 300,000-plus acre park is small compared to others but makes up for it in grandeur and intimacy. You won’t be overwhelmed by crowds, and the chances of finding a spot to park your RV or camper at the campsites is higher, making it easier to pull off a last-minute trip in the summer without much planning. 

Black Canyon can also easily work into a multi-day itinerary that includes all four Colorado parks, looping in Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde, and Great Sand Dunes.

Beware that RVs up to 35 feet can access the South Rim Campground, but there are restrictions on the other park roads that only allow access to vehicles up to 22 feet.

When to Visit Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Black Canyon of the Gunnison is open 24/7, 365 days a year, but the North Rim Road is closed in the winter, starting around mid-November. The South Rim Road is open year-round, but sections are closed to motor vehicles in the winter. Peak season typically runs from April to September, but it rarely gets busy enough that you can’t find a place to park.

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How to Choose an RV Sewer Hose Replacement

Taking care of your RV’s sewer hose properly eliminates headaches when emptying your gray and black water tanks, but there comes a time when every RVer needs to shop for an RV sewer hose replacement.

When that happens, don’t run out and buy the first thing you see. Avoid cheap products and focus on brand names people know and trust.

How to Choose an RV Sewer Hose Replacement

Photo by Camping World

Shopping for a new sewer hose for your RV isn’t the most exciting experience. It’s not something you or anyone else likes to deal with. However, it is necessary, and if you must buy a new hose, you might as well get something good.


Once you’ve traveled in your RV for a while, you’ll realize that all sewer connections aren’t created equal. At some campsites and dump stations, you’ll be fine with a 10-foot sewer hose, but that length will leave you short more often than not. 

There’s no ideal sewer hose length for every situation. When you get an impromptu invite to a family residence for the holidays, their property may or may not have a level RV spot with an easily-accessible sewer connection.

Getting a sewer hose replacement
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5 Fifth Wheels with Sleeping for 6 to 8

Are you ready to take home an RV that has plenty of sleeping space for you and your entire family? These amazing fifth wheels with sleeping for 6 to 8 will give you all the room you need. Learn more about five of our favorite RVs for family adventures below.

Find moredeals on fifth wheelsat

Save big on this incredible Keystone Alpine 3700FL fifth wheel that offers five slide-outs to give you all the space you need for your crew. You’ll love that the bath and a half design gives everyone the privacy they need to get ready for the day. Additionally, the Hitch Vision technology ensures that hooking up is always easy.

Additional Features:

Underbed StorageBath and a HalfKitchen IslandFront Living AreaHitch VisionHeated Basement StorageThis front living room is perfect for entertaining.

If you’re looking for a bunkhouse RV, this Dutchmen Astoria 3343BHF fifth wheel features sleeping for up to seven. You’ll find the private bunkhouse has a half-bath attached, which gives the kids the room they need to get ready for bed every night. In the kitchen, you’ll find an island, plenty of storage space, and high-end appliances.

Additional Features:

Keystone Main
Keystone Living
Dutchmen Bedroom
Forest River Outdoor Kitchen
Grand Design Entertainment
Keystone Bunks
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Enjoy the Island Experience at Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground

Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground off the coast of Massachusetts offers everyone a unique family camping experience. It began as a vacant wooded lot in 1968 when the land was purchased by Charles and Jeanne Feeney. Charles’ dream was to have a place for the family to camp and call their own. The family fell in love with the island and discovered all that the island has to offer: beautiful beaches, fabulous fishing, quaint villages and unforgettable sunsets. They found it irresistible. From the rolling hills of Aquinnah to the dunes of Katama, there is no place on earth like it.

The campground was officially opened in the spring of 1972 and has been a family-run operation ever since. Today the campground is managed by a third generation of The Feeney Family. The goal has always been to provide a quality camping experience for families who visit this wonderful island.

A ship ferries passengers and vessels from the mainland to Martha’s Vineyard. Photo Courtesy of Martha’s Vineyard Campground

Getting to the island starts the adventure. The Steamship Authority leaves from Woods Hole and travels to Oak Bluffs Terminal, approximately 5 miles from the campground or Vineyard Haven, which is 2 miles away.

For those adventurers who like to explore using public transport, we have a bus stop right at the campground. For more information, visit the VTA website at

A white lighthouse risees against a cloudy sky.
Camping cabin in wooded environment.
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Should You Change Your Motorhome’s Engine Oil if It Hasn’t Been Driven?

Your motorhome’s engine oil, unlike wine, does not age well. Its viscosity – how easily it flows at a given temperature – decreases over time, making it less effective at lubricating your engine.

Engine oil thins as it heats up but thickens as it cools. The thicker it gets, the longer it takes to warm up and flow through your engine. As such, your motorhome’s engine oil is similar to the human body, it can’t just sit around without being active.

In fact, this goes for many appliances and components in your motorhome – everything needs to be maintained at regular intervals to function properly. For this article, we will focus on your motorhome’s engine oil, but you can download our Customer Reference Handbook to track your RV’s seasonal maintenance schedule.

Need your RV oil changed? Contact the Camping World Service Center near you.

Should You Change Your Motorhome’s Engine Oil If It Hasn’t Been Driven?

Photo by Camping World

The short answer is yes. Your engine oil needs to be changed regularly regardless of how much or how little you drive. Engine oil is commonly referred to as the “lifeblood of your engine.” On average, most RVers don’t drive their motorhome more than 5,000 to 10,000 miles per year.

how-to-change-motorhome-engine-oil-12-2022 Photo by Camping World
RV on a lift getting an oil change
Why you should still change your class a motorhome's oil even if it hasn't been driven much
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6 Amazing Destination Trailers for the New Year

Give the gift of unlimited vacations with your family when you take home a new destination trailer for the new year! Destination trailers are the perfect vacation homes because they are affordable, easy to set up, and fully equipped to start your vacation immediately. Learn more about our favorite destination trailers for 2023 below!

You’ll love the deal on this Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow destination trailer.

Right now, you can save over $15,000 on this Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40RLTS destination trailer. This unit offers a spacious kitchen island with a dual basin sink and a four-burner range. The master bedroom offers a queen bed with a fan overhead and plenty of wardrobe space.

Additional Features:

Kitchen IslandLiving Room TVDual Lounge ChairsBedroom VanityDual Entry DoorsThe stainless steel appliances give you a modern finish that you’ll love.

Take home this CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL destination trailer today for just $70,811! This floorplan offers a master bedroom with a king bed set into a slide to give you the most space. There’s a loft overhead with plenty of space for the kids and a front living room with an entertainment center.

Additional Features:

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