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From Cheap to Pricey: 7 Common Repairs to an RV’s Living Area

Recreational vehicles, like automobiles, require repairs from time to time. However, the RV has an additional assembly apart from just the vehicle, and that is the house and all the components that go with it. Because of the growing complexity of RVs today, these repairs can become commonplace over the years of ownership. Keep in mind, the need and frequency for many repairs is reduced by timely maintenance.

So, let’s look at some of the more common repairs that may be encountered on many travel trailers and motorhomes.

Replacing Burned-out Halogen Bulbs

Photo: Peter Mercer

These were, and are, used in mini ceiling pot lights as well as other wall-mount fixtures. They are 12-volt DC bulbs that tend to run quite hot and have a relatively short life. Adding to the reduction of life is improper installation procedure. Rubber gloves or a rag must protect the bulb from being contacted by a person’s fingers or hands as skin oils on the lamp will cause early failure. While these little halogen bulbs are quite pricey themselves, it may be worth spending even more by replacing them with the LED (Light Emitting Diode) types. These run cool and have a life that’s 25 times longer than halogen bulb and do not require the more cautious handling. LED replacements may be less costly in the long run.

RV Features Failing to Operate

This can be due to several reasons, including a tripped breaker or fuse, a wiring or component fault, or a mechanical issue.  However, it may be a condition that is becoming more common: poor contact of a switch or connector due to oxidation. The correction of this may require replacing a switch or disconnecting an electric contact and re-connecting it.  A contact cleaner aerosol should be applied to plug-in connector contacts to help renew their connectivity.

RV window with raindrops gathering.
RV roof air conditioning unit under gray sky.
Green hydronic heating unit in RV compartment.
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Sweet Southern Camping: Celebrating Dixie at Fun Winter Events

America’s Deep South never got the memo that winter meant huddling inside with a pile of blankets. In the Southeast snowbird region, the sun shines through much of the winter (although there may be a slight chill in the air) and locals welcome snowbird travelers with exciting festivals. Hoist a microbrew or feast on chili at fun-filled gatherings in the South.

Looking to catch some beads? You can find Mardi Gras celebrations throughout the region, not just in New Orleans. Looking for something less boisterous? Treat your snowbird sweetheart to Valentine’s Day treat with legendary Southern cuisine.

You’ll find a range of environments in Alabama, from the 150 miles of untamed inland waterways to high-tech rockets in the city of Huntsville. Visit towns like Mobile, the original home of Mardi Gras, or Birmingham, where steel is king.

Getty Images

Mardi Gras in Mobile, Jan. 21–Feb. 21, Mobile. For weeks, the streets of downtown mobile bustle with marching bands, colorful floats and costumed revelers in satin and sequins. This is home to “America’s Family Mardi Gras,” so you can bring the kids.

A mardi gras flag hangs in the wind
Frying shrimp over a grill.
A rocket looms over a freeway.
Cowboy on Bucking Bronco.
Ferris wheel overlooking the water.
Seafood like shrimp and crawdads on a grill.
Revolutionary war soldiers approach camera.
Beers lined up in a row.
Revelers in Mardi Gras attire.
Mardi Gras revelers riding on a float.
An Elvis impersonator emotes into a microphone.
Competing MMA fighters throw fists.
Silhouette of young female guitarist isolated on gradient background in neon.
A pair of birdwatchers in a natural setting
Preparing large batches of chili for a chili cook-off competition.
Whooping Crane in Flight
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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Voyageurs National Park

Take a break from your home away from home RVing and visit Voyageurs National Park. Voyageurs is Minnesota’s only national park and is unique because it offers a completely water-based experience for those willing to take the plunge.

With over 218,000 acres that are accessible year-round, Voyageurs National Park is an oasis of forests, waterways, and wild, undeveloped areas. Sharing its northern border with Canada, you will enjoy some of the best-unspoiled nature available in Minnesota.

Why Visit Voyageurs National Park in an RV?

Photo by BlueBarronPhoto via Shutterstock

Take a break from the road and trade in your tires for oars. Experience over 84,000 acres of waterways, 655 miles of undeveloped shoreline, and more than 500 islands. Open year-round, with no entrance fee, you can explore the pristine nature anytime. 

Boating, hiking, snowshoeing, stargazing, paddling, and more are all great ways to experience the park. The solitude and beauty of the park keep visitors coming back year after year.

Roughly a 4.5-hour drive north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Voyageurs National Park is located in the northernmost part of Minnesota, sharing a border with Canada. 

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Here’s Everything You Need to Go Off-Grid Camping

Off-grid camping is the ideal alternative when you can’t find any spots at RV parks or campgrounds for your RV. 

In fact, some RVers prefer boondocking spots over RV parks or developed campgrounds. Camping off the grid often means better views, fewer people, and the ability to camp for free. 

Off-grid camping requires a little more preparation. From finding an off-grid-capable RV to learning how to drive it on the backroads, camping without electric power or running water takes planning and the right tools.

Learn how to boondock in an RV with the right camping gear and mindset before your next trip.

RV GPS Unit (and Paper Maps)

Click to view slideshow.

The first step to camping off the grid is getting there safely. Several sites help campers find free and legal places for primitive camping, like on public land or in national forests. 

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Spring Trip in Iowa: More Than a Field of Dreams

Known for its cornfields and rolling hills, Iowa is often overlooked by campers who are planning cross-country road trips. However, this underrated destination is up to its ears with unexpected surprises. From caves and state parks, to historic towns and quirky roadside oddities, the Hawkeye State offers something for adventurists, historians and culture-seekers alike. While exploring the heartland of America, follow the ribbons of highway to the Midwest’s unsung cream of the crop.

Photo: Cate Battles

Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption

Photo: Cate Battles

The iconic line, “If you build it, they will come” — from the 1989 movie, “Field of Dreams,” set in Iowa —certainly holds true for this Hawkeye State gem. For those who appreciate artistry, prepare to be blown away by this otherworldly treasure tucked away in West Bend. The shrine, spanning an entire city block, contains the largest collection of minerals in any one place on Earth. Every square inch is bedazzled with crystals, fossils, stalactites, gems, shells and petrified wood. The largest man-made grotto in the world was created by German immigrant, Father Paul Matthias Dobberstein. After arriving in the states at age 20, he studied for priesthood at the seminary of St. Francis near Milwaukee and was ordained in 1897.

Photo: Cate Battles

Colorful Airstream trailer as viewed through a grotto arch from within grotto.
Closer view of white statue with arms upraised in a grotto.
A garden of colorful tulips in the sun.
A tall cliff with a walkway hugging its base.
Two kids and an adult entering a cave.
Goat standing near the entrance of a cave.
A smalltown street with lightposts festooned with American flags.
Statue of man with pitchfork and wife.
Colorful Airstream trailer parked in front of gothic building.
Colorful Airstream trailer parked on side of dirt road.
WEnRV Publishing and Industry Partners
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3 Dynamax FORCE Class Super C Diesel Motorhomes for Large Families

If you’re looking for a powerful RV to help you take your family and friends to the campground for unforgettable vacations, you’re in the right place. These Dynamax FORCE class super C diesel motorhomes are ideal for large groups who enjoy luxury features. Learn about three of our favorite floorplans for these amazing RVs, and order yours today!

Find moreclass C motorhomes for saleat a dealer near you.

This Dynamax FORCE 37TS class super C motorhome features sleeping for up to six and offers plenty of interior living space. The master bedroom is equipped with a slide-out king bed to give you a great place to rest and recuperate after a long day on the road. You’ll love that the bedroom offers dual wardrobes, so you have plenty of space for all your clothing and gear. Save over $64,000 on this unit today.

Additional Features:

King Bed Slide OutConvection MicrowaveDual Bedroom WardrobesThree LED TV’sDream DinetteThis incredible living space offers dual opposing slides.

Get more sleeping space when you order a Dynamax FORCE 37BD class super C motorhome from a dealer near you. There’s a bunk over the cab, a king bed in the master bedroom, a set of bunks, and a tri-fold sleeper sofa. Altogether, you can sleep up to nine comfortably. There’s a fireplace to help keep you warm on chilly nights or add a little atmosphere to your space.

Additional Features:

Dynamax Main
Dynamax Living
Dynamax Interior
Dynamax Floor Plan
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Maximize RV Counter Space With A DIY Stove Cover

The Captain once said that space was the final frontier. But not if you have an RV. Chances are, you’ve already explored and exploited every inch. By now, you’re probably looking at ways to create space in your RV – or at least use it more efficiently. 

One of our favorite space-creating features in our previous Class A motorhome was a built-in stovetop cover. This allowed us to maximize our RV’s counterspace when the stove was not in use. Unfortunately, our current fifth wheel did not come with that feature, so we had to get creative. 

Camping World has a great selection of stovetop covers. These vary in materials from metal to glass and, our favorite, cutting boards. But what if you want something a little more unique? Then it’s time for a DIY stove cover.

Where Did We Get the Inspiration for a DIY Stove Cover?

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

Our first idea was to make a stove cover from scratch. After all, it’s really just a flat work surface that fits over your stove – simple enough. For inspiration and ideas, we looked at some crafting and DIY sites. We discovered two things:

Another name for a stovetop cover is a noodle board. History tells us that people needed extra counterspace to make and cut noodles. The name certainly fits.Wow! The amount of DIYs on this subject is almost endless. Even so, the styles we saw were all quite similar.

While these DIY versions were nice, they certainly didn’t fit our style. 

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What You Need to Know About RV Mattresses

If your RV interior doesn’t feature a bed, you might as well drive a car around the US. Your RV bed is critical to your road trip comfort, but there’s a lot you need to know about RV mattresses to make your RV bed the most comfortable bed ever.

It all starts with a quality mattress selection, and you might think you already know mattresses because you’ve probably slept on them for most of your life. RV mattresses are a little different, and here are some helpful tips you should know.

Are RV Mattress Sizes Different?

Many RV mattresses are different than standard residential sizes. A queen RV mattress in an RV differs from a residential queen mattress. This means you can’t make any assumptions when shopping for an RV bed.

Other sizes are sometimes the same as their residential counterparts, such as twin and full (aka double) beds. King-size beds in RVs are usually narrower than residential mattresses. Here’s a breakdown of RV mattress dimensions: 

RV MattressesDimensions (in inches)
California King72 x 84
Eastern King76 x 80
RV King72 x 80
RV Short King72 x 75
RV Queen60 x 80
RV Short Queen60 x 75
RV Full/Double53 x 75
RV Three-Quarter48 x 75
RV Bunk28-35 x 75-80
RV Twin25 x 75-80
Truck Bed Mattress35-42 x 60-80

Some of these dimensions match what you’d find in a mattress store. For many RVs, shorter beds are preferred to provide space to move around the bed on either side. 

What you need to know about RV mattresses
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What’s So Special About 2023 RVs?

There’s a lot of buzz around new RV models hitting the market this year. So you might be wondering – what’s so special about 2023 RVs?

Totally a fair question, so let’s highlight some new RVs in each main class. 

Travel Trailers

Keystone Outback 328RL

Who’s It For?

The Luxury Glamper

Who Can Tow It?

Dry Weight: 8,736 poundsTongue Weight: 1,075 poundsCarrying Capacity: 1,764 pounds

Use our Towing Guide to see if your vehicle can tow this RV.

What’s So Special About the Keystone Outback?

Light and beautiful decor.Kitchen island with skylight above.Built-in pet kennel under the master king-size bed.Two 12-volt refrigerators.Spacious angled shower with glass enclosure.

Shop Camping World’s selection of Keystone Outback trailers.

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Getting Help Anywhere — Tools and Tips for Emergencies in Remote Locations

The problem with accidents is you can’t predict them. But when armed with RV emergency survival tools, at least we are prepared when a mishap does happen. Too bad I wasn’t as ready for the inevitable on the afternoon a tree fell over and hit me on the head.

It happened during a volunteer outing to clear dead trees from the forest. One minute, I was gazing south toward the sunny, snow-capped Rocky Mountains. The next, I was on my back looking up at people shouting, “Are you OK?” No, I was not OK. A dead aspen tree had just hit me square on the noggin, almost knocking me out cold. Seconds later, I heard a voice shouting, “Call it in! Chopper on the way!” Through my foggy mind, I made sense of the command. Accident. Chopper. Life flight.

 “NO! Stop! I’m fine!” I screamed back, remembering that air ambulance bills can be tens of thousands of dollars—even when you do have health insurance coverage. There was no way I would allow it. Before dispatch got our coordinates, I stumbled to my feet to prove I could walk and talk. Then I persuaded the volunteer organizer to call it off. After signing a release of liability, my husband and I drove to the hospital in our truck.

Getty Images

I was fine, but it wasn’t the first time an emergency happened to us in a remote location. However, it was the only time we needed to learn that it pays to be prepared with safety tools for RVing in remote locations. From a lonely 10-mile trek on an injured ankle through the Southern Oregon backcountry to crash-landing onto a lonely road while running in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the peace of mind I get from being prepared is as helpful as the actual treatments for my injuries. Want to feel that same sense of preparedness? Here are the top tools you need for remote RVing in far-flung destinations.

A yellow and black locator beacon.
Photograph of a large forest fire with a large column of smoke on a hillside near a city. Natural disaster concept
breakdown triangle stands alongside the road. Car broke down sign on road concept.
Large tow truck hauling a trailer
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How to Dewinterize Your RV to Prep for Spring Camping

Want to get more out of your RV? Subscribe to the Camping World YouTube channel to catch all of our new videos.

Spring is right around the corner, and your camper is calling. The beginning of the camping season is the perfect time to assess the condition of each distinct part of your motorhome or trailer before hitting the road.

According to many RV technicians, proper dewinterization is the most neglected point of RV ownership.

A little time, effort, and investment go a long way, and we can’t overstate the importance of learning how to dewinterize your RV properly. You can do many of these tasks at home, but your local Camping World Service Center can help. Before you break your RV out of winter storage and pack for your spring camping trip, it’s essential to dewinterize your RV thoroughly.

How to Dewinterize Your RV

Save this post for step-by-step guidance on preparing your RV each spring. Ian’s tips above provide a good baseline but keep reading for more important spring RV maintenance tips.

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Overnight Parking at Truck Stops – Flying J, Pilot, Love’s and More

Did you know there’s free overnight parking at truck stops throughout the United States? The Flying J, Pilot and Love’s are some of the truck ... Read more

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Exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway – America’s Favorite Drive

Not too long ago while touring around the east coast in our camper van, we decided to take a few days and finally explore part ... Read more

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Prince of Tucson RV Park: Experience Arizona’s Wild Side

Welcome to Tucson, Arizona, where towering cacti defy gravity and Mexican food takes flavors to new heights (this is the birthplace of the chimichanga, after all). Visitors can travel back in time to neighborhoods dating back to the 1600s or follow trails that stretch hundreds of miles past prickly plant life. See stars at one of North America’s premier observatories or experience gravity zooming on bicycles down winding desert trails.

El Charro Café’s iconic chimichanga. Photo:

Campers can find a spot near the heart of Arizona’s second-largest city. On the northwest side of Tucson near Interstate 10, the Prince of Tucson RV Park welcomes RV travelers seeking adventure. From here, guests are within minutes of some of Tucson’s best urban attractions or nearby national parks. As the sun sets, the campground’s amenities keep guests comfortable and recharged for the next day’s adventure.

Prince of Tucson

Pincely Camping

Prince of Tucson maintains a beautiful environment with lots of conveniences. The paved, all-weather roads lead travelers to a wide range of RV sites, which accommodate everything from tent trailers to big rigs. Each of the 176 spaces has full hookups with 30- or 50-amp power; back-in sites have patios and picnic tables, with plenty of room for slideouts. All of the 42 Pull-through sites stretch 80 feet. Note the RV age restrictions.

Welcome to Tucson — Sign proclaiming Prince of Tucson
RV park's paved roads.
Saguaro cacti and trail
Observatory on the peak of a mountain
A cyclist rides down a rocky trail.
Tall brick fortification with gun emplacement
Head end of the diamondback rattlesnake bicycle and pedestrian covered bridge over Broadway Blvd. at the Barraza-Aviation Parkway, just east of downtown Tucson, Arizona.
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Football and Phoenix: Planning Your Arizona Getaway

Football fans (and fans of multi-million dollar commercials) rejoice because the 57th installation of the Big Game is upon us. In the spirit of its return to Arizona, we figured it was time to start planning that next Phoenix adventure. So whether you’re looking for a home base away from the tailgate, or just an excuse to take in the beauty of the desert, we’ve got you covered with a list of activities and campgrounds to explore in the Valley of the Sun.


When it comes to gorgeously painted landscapes and outdoor excursions, Phoenix is pretty tough to beat. Here are a few reasons why.

Desert Botanical Garden


Founded by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society, this 140-acre botanical garden has preserved the beauty of more than 50,000 plants for over 85 years. Come for the vegetation, stay for a cocktail, and leave with some prickly pear jelly. Just what the doctor ordered.


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How To Replace an RV Toilet Flange Seal

As an RV owner, there’s a chance you’ll need to replace the seal around the base of your toilet at some point. Why? Because over time and with use, this seal breaks down, causing leaks and waste system issues. 

Replacing this toilet seal, called a flange, is certainly one of those RV maintenance tasks you can do yourself. We’ll show you how.

Why Replace an RV Toilet Flange Seal?

Photo by Camping World

The most common reason you would replace a toilet flange is if you’re installing a new toilet in your RV. Once the old toilet is removed, it’s best to install a new floor flange seal at that time. While you could theoretically place a new toilet on an old flange seal, we don’t recommend it. 

Another reason for replacing the flange seal on an RV toilet is that you’re suffering from a leak that’s coming from the base of the toilet. To identify that the flange seal is really the culprit, however, you’ll need to start by emptying your RV’s holding tanks.

Leaks around the base of an RV toilet can also be caused by an overflowing black water tank. That’s why it’s important to drain the tank and test to see if leaking is still occurring before determining that you absolutely need to replace the floor flange seal.

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Popular Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Finding the right travel trailer can be overwhelming. Narrowing your options down starts with an understanding of RV weight ratings, but you may still have thousands of models and floor plans to consider.

Travel trailers come in all kinds of configurations – not to mention the features and amenities included. Choosing a travel trailer based on floorplan makes it easier to find a travel trailer that really suits your day-to-day routine and travel style.

To make your decision easier, here’s a breakdown of the most popular travel trailer floor plans:

Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

Photo by Camping World

The most popular travel trailer floorplan, with over 3000 available models, the bunkhouse is designed to have plenty of room for your family to sleep and plenty of storage for all of their gear. Popular options include a bathroom with a direct entrance from outside, power stabilizer jacks for easy camp setup, and outdoor kitchens.

Featured RV – Forest River Salem 26DBUD

Length: 33’3”Dry Weight: 6,923 poundsSleeping Capacity: Up to 8Photo by Forest River

This Forest River Salem bunkhouse floorplan utilizes intriguing angles you won’t find in many RV floorplans. The bunks are located in the back on the driver’s side, next to the bathroom. The bathroom offers a second entry door, allowing guests to utilize the bathroom without tracking dirt throughout your entire RV. 

Rear Kitchen—The Cook’s Camper
toy-hauler-popular-travel-trailer-floor-plans-01-2023 Photo by Camping World
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10 Must Have Campfire Accessories for Your Next Camping Trip

Sitting by the campfire telling stories, mesmerized by the flames, makes for some of the best camping trip moments. Of course, there is an art to the campfire, and preparation is key. 

Even if you know how to build the perfect campfire, you probably rely on modern technology, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why labor over the simple act of starting a fire when the right campfire accessories can make life much easier?

We’ve probably all been caught, at least once, without our best campfire setup during perfect campfire conditions. To help you always be ready for the perfect campfire, here’s a list of must-have campfire accessories and patio furniture for your next camping trip. 

1. Axe, Hatchet, and/or Multi-Tool

Click to view slideshow.

Fuel is a vital component of building a campfire. Getting wood of the right size is where your axe, hatchet, and/or multi-tool comes in handy. Ideally, you can use something like dry grass or dead pine needles. 

However, there are times when none can be found, especially at developed campgrounds. As long as you remember firewood, these tools allow you to create tinder without using a dangerous amount of lighter fluid. 

Collapsible Bucket
Campfire accessories that you should have for your next camping trip
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The Ultimate List of Major RV Repairs To Expect and How to Prepare

Most RV owners can tell you about the freedom and adventure the lifestyle allows but they will also likely follow by telling you just what an investment it’s going to be to maintain that RV.

From plumbing to brake pads, fuses to hydraulic fluid, and anything in-between, owning an RV can be an education in DIY maintenance, resourcefulness, and handiwork. And even then, with the best upkeep and care, there are still inevitable repairs that require professional help.

To plan for and stay ahead of potentially expensive and inconvenient RV issues throughout the years of ownership, we’re looking at a wide-ranging list of major RV repairs to expect and what you can do to prepare.

Plumbing and Water Systems

Let’s start with what many dread: plumbing and water. Not only can plumbing be potentially unpleasant, water systems in general can lead to significant damage to your RV. Knowing common problems and repairs is a good defense. 

Clogged toilets

Clogged toilets are a crass reality of RV ownership, but certainly, one that can be mitigated with proper care and attention.

rv repair
rv repair
rv repair
rv repair
rv repair

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Camping News Highlights: January 2023

Welcome to the Good Sam camping news spotlight, where we cover some of the month’s notable trends, events, news stories, and information helpful to campers and RVers. In the first month of 2023, we’re making note of fuel price projections for the year, recent winter camping popularity, RV and outdoor shows in January, camping predictions for 2023, and more. 

Winter Camping

This year saw more RVers and campers enjoying the outdoors this winter. Recent poll numbers indicate winter camping has been more popular in 2022 and 2023 than a year ago. Over 8.2 million households said they planned or plan to camp this winter, and 15.3 million planned to travel in RVs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

Winter camping means a lot of different things depending on which part of the country you go to. While sunbelt states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona offer warm temperatures for snowbirds looking to escape the cold, more moderate climates like those in the Pacific Northwest offer more traditional winter weather camping while avoiding many travel hazards caused by snow and extreme temperatures. 

Ultimate RV Show

January kicks off the 2023 Ultimate RV Show with January events in Denver, Syracuse, and Nampa, and a February event in Minneapolis, MN. These events showcase new and used RVs for sale of various types, sizes, and classes, with many shows featuring outdoor vendors displaying countless products and accessories. Unique to these events are the special show pricing on both new and used RVs unavailable anywhere else.

Special VIP appointments are available at each event and include such perks as:

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