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Dying Tradtions: The One Shot Wonders


Recently the Casper Star Tribune reported on an issue that is getting some attention here in Wyoming. The issue revolves around Wyoming pronghorn permits being allocated to special interest groups to use as they see fit – 80 tags for one group alone.

While the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation espoused by individuals like Theodore Roosevelt states that our wildlife resources are “In the Public Trust”, groups like Lander One Shot Antelope Hunt are allocated 80 tags to do with as they wish and have been doing so since 1939.

The group claims to be doing good work with the money, and they may be, but many feel that any fundraising done with the public’s wildlife tags should be directly given back to the resource that helped raise the money, i.e. pronghorn in this case.

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The New Krux Stock From iota Outdoors

Accuracy with a firearm starts at the hands holding it steady, tightly against the shoulder pointed squarely down range! but what if the hands aren’t comfortable? That is where the iota Krux stock comes in! In this video review Dan Turvey of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals takes this stock on it’s maiden voyage mounting a Horizon Firearms action and barrel to while going through the features that make this an ideal option for the backcountry hunter. Give this video a watch and make sure you subscribe to the Eastmans’ YouTube channel to see how this rifle performs at the range in the second half of this review!

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