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Wyoming Poachers Get Hammered!

“Three men were charged with more than 100 wildlife violations in one of the largest poaching cases in Wyoming history.”

“In a prolonged killing spree dating back to the mid-2000s, the trio illegally took moose, bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, antelope, pheasants, turkeys and a bobcat, according to Game and Fish.”

$302,780. . . That’s a lot of money and that’s the amount Russell Vick, Robert Underwood and David Underwood, former Gillette residents, have been cumulatively fined for their nefarious poaching exploits. Add to that over three years of incarceration for Vick and hunting/trapping privilege suspensions for all three men and you have the makings of justice. 

I’ve said for years that serial poachers should be treated very harshly and in my opinion this case is getting us somewhere. These three scumbags robbed law abiding hunters and trappers of numerous valuable resources and deserve even more than they’ve gotten. 

Think about it. . . the paucity of big game tags, especially, sheep and moose, keeps folks spending thousands of dollars for a meager chance at drawing a tag and having the opportunity to hunt. Along come three troglodytes like Vick and the Underwoods, stealing from the public trust and more than two dozen highly prized animals are stricken from the landscape. Sickening, maddening, appalling. . . that’s why I literally rose from my desk and fist pumped when I read about the conviction of these poachers. Kudos to all the hardworking personnel who ran this trio of lowlifes to the ground. 

I truly hope this conviction serves as a deterrent to other would be poachers, I doubt it will but one can hope. Beyond that, it falls to the rest of us to police our ranks and report poaching when we encounter it. Do you part and call it in! 

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